Bio Life Plasma Service

2019 Stearns Way
Saint Cloud, Minnesota, USA 56303-1359
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 2.71433 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2020-05-29
 Rate and Comment on Bio Life Plasma Service
Donor: Katie
Date: 2012-03-31
Great Staff

Donor: anonymous
Date: 2011-04-12
they were terrible. i have donated blood mulptiple times and when i went there, the woman said she couldnt find my veins when i have donated multiple times. would not recommend it

Donor: Anonymous
Date: 2010-12-30
I tried to donate today the gal that stuck me stuck me in the wrong place and moved the needle around for about 10 min. and they were going to try the left arm,she couldn_t find a vien and then they said that I coudln_t donate for 3 months when I said I hadn_t been there for A month he then said I was deferred for 6 months What a complete asshole prick,and male pig when the person doing the needle stick is not doing a good job then everyone loses the doner the recipient except for the people that blame us nice folks for coming in there and donating.

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2009-12-04
I have tried several times to call and make an appointment and get the response that the wait is 2 weeks out. I can understand that, but when I want to schedule an appointment for 2 weeks out I am continuously rushed off the phone and asked to call back on a Monday. Is the person that is actually capable of setting appointments only available on Mondays? If that_s the case, then let that be aware to the caller.

Donor: Alex
Date: 2009-04-07
I love the online appointment booking. Make sure that the employees change their gloves every time they check your needle. Some of the employees didn_t when I was in, and you never know whether they are going to adjust your needle or not when they look over the machines.

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2008-11-28
:( I have A LOT of difficulty trying to donate here. Currently it has been a month since I first entered their offices- and I have still not donated. I have had to jump through hoop after hoop. Every appointment I have made has not been accurately recorded- for example I arrive and am told that I am not in the books or I am there at the wrong time. Also, communication is extremely poor. Every visit I find myself waiting in a line or being shuffled repeatedly through the office with no communication as to why I am waiting or how I can prepare for the next step in the process. Therefore when I do actually speak with someone- I am scolded for not being prepared.(not allowing enough time or having the proper documents). The staff seem overwhelmed, the facilities are in dire need of cleaning and update. After numerous tries, I_ve decided it is not worth the risk to donate at this facility. The lack of organization, communication, etc. causes me to be concerned as to whether the fluids going back into my body later will be safe. Sorry folks...but that_s the truth.

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2008-09-24
I go and donate 2 times a week. They are great. All of the staff are clean and very hard working. Thank you to all of them.

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Street view of Bio Life Plasma Service

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