Bio Life Plasma Service

2222 Woodale Dr
Mounds View, Minnesota, USA 55112-4900
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Overall Rating: 3.76194 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-06-02
 Rate and Comment on Bio Life Plasma Service
Donor: Isabell Kelly
Date: 2014-05-31
Good location, friendly employees, beds are clean.

Donor: Brittany
Date: 2012-05-21
I love this place! I very much so prefer donating centers that are appointment only. And even if you make an appointment , and can make it early almost everytime I was able to get in when I wanted to. People who noted the prices must have been there a while ago because now it_s 20/40 . I love the staff , they_re very caring and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have . Yes , some are more talkative than others but you are there (_ them too!) for a good stick , not getting paid to talk , haha ;) I refer all my friends here , which by the way they have a great referral deal ! 5 stars all the way ! (:

Date: 2012-05-04

Donor: Sue
Date: 2011-12-17
I have been going here for several months twice a week. I have had wonderful service. The staff are excellent and do a great job. They use very good infection control techniques. They are very professional and very efficient. I_ve never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes.

Donor: SJ Mack
Date: 2011-09-04
Really efficient. I was super nervous my first time going and they were really good to me. Also really quick when I had a probably When I donated first time (almost passed out). Can_t go to Biolife anymore, but I would def reccommend.

Donor: Marie
Date: 2011-02-17
Jean, your comment about having no experience with Biolife discriminating based on age, AND you are _well over 30_ really cracked me up. Generally when people speak of age discrimination, they are referring to people over the age of 50. I certainly hope you haven_t experienced age discrimination yet! Oh, and I am over 50 and haven_t experienced any discrimination at the Mounds View Biolife. It_s a very clean, modern and efficient center.

Donor: Paul Swanson
Date: 2010-07-26
This is the best plasma center I have ever experienced. I have donated over 10 years and been to other centers from the west coast to the east coast. The center is very modern - fingerprint i.d. at the entrance. Then you have a touch screen Q _ A session. Next, you sit at any available seat for further screening (Blood pressure, pulse, temperature, hematocrite). After that you go to one of maybe six or seven sections that are color coded. Techs are knowledgable, polite and very professional-you can tell they love their jobs. The center has free wireless internet so bring your laptop. The center offers on-line scheduling so no waiting in line. Place is so clean and sterile and in a great part of town. Parking is excellent. Nearby to 35W freeway. OK, so yes they have lowered their payments from originally $20 (1st donation in the week) $40 (2nd donation in the week) to the current $20-$25. Remember though, you are donating the plasma for free and the payment is to compensate you for your time. They are so modern and streamlined that they save you time and frustration by getting you in and out very quickly.

Donor: Jenna
Date: 2010-01-06
I would recommend BioLife to anyone. The staff is professional and does a great job at making sure each donor is taken care of. The facility is clean and well-maintained. I_ve never had a negative experience there.

Donor: AA
Date: 2009-11-03
I recently moved to MN from IA where I_d donated @ Bio Life for almost 9 mths. When I initially called the Mounds View location, they said that they_d have my file transfered over. This took over a month. I then tried to make an appointment to donate _ was told I needed a physical since it was a new location which took another 2 weeks. When I went for my appt. today, I was turned away because I didn_t have my SS card with me. No one ever told me to bring it with me. I was so frustrated, I left. When I got home, I tried making a new appt. _ was told nothing was available for the next 2 weeks _ I_d have to call back daily to see if new appts. were being scheduled. The procedures seem to change frequently, and those answering the phone don_t seem to know whats going. If you plan on starting to donate, I suggest you call several times _ try to talk to different people, this way you might get all the information you need! Don_t forget you SS card and License. And if you_ve donated at a different Bio Life, lie _ start fresh. Then it_ll only take you a few weeks instead of months to donate. I_M NOT IMPRESSED!

Donor: DM
Date: 2009-10-26
Recently lowered their donation reimbursement from $60 ($20/$40) per week to $50 ($20/$30). The economy must be hitting the pharma labs hard! Check out Talecris in W St Paul (not listed here); they rate is $40/40 for the first 2 donations and $25/$35 after that.

Donor: Anon
Date: 2009-10-22
Nice people but Talecris in W St Paul pays more. They are a little more difficult to deal with, smaller operation, but they pay 40/40 for the first two donations ($30 more than BioLife) and 25/35 after that. They also give you free gatorade after every donation. BioLife is very stingy and only pays 20/30. That is 40 less per month.

Donor: kim
Date: 2009-06-16
I have donated for a little over a month and a half now. I think everyones is professional, thourough and kind. Some techs are friendlier than others but Ive never had anyone not be nice to me in my little cubical. Its like anything else, some people are more outgoing and some are quieter than others- yet still friendly. I see no driscrimination and nothing unprofessional in the way they conduct business... and believe me I observe from time to time because Im in the medical field. Theyve all been very gracious. I think what it comes down to it, we must realize that in life we ALWAYS have to have our fair share of complainers and negative people. Its too bad they cant screen for these types in the initial bloodwork \_ANALyzation\_- \_COMPLAINER\_- \_NEGATIVE PERSON \_ -\_TROUBLEMAKER\_ \_NO GOOD-LOW DOWN SAD EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEING\_ ;) - then we could defer them and not have to hear them grumble. I know if I needed Plasma to save my life or to make it better, I would feel blessed to know the person who saved my life had a positive outlook and was compassionate and it would be bitter sweet knowing that the plasma going through my veins came from someone I wouldnt even want to hold a conversation with. Sorry such a long comment- Maybe it will tip the balance of the lesser complimenting comment? Hmmmm ;)

Donor: Debra E. Owens
Date: 2009-04-16
i think that the center is a very good center and the sevice is very good always polite and respectful. but making appointments is hard to do unless you do it that day when you are there.they do have a web site but i have not found it or the information on where an how yet. thank you

Donor: Andy Crisman
Date: 2009-03-25
Young white suburbanites?!?! Wow, Karen, you shouldn_t be so ageist and racist. They_ve been nothing but great. Highly recommend to everyone. Apparently avoid Karen unless you are an old non-white urbanite. When will the world change?

Donor: blood donor
Date: 2009-03-21
I should of put up a red flag when I called to make my appointment and the person was very rude to me. Well the staff is very rude and snaps at you when you ask a question. I think they are in such a hurry that they forget to be nice to the people coming to donate for the first time. I do not plan to return I will go to the American Red Cross where the donors are treated with respect.

Donor: Jesse
Date: 2009-03-19
One issue I_ve had here is that new staff do not know when they_re in over their heads. the last six times I_ve been in I_ve had bad sticks. Requiring the use of both arms because the first choice has been mangled so badly. Bad sticks limit you to one donation a week so you miss on the premium for the second. 1st step....they need to teach less bravado, more \_hey, I need some help with this stick\_....

Donor: Laurie B.
Date: 2009-03-01
I have been going to this center for a year now. I am 58 and definitely disagree with the person who said they discriminate against older donors. I_ve never had to wait more than 5 to 20 minutes after arriving. Depends on how busy they are. It_s much better than going someplace where you can_t make an appointment and just have to wait until they have an opening. Yes, some of the staff is more skilled than others. After you have donated a couple times you know what to expect and can tell them if something doesn_t feel right. They have never made me feel bad about doing this. And yes, some employees are more abrupt than others, but that_s true anytime and at anyplace where you deal with human beings. That_s just life, unfortunately. This center is exceptionally clean, which is the main reason I go here rather than somewhere else.

Donor: joy
Date: 2008-11-20
the reason i_m rating at a low rating is i had made appointment and asked that if i could be out of there with in 1 hour it takes me a good 45 mins to donate in and out when i was being checked in, the girl that checked me in sent me to a station that had only 2 people that were already donating, i came then another came the 2 techs were standing there talking, when another came from across the station, all three were standing and talking, when i explained that i had to be to work, they went and started to do the other donor that came after me, by that time one of the other donors was done, so one of the techs went and took him off the machine, she came and was going to put me on the donor machine, when i explained that i could not donate at that time she asked me why and i explained that it was already 30mins into the time that i was already supposed to be half way done and that, i would have been almost done if they were doing their job, i think that they got mad, said some rude things to me, so i went and asked to speak with the mod on duty, as i was telling him what happened ,he had me walking with him out the door, so i felt like i did some thing bad, i did not go back to donate for a month, i set a appointment to donate, when i got there they flag me, as i was sitting and waiting for someone to tell me what happened, angie came and got me and told me that there was to sides to every thing, when i told her what happened she told me that if that happened again tell the manger, when i stopped her and told her that i did tell steve as he was taking me to the door so don_t beleave what they say about costumers are very important, to me lie_s start at the top and go all the way to the bottom i tried to get the district number so i can make a complaint they would not give it to me so i used my medical research numbers to get the info i needed they are with baxter they have a ethics _ compliance officer association with us dept of health _ human services or you can contact baxter corporate office _ ... i feel that just becuase it was just me and that there were three of them and they were only going to beleave there employees instead of a 40 year old who they barley know only from my short history of going there i told angie that i_m not coming for the monies i_m doing it cuz my friend was burned very bad i i feel that this helps a little. we should not be put down or be lied about they make $2000.00 to 4000.00 from us to come and donate i hope you don_t ever have to feel the way i did that day on both days, the first was when it happened and the next was when she pulled me in her office it made me feel like i had did some thing so bad that i should band from ever going to biolife

Donor: Jean
Date: 2008-09-27
I have to disagree with the person who says they discriminate based on age. I am well over 30, and have never been disrespected. I do agree that when you are rejected for a donation that day (my hematocrit is sometimes too low) they are very abrupt, and sometimes the computer freezes you out for no apparent reason, and they \_can_t do anything about it.\_ That said, it is the cream of the crop in terms of plasma centers, and pays better than others, too. I also have never had to wait more than a few minutes when I had an appointement, which are easy to schedule on-line. I feel safer here both in terms of cleanliness and neighborhood than the center I used to go to.

Donor: Adam D.
Date: 2008-08-22
I normally wouldn_t give anyone a 5 when I have only seen one other center I can compare them with, but the difference is so night_day. I_m glad people with scheduled appointments get preference, because in my 20 donations I_ve never had to wait more than 5 minutes, even when I_ve been a bit late for my appointment. They are efficient, perhaps to a fault, so if you have questions or concerns, they aren_t going to drag them out of you. If youw ant to know how you can really become better or faster at donating, you have to be assertive and ask, probably twice, since some of the newer staff only know the textbook answers (keep hydrated, etc). I will say that on the two occasions I_ve been deferred (for a resting heart rate that was too low(!)), I felt that the staff was unnecessarily abrupt, and left feeling like I was treated as if I_d tested positive for some hideous disease. This feeling of being very disrespected is probably a universal reaction to rejection when offering a part of yourself. By not being understanding, courteous, or particularly informative, they made it worse. I got over it in time. Last comment, and not to sound too negative because my experience has been positive on the whole, but the skill of the technicians varies quite a bit in getting the needle in you, so if you_re not the macho blustery type, or an experienced pro at blood donations, ASK for someone experienced before they give you your lounge-chair assignment.

Donor: karen lewis
Date: 2008-07-01
The most beautiful plasma center I have ever seen. Word of caution: staff are young, white, suburbanites. Age and race discrimination... and they will leave you sitting there for hours ( this place is appointment only!)and give preference to under 25 year olds. If you are over 30, be prepared to be dissed.

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