Bio Met USA Inc

2580 Gus Thomasson Rd
Dallas, Texas, USA 75228-3017
Center Type: unpaid whole blood donation icon
Overall Rating: 2.80003 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-06-01
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Donor: Liam Perry
Date: 2014-06-12
I came here a few times in 2013 and decided it_s a good thing, so now I_m back. Helping save lives and being compensated is great.

Donor: kassy
Date: 2012-08-16
They try ..the new ppl that work there or rude well John is ppl friendly but the rest ..omg!its a good experience if u have time to wait and wait ,

Donor: Mr M
Date: 2012-06-29
A Real Dump !!

Donor: Fanny
Date: 2011-10-26
Don_t Go to this place it_s a TOTAL waste of time and the staff is retarded and rude!! first time i went they rudely told me i had to come back the next day and they looked at my id and social security and said i was fine to come back the next day and made an appointment at 9Am next day; so i went back got there early just to be left waiting for over two hours then they called me up only to tell me that my id didn_t match my ssc! which just cause of my middle name being written complete on my Id and only having the initial on my ssc!! I was so mad cause they could have told me that the day before or maybe even that same day when i first signed in and they asked for my cards again, so maybe I wouldn_t have to be waiting in that waiting room with all these low life looking people for hours just to be told i couldn_t donate! then i asked to speak with the \_supervisor\_ and he kept me waiting out there for at least another half hour just to come out and tell me that he couldn_t do anything about it. He was so rude and inconsiderate that he didn_t even offer an apology and he actually found it funny that I was mad about their incompetence!!! Anyway no apology no thanks for your time AND he actually thought it was funny cause he kept wanting to laugh the whole time i was explaining my discontent with the whole not letting me know from the start they weren_t going to accept my documents! STAFF DOES NOT KNOW WHAT THEY_RE DOING, TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL; THIS PLACE SUCKS!! IF YOU GO THERE, PREPARE YOURSELF TO BE HUMILIATED!!!

Donor: Dominic Yates
Date: 2011-05-18
toke like 5-6 hours my frist time! But, 2nd time was fast got $50 each... going again tomorrow getting $50 again then $25/$40 after that i think.

Donor: Jlill
Date: 2009-06-15
okay, first of all if you think its gonna take you less than 5 hours you are mistaken at least for your first time. Go get a physical do all that crap they_ll pump it give you $30 and set you up with another appointment. The second time you go it takes like an hour an a half and you get $50 or at least thats what they paid me. I haven_t gone a third time yet, thats tomorrow but I think its $30 or $40, the people are nice, they don_t like their jobs just as much as everyone else give em a break if youre cool with them theyll be cool with you.

Donor: Sarah
Date: 2008-10-30
Totally rude employees.

Donor: Ashton Ainsworth
Date: 2007-08-06
This would have been my first time donating plasma. I was instructed the day before by Bio Met employees, to arrive at 7:00am (an hour before the business even opens its doors) and sit outside if I wanted to be in and out within the 2-3 hours it should take, otherwise, they might not have time for me at all.
I did as instructed and was let in the doors at 8:00am #2 on the sign in list. I sat until 12:00pm (4 hours) and still had not received my physical. All the while they were allowing repeat donors to go ahead of me and any other new donor waiting. I was told it would be another 2 hours before I could get a physical \_because they were busy\_ and I could NOT make an appointment for the next day. I would have to start all over again if I were to leave.
I have never been treated so rudely by any other business as I was by Bio Met employees. I left there after wasting 5 hours of my time and would not recommend anyone to this place of business. They will waste not only your time, but also the $$ it will cost you getting over to them for the donation, just to be treated like cattle on a farm.

Donor: Stephanie Louise Cook
Date: 2007-05-16
I enjoy the atmosphere there at Biomat USA of Dallas, your staff are wonderful including Melissa and Rosie being the number one outstanding employees of the plasma center they have helped me a lot when I was scared about donating, they were polite and as well as friendly with a good personality. They have done an awesome job.

Donor: Aaron
Date: 2007-04-16
The staff are very nice (for the most part) and try to accommodate you to the best of their abilities. I received $40 the first visit (it took about 3 hours total), $40 the second visit (about an hour) and $30 every time there after. I highly recommend this facility.

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