Bio-Blood Component Inc

1504 Broadway
Gary, Indiana, USA 46407-2203
Center Type: unpaid whole blood donation icon
Overall Rating: 2.84623 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2022-07-04
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Donor: Donor
Date: 2016-09-05
staff ghetto the management team is under qualified but its clean I cant wait to see the new center open hopefully better customer service staff needs better training

Donor: clint humphrey
Date: 2014-08-10
Use me as a referral. For all the new people who goes there. I was there for about 4-6 hours each time after that it takes me one hourhalf or less. Its a clean place.

Donor: Jayden James Flores, Jr.
Date: 2014-06-02
The staff is friendly and helpful. I will definitely continue donating.

Donor: Robin McGee
Date: 2014-05-08
New Donor 3 visits 11 hrs in 1 donation made. Absolutely worst business experience in life all 3 visits. Told i couldn_t do 2nd donation due to they didnt finish screening process yet. So why_d they take the 1st? Unprofessional unorganized ignorant unethical. Numerous crackheads. Street hooker cleans up frequently in washroom.

Donor: Tired of unprofessional poeple
Date: 2014-01-25
I signed in at 7:35 it_s now 9:15 and they took a regular before me that came after me, no vip just a woman complaint about waiting!

Donor: Person
Date: 2013-11-21
Wednesday Nov 20th was my first time, and they was very good to me the works all talked nice to me, and we talked about different things. So this place was good to me I_d go back there again.

Donor: Me
Date: 2013-07-29
I_m reading these comments that are oh so nice and they MUST be written by staff! I must say at first I didn_t think it was that bad but after going a few times you notice more of what_s going on around you. GHETTO is what it is. all the staff does is TALK TALK TALK!! Oh and did I mention COMPLAIN, saying how ppl shouldn_t come after 4:30 its so rude_Really, because your open until 5:30 taking clients? They will talk about you and harass you right in your face! I will never go back, maybe to a different company all together but not this one. Honestly, I felt threatened from one of the staff ladies getting in my face. I was a lying in a bed hooked up and she came on the side of me and started harassing me, I know its on camera but I_m sure if I contacted a manger It wouldn_t even matter so why waste my time. I donate to help other ppl not for the money and it_s ashame Im not able to do that because of hopw rude and ghetto the staff are! ASHAME , is all I got to say. But yes, the first few times weren_t bad. The owners should send a secret shopper type person in there around 12 on a Saturday just to sit in the waiting room to see how things REALLY are!

Donor: wannabe new donor
Date: 2013-05-29
how much do they pay new donors 300 lbs and up..and what is required for first visit

Donor: Katie PuchowskI
Date: 2013-03-20
Worst experience ever. All the staff did was open their mouths. If they worked as much as they talked then maybe it wouldn_t have taken 5+ hours to get out of there.

Donor: p calhoun
Date: 2013-02-13
I heard the staff loudly talking about donors and other staff. If they want respect they have to give it to, because if there isn_t donors they wouldn_t have a job, then they would be sitting on the others side of the window. As they are busy running their mouth these people wouldn_t be waiting so long. I guess I need to find another blood bank.

Donor: concerned citizen
Date: 2012-11-11
I for one am very happy to hear this site turned away a donor for looking gay. I mean c_mon we all know the gays have aids and aside from that if some thing were to happen to me and i needed platelets, i certainly wouldn_t want and gay platelets given to me. So thank you to the Gary bio-blood clinic.

Donor: Mom3
Date: 2012-06-18
It was my first time donating and it did take a long time (2 hours) to get processed and approved. The actual process of donating only took about an hour. So, I can look forward to only having to be there a little over an hour from now on. It was cool and everyone was nice. I will go back.

Donor: It's common sense
Date: 2012-06-12
The gay guy got turned away because it_s a proven fact that HIV is more easily spread through anal sex vs vaginal/oral, and sense guy men tend to have more anal sex than straight men, they can_t take that risk. Look up the statistic. Gay men have a higher instance of HIV/AIDS than straight men. They do test for aids with the finger prick, but HIV can be present in the body for a couple months before showing up on blood tests. And it is not just gay men who are turned away, also, intravenour drug users, people who have been in regions where HIV/AIDS are more prominent, and all people who admit to have engaged in premiscuous behavior. God, you people are so ignorant. But then again, that IS the definition of the word \_NIGGER.\_

Donor: not a donor
Date: 2012-05-21
Horrible experience, after sitting for 2 hours I was told I needed a utility bill because I gave my new address as I am in the process of moving. If I had known I would not have gone there.

Donor: Never donated
Date: 2012-05-18
Dear Not A Donor, Request an application from the Plasma Center and/or send in your resume to the facility. Good Luck on your endeavors.

Donor: not a donor
Date: 2012-03-24
I am yet to be a donor. I am new to Indiana and seeking employment at a plasma center close to my residence. I would like to begin work at the Gary center despite all of the negative comments that im seeing. So with that being said, could someone please tell me how I can fill out an application to request employment.

Donor: Molly
Date: 2012-01-02
If u guys don_t like the people or service don_t fucking Go there its that Simple

Donor: swiss cheese
Date: 2011-12-13
Be warned, they pay with a pre paid card now. Nice so you don_t get robbed, sucks but after your first charge it cost you money to use the card. The place is clean, and the girls kick ass. Wait time is 2-3 hours, sorta long for what they pay for a guy 300+ lbs @ $25 the first visit and $35 the second for a regular donor. Been going for over a year but will re think it with this new card issue. I wonder if they pay the employees or their vendors with it how long they would stay.

Donor: Aonymous
Date: 2011-12-10
Ummm...Tammy is gone because she resigned after getting another job...she was a dedicated worker and I liked her. I wish her well. As for this \_mexican mafia\_ you speak of...they have been around for years, get use to them they are not going anywhere, and neither is the J lady...they have driven many a people away and will continue to do so!

Donor: wild side
Date: 2011-11-21
ding dong the witch is gone!!!!!that big fat lady tammie is gone,now the rest of the maangement staff need to be done except ms.audrey;she_s nice to us,she makes my visit worth coming; i feel lie the mexican clan need to go;i hear them talkig about us i r latina language;cant help i donate,i need the money.but i understad everything they say about us and some staff!!!!!! i dont say nothing cause i need my money;but they r not professional;i even heard the mexican guy tripping on the other big fat boss her name starts with a g or a j not sure,but their not professional.............u_ll see

Donor: Chad
Date: 2011-11-04
Okay, I went to high school with that guy who got turned down for looking gay. He really is gay, even in high school he claimed it!! He is just trying to start drama over a dumb issue of him being gay!!! People, do not listen to stupid people!!!

Donor: Donor Who Cares
Date: 2011-08-31
Gay Man, Latino Music, Big White Manager...and you question customer service in this place? I have been donating here for over a year. That Big White Manager has a name, and I bet if you ask her her name, she would share it with you and take the time to listen to your concerns, even if it involved sitting outside a bathroom door and smelling her stank. She is fair, and listens to call complaints and takes them to heart, as I have made a few complaints about staff, the wait and some employees and she has handled each and everyone of them. As for the music, ask the manager (that Big White Lady) to address it and she will. Help her and the employees turn this into an a place you want to come to, instead of sitting back and bad mouthing the place. Would you rather see it closed, so no one including you has the opportunity to help the community or make some cash? I personally appreciate them and the cash they give me and I will continue to make suggestions and let them know when I am not happy with service.

Donor: Happy Results
Date: 2011-08-11
Went to the Gary office and Has a wonderful experience, the staff was so excellent and very polite..I did read the article on the the man but it actually makde me want to go see how it was...The staff was very informative and treated me with alot of respect unlike other plasma centers that I have been to. It took about 4 hours but I recieved my $40 for the first 5 donations...So thanks Aaron without u whining, I would have never found out that there was a plasma center near me...I recommed for anyone to go to the Bio Blood in Gary....

Donor: Lisa
Date: 2011-07-19
I hope Aaron Pace sues your ass! This is judging a book by it_s cover at it_s finest!!! Shame on YOU!

Donor: jim smith
Date: 2011-07-19
Discrimination toward the gay community will not be tolerated. Shame on you!

Donor: Bob
Date: 2011-07-19
Rating: Apparently the staff here can tell you are gay without even asking. Amazing!

Donor: point noted
Date: 2011-07-18
This place needs to shut down or the managment changed. Read today_s news: An Indiana man says a blood donation center rejected him as a donor because he appears to be gay--even though he isn_t. Aaron Pace, 22, recently visited Bio-Blood Components Inc., in Gary, which pays up to $40 for blood and plasma donations. But during the interview process, he said, he was told he couldn_t give blood because he seems gay. For the full story: and no, I am not gay or supporting or against anything. Personal opinions should not come in the way in getting blood.

Donor: im a witness
Date: 2011-05-05
some of the management service sucks,all i here in the office latino music while im on the bed donating that is played louder than ever on some saturdays,some of the girls up front know their job,but their attitude sucks,i ask the male manager questions and he always responds i dont know!!!!!!!!! y r u a manager and u never know nothing,ever time i come there they call us back and i have to sit in a corner like a child next to the employee washroom and endure a horrific smell after the big white manager goes to the washroom, which cause me and other donors to run back up front!!!!!!!!!!i know it is normal to have a bowel movement,everbody does,but to sit next to the washroom while it is being done,is foul,to have to endure.i feel we as donors should never have to endure that kind of punishment....i complained and nothing ever was done,if i didnt need the money i would not come up there,i love some of the staff and how they conduct their self such as melissa,rhonda,rhonda,tiffany,telisha,twonda,lakeisha,fran,tina,these r the ones that make my visit worth the coming and i rate them a 10.thank u for listening to my complaints and compliments,have a great day.

Donor: Info Seeker
Date: 2011-04-23
I called to get information after seeing an ad about getting paid to donate plasma. I was amazed at how quickly this place answered my questions, and that I could $40 for my first 5 donations. I was told my wait would be 203 hours the first time, and actually I went in and was given paperwork, items to read, a quiz, a physical and then I donated all in 2 hours and 15 minutes. I walked out with cash in my hand and I am considering this extra money I earn could go towards paying off bills, or be saved for kids education! Who would have thought that something this simple, could be this profitable and the experience was not at all what I expected! I would recommend donating plasma to anyone looking for cash and wanting to assist their medical community.

Donor: Mr. D
Date: 2011-03-15
I would never go back to this dump. It_s crackhead central in there. You can_t sit in lobby without being approached by some bum. A tall black chick that serviced me was very depressed looking. If you came to my job like that, I would fire you!

Donor: Jill
Date: 2011-02-24
I went there on a Saturday morning at about 830. The place was empty. I signed in and everything after that was so fast. All and all I was there for about 2 1/2 hours. All the staff was very nice and friendly. I had absolutely no problems at all. For my first time I got $30 and Im going back today and they said Ill get $40. The weight thing doesnt affect the amount you get, it affects how much plasma you can give. Me being only 135lbs, I was only able to give the lowest amount. :( I absolutely think this place is alot better then the one in Hammond. (Had a horrible experience there).

Donor: Blood Angel
Date: 2011-01-27
Hours of Operation: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 7am - 3:30pm Tuesday and Thursday 7am - 5:30pm Donation Types: Plasma Only Website:

Donor: Linda
Date: 2010-12-22
I just went and had a great experience. The ladies there were really nice and helpful. It took 3 hours being my first time but it seems that if you go before noon the wait isn_t bad. People were going in really quickly. The place was pretty packed around 2:30 when I was leaving. But I went with someone yesterday, it was around 3:30 and it wasn_t too busy.

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2010-11-08
I called to get some upated information and this is what I found out. I could earn $30 my first donation, $40 my second donation and then the amount I earned was dependent upon my weight at time of donation, average I could make was $55 per week. This seems pretty fair and reasonable for approximately 2 hours each week. I may give this a try, as I need the money!

Donor: Greg
Date: 2010-04-06
I have been going to the plasma center on and off for over 5 years. The staff is great and friendly. The staff that sticks you make you comfortable and do a good job. The nurses are smart and helpful, nurse Jess is my all time favorite. Your 1st time will be at least 2 hours but after that ur normally in and out.

Donor: Pauline
Date: 2009-11-19
I have been going to Bio-Blood Components off and on since 2003 and I am treated good there.. The 1st time you come be sure to bring a current bill with the address that matches your state id or drivers license and soc sec card and be sure to have a big breakfast as you will be here about 4 hours. They dont do referral fees anymore but the technicians are concerned about your stats when they check you out. I have no problems coming here and several technicians know me by name too !

Donor: Paul
Date: 2009-08-05
I went there midday in the summer, and the place was packed, literally every seat in a cramped little room was filled, and the nurses were dawdling and talking to each other and not serving anyone. The line wasn_t moving at all. When I went up to sign in they didn_t pay attention when I asked them something, but were rude and seemed bothered that I_d tried to talk to them. I ended up leaving after several minutes passed and no one went in. Also, for college kids, be warned that as Gary is not a college town, but a ghetto, this blood bank is there to take advantage not of poor college kids but of poor people, people who are poor and will always be poor because they_re stuck in a ghetto. It_s a big difference, and the long wait in such company is very depressing.

Donor: Missy
Date: 2009-04-16
I wasn_t able to donate because of crappy veins but I have to say they are very pleasent there. Very orderly if you have all your necessary stuff. (call and make sure what you need to bring. ie; IDs, etc) Takes longer the first time because of the paperwork, but after that it_s pretty smooth sailing. (I go to keep a friend company in case you were wondering why I knew this stuff when I can_t donate.)

Donor: Adam D.
Date: 2008-11-14
I have not been there, but I called to get details: They collect plasma only, and pay donors $30 and $40 for the first two donations, then it varies by weight. For example at 160lbs, they pay $25 for the first and $30 for the second visit of each week. Courteous over the phone. Can_t say that about everyone. They operate on a walk-in basis only :-(

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