BioLife Plasma Services

1409 Yanceyville Street
Greensboro, North Carolina, USA 27405
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 3.50003.5 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2022-08-14
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Donor: Blood Donor Hero
Date: 2020-03-30
Updated Hours of Operation: Thursday 6AM–7:30PM Friday 6AM–7PM Saturday 7AM–5PM Sunday Closed Monday 10AM–7:30PM Tuesday 6AM–7:30PM Wednesday 6AM–7:30PM

Donor: Barry Memory
Date: 2014-04-01
These people may very well be reputable but the way they treat you makes you think they are scamming you. I called for a list of things that may get me declined. I wanted to know if it would be a waste of my time to visit them. Why make an appointment if there was no way I would be able to sell my blood? The lady I talked to on the phone kept telling me to _come in_ and, to be honest, she was polite and gave me a list of things to bring with me but why couldn_t she share the secret with me? I did not ask to be prescreened. I only wanted to know if it would be a waste of my time. Do they think they will be able to trick you into doing something if they have you in their clinic? This treatment only serves to create animosity.

Donor: ahmad
Date: 2012-08-30
It took like 2 hours for them to tell me that they could not take my plasma because of my 4 tatoos that I got 12 years ago It was very upsetting. If i did not wear a basket ball jersy they would not even have asked about tatoos. can someone tell me when this tatoo exclusion is going to end or if it is going to end.

Donor: LC
Date: 2011-07-07
Went for first appointment today, staff totally professional. $20/$35 - first/second donation within a week. Schedule appt online.

Donor: patrick martin
Date: 2011-03-31
the worst place i feel ever because i given at another plasma center in va. they as if every word i said was a lie. I was totally honest that i had given at another clinic. But after seeing the 3rd or 4th person and relating this iformation again. She as if every word was a lie when im giving my blood for free to help others and you interogate me like you are the police ask over and over again where i live why i in grensboro, when i had already given them my state driver license and social security card. It was ridiculous. Talecris is in WS they pay more and don,t act as if you are a criminal if you want to donat

Donor: dj
Date: 2009-06-17
Treated me like royalty. Very friendly and caring. My appointment times are respected. $20.00 a donation usually takes about an hour.

Donor: m
Date: 2009-02-02
Is Biolife PLasma center hiring at the moment? I_m relocating to NC and just want to know the job market there. I have 5 years experience in blood and plasma/platelet collections.

Donor: Adam D.
Date: 2008-11-10
haven_t been there, but called and found they pay $20 for first visit each week and $40 second visit. forgot to ask about what they pay for initial visit(s).

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Street view of BioLife Plasma Services

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