Biochemed Corp

1483 Tobias Gadson Blvd # 201
Charleston, South Carolina, USA 29407-4796
Center Type: unpaid whole blood donation icon
Overall Rating: 5.00005 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2021-10-25
 Rate and Comment on Biochemed Corp
Donor: Vivian Bryant
Date: 2014-05-16
I donate plasma to help children and adults that have experienced something in their lives that require the need for plasma.

Donor: Anonymous
Date: 2009-11-18
My husband has HEP-B and I have an auto autoimmune disease and we will be donating to this company from our home state There customer service is excellent! I will post later to let you know how it goes. All of my husbands paper work has been submitted and we are waiting on confirmation of our donation facility here in TN.

Donor: Martin
Date: 2009-09-14
They don_t collect plasma like the rest of the companies, usually they want plasma and blood from people who have diseases. However, since they collect it for research their needs always change. Right now they are looking for \_normal\_ people to give blood samples. I think it pays $30 for less than 30 minutes of time. Not bad.

Donor: John
Date: 2009-04-15
The place is called Specialty Sera. Biochemed is the company that owns it. The owner was there and told me. It is very small but they are very nice and it was very clean. I had to make an apointment to donate. I don_t know what they pay regular donors. I have hepetitis B and they pay me more! $100 every time. It is the oonly place I can donate because of hepetitis. They pay a lot for special donations. Lynn and Ann are very nice. if you were turned down because of a positive test you should call this place.

Donor: Adam D.
Date: 2008-11-10
I have not been there, so I do not know how well this place treats donors, but I did call and found out they are not accepting new plasma donors at this time (but those they have get paid $40 per visit, limited to once or twice a month) However, they are looking for whole blood donors. Those donations are limited to once every 8 weeks, and they compensate $25 per donation.

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