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4017 Overland Rd
Boise, Idaho, USA 83705-2970
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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2022-08-18
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Donor: Juliana Allen
Date: 2014-05-20
Shortages of all blood types happen during the summer and winter holidays. So, I hope people will get aware on this and do the donation.

Donor: chris
Date: 2013-03-27
The Boise one sucks they say the first time is three hours and shorter the next well they lie every time I go in there it takes longer they jam the needle in very hard and I have a high pain tolerance and most of the staff just stand around and talk so it takes that much longer

Donor: notapplicable
Date: 2013-02-16
I don_t need my name up here for this, this place is a crock. They banned me from donating because of an answer I gave to a question, now say I_m high risk. WTF??? If you never test me for ANYTHING how the hell can you call me high risk??

Donor: Ashley
Date: 2013-02-08
At first donating there was great, yes it took what seemed like forever, but the people were nice and and very polite. After going there for a few months they kept sending me home for the stupidest things, the one excuse really got to me, it was that my veins were to small and I couldn_t come back. I mean really? i went every week so how were my veins to small? The day they told me that i had to wait for my ride to get there and i sat back down cuz it was snowing outside so it was freezing and they kicked me out! Ridiculous! It seems like once you start going there for awhile they start getting rude. When i was able to donate they were not gentle when they inserted the needles, i ended up with multiple bruises on me arm and so did my husband and my friend when they went with me. They really need better trained staff. One of the staff there told me that my husband was stupid and _probably lazy too_. I cant believe such disrespect they had! I filed a complaint and have still heard nothing back and it happened 2 months ago. I do not suggest going here at all and that really disappointed me cuz i wasnt going for the money, i went there to try to save a life...smh

Donor: jessica
Date: 2012-04-20
This place is a piece of work. I got defered for life because I supposedly failed to tell them about closed ear piercing that are about 15 yrs old. I remember telling them about it the first time I went to donate because I asked why they needed to know about closed piercings. So because one of their staff members failed to put that down on paper I can_t donate anymore its nothing but b.s. they defer for some of the most stupidest things ever. Maybe the staff should be a little better trained. I_ve talked to numerous people that have been defered for little things.

Donor: britt taylor
Date: 2011-12-10
We are moving to Boise in two weeks,and one thing we are really excited about,is fact they have a plasma center.we have had to go 2 years without being able to donate,becouse where we live by olympia,wa,there is no plasmacenter,we are auctually abt 45 minutes outside olympia,the nearest one is clear up in Tacoma,then one in Seattle, and one then there_s three more up by Everette and sourrounding areas,and then one down in Portland. It was so nice,when we lived in Yakima, we both,my husband and I,donated twice a week,this helped our family so took care of things we always needed between payday, like gas,ciggerettes,milk and other odds and ends. For the first time in ten years of marraige,we no longer had to suffer and go without things between paydays more having to borrow money,having to have yard sales and sell my nice things,no more pawning stuff! Well that was nice for over a year and half.then we made mistake of moving back to western WA,and we are way to far up on peninsula, to travel either direction. The gas we would be wasting in our gas guzzling S.U.V.,wouldn_t be worth what we would make.especially if we got there,and one of us wasn_t able to donate,due to things like to high BP,or pulse,which used to happen to me all the time in complaint to biomat USA,is why do you guys not put a plasma center or even two of them in some other places? You know,there are other people who would really like to donate,that do not just live in big cities.grays harbor,is very bad economy,and there are lots of people here who would gladly donate their time and plasma fir some extra cash! There is absolutely no way that_s legal around here short of selling all your shit off,to make any extra money.I have fibromylgia very bad,and can_t work,I get ssi,its not husband works full-time, but with the cost of everything these days,hell no,we don_t have anything at all left over to carry us thru until the next payday! I can_t understand why if not up here on harbor,you wont put in a center,but if not,can_t you at least put one in olympia? It is just as big of area as Yakima,if not bigger,and its pretty stupid and unfair you guys seem to think that the only people worthy to donate on this side odmf Washington, only live in places like Tacoma and Seattle. In addition to that,why do you guys have a whole bunch of centers,all clustered together in one area,then for almost 200 miles of the I-5 corridor, no. Enters at all? It. Makes no sense @ is very unfair to the rest of us.I am so glad we ate moving to a.other place that has plasma center,becouse I_m sick of not having a way to make extra money.! I was dissapionted to get on here,and read so many negative reviews about Boise center.I never ever had any problems with the staff in Yakima.they were really nice there,and we all b.SD and joked around,I looked forward to donating every week,becouse we all laughed and talked and had so much body there went out of there way to find reasons to try and prevent new people from donating.if anything,if there was ever an issue,they tried to find a way to get around it.we have had times a piercing wasn_t documented,that resulted in someone getting froze,but as soon as they realized it was their screw up,they found a way to fix it.I_m not sure what they did,but I remember the former Ms,Kyle,had moved over to Everett, and he drove all the way back to Yakima,just to correct it,since he was the Ms when it happened. If they are telling people there is noways to fix something once its been incorrectly documented,that_s a lie! I_ve personally seen them do it more than once! So,now hearing all these negative reviews,I am really worried they will be mean to me or screw something up in my file and screw me or both of us,out of donating! That would suck,I would call corporate and make em fix it or I_d threaten to get a lawyer and sue! Anyways,I get along with practice tically everybody,I know the rules,a d process very well,so I do not foresee that either of us should have any problems.I have never got to donate anywhere besides Yakima, and always thought it would be cool to check out a other center.well hopefully it goes good,ill find out probably first or second week of January! Ill be sure to post on here and let e eryonr know what type of experience I had.ta-ta for now!

Donor: Casey S.
Date: 2011-11-19
i have been donating there for a couple months now and i dont know what these bad reviews are because i havent had a problem yet. I sign in, wait about an hour to get screened, wait about 15 to 20 min. to get a bed and get donating then an hour or less to donate. I have seen a couple people have problems and have to switch arms because the current one isnt flowing, but the staff is always kind and have good personalities.

Donor: Dale Ward
Date: 2011-10-21
BioMat USA 2580 Gus Thomasson Rd. Dallas,Texas 75228.I am on Social Security Dis-ability and cannot work, the company where I had worked had not workmans compensation,due to a multiple-Trauma injury I had lost all hope,help and income.On 9-19-2011 attempting to make a donation of life saving value as well as trying to get money to help pay for school pictures for my 6 year old grandson from donating.I arrived at the site at 6:30 am to wait for the start-up for 7:00 am new doners.With the process taking me from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm for the physical exam.I had previously donated back in 2009,my last donation was 08/2009 with information concerning last surgeries back in 1969 and1980 tonsilectomy/appendectomy all this was documented. Upon asked any new surgery? I reported a Neck fusion _ Miniscus Knee scope (in 1-25-2010)..I made a mistake and said 1-25-2009 this date was recorded by the examiner and I was denied donating and was told that I was barred from ever making any donations to this center.Upon realizing the mistake on the dates given 2 minutes later..I told her the examiner I made a mistake on the dates in question and that I could get home and return in 1 hour with documents with proof of the correct dates.I was told by an Asian Supervisor to come back next day with proof at 7:00am 9-20-2011 ..I did as instructed from 7:00am to 11:00am ..At about 11:20 am I was seen by Physical examiner and worker name Richard stating that they could not make the corrections and that I was barred from making donations at Biomet. My attempt to help save lives, to earn income and get money to pay for my grandson school pictures was denied because Biomet employees refused to make the proper date changes as to my last surgery. My BP ok,Temp. ok,Protien ok.. where is there a remedy to correct all this..?? Dale Ward 972-255-2506/972-261-9262

Donor: Nicki
Date: 2011-10-15
Boise Biomat is great! Yes, the first visit takes longer, but that is pretty standard at all donation centers, and I can appreciate the need to do a thorough screening. The staff there is incredible. Everyone is helpful and pleasant, and accommodating. The pay is good, especially when you consider that you really aren_t doing anything but watching movies.

Donor: Ashley
Date: 2011-10-04
I hate Biomat USA in Boise, ID. I went there a year ago to start to donate because i needed the money badly. I signed up for a physical and waited for over 2 1/2 hours after my sign in time to get seen. Then after I did all my registration which took 30 minutes the guy gave me a cup to pee in so i did he collected my sample and went to the back. He called me to one of the physical rooms told me to have a seat and then told me that he SMELLED my pee and said i put water in it. He was full of it. I would never do that i am NOT a druggie unlike some of the people that are going there. I don_t even have a criminal history, I asked the guy if i could try sometime in the future and i did 3 weeks later i show up and another guy told me i have been permanently banned that is crap all i wanted was a little extra money to buy my kids diapers nothing else. I got banned for nothing the guy lied and now I_m banned that is great. Then today i called to ask a question for my husband and the lady that answered the phone wouldn_t answer a stupid question. all she had to say was if your husband needs a new physical then he has to be here between the hours of this and this. Instead she wanted his social and then i told her that she doesn_t need his info because I_m just asking a basic question the people that they hire there are so so so so stupid. and i can do there job better Biomat USA needs to learn how to communicate with people instead of jumping to conclusions

Donor: David Beede
Date: 2011-08-07
I have donated 3 times and walked away nauseous and dizzy after the last visit(Aug.4,2011).My arm is bruised and hurting 3 days after the fact.I doubt I will ever donate again unless the center chooses to remedy this situation.All I received was $20 for this\_treatment\_,which I feel was administered by inexperienced members who are inadequately trained;perhaps their youth contributed(under the impression most,if not all,are in their early to mid 20s).I have donated plasma in the past and although there were occasional complications,I_ve never expereinced any incompetency to this magnitude:=(

Donor: Joe
Date: 2011-07-04
I_ve been going farely regularly for months now, the staff are great and can help you understand everything you need to understand about the rules of donating and why you may not be able to donate from time to time, (I_ve been defered several times for high pulse rate) but some idiots don_t want to listen, they are the ones complaining on here, you see one everyday.

Donor: Chris
Date: 2011-06-06
the only reason im leaving any feedback on this place is to let everyone who reads this that you need to watch them at the boise biomat,becouse not only will they tell you one thing one day and a totally different day. also they reject people saying they cant draw on them, well i figure that if a class full of people at the milan institute learning the feild can do it ppl who hold a job in the feild and have more training than people trying to get their ma certificate. and after i was rejected i went to united blood services and lone and behold i was able to donate plasma. so go figure......

Donor: Arthur Gregory
Date: 2010-07-26
Deperate time require desperat measures.I am grateful that these donation centers exist ,not just for financial reasons,but moral as well.I am glad they screen people,address,SS#.I have also noticed that some of the employes there are ,single parents/students,hold another job.I have yet to meet a person there that is_nt kind,considerate and professional.It has put food in my belly,paid a bill or 2 as well.Thanks guys.When do we all get a Donor Raise? LOL.

Donor: D Burnett
Date: 2010-01-04
I have been 3x to donate and still have not been able to accomplish this task..... Today i made it all the way to the physical only to be turned down because i suffer from adult acne.... what a crock and a total WASTE of eight hours in three attempts to do a good thing for our community....

Donor: Mary
Date: 2009-12-29
It was my first time donating, and I have to say, if you get there early, I only had a 4 hour wait but it went by really quick cause you watch movies and have wonderful staff and interesting people around you to talk to. I brought my book and didn_t even read a page between talking to the staff, people around, me and watching the movies. However take all the precautions seriously and be very hydrated and eat a good meal before hand, I didnt and got really sick afterwards. But the staff is amazing!

Donor: Mark
Date: 2009-08-25
Visited site as a returning donor one year after my first visit. Called in advance and checked web site but there were no details about return donor procedures. Waited 1.5 hours for them to tell me I must have a new physical done (thus treated like a NEW donor) so it will take quite a bit longer. Decided to wait anyway, one hour later was ready to go back and they asked for SSN card, DL, and utility bill as proof of residency. I had already given that a year ago. They could have told me an hour before that they_d need that, figured as a returning donor I didn_t need it again because it_s on file with them (photocopies). I wouldn_t go back there again. Spoke to supervisor Sarah Fields on the way home, she was apologetic and tried to tell me their phone gives \_returning donor\_ does not. Huge waste of 2.5 hours and didn_t even get the measly $25 afterall. Don_t go, dirty environment, slow, terrible service.

Donor: Lisa A. Esposito
Date: 2009-07-25
Where can I find updated hours for this page? Times open would be really nice here. Like everywhere there are good and bad days, this little nugget of info would really help me with my scheduel. It would not be too much to ask...could someone train others there to be a bit more hep on the V.I.P. status. Waited there 1hr or so on 7/24/2009 before finally going to the front desk and asking what happend. I was told they couldn_t find my folder and that you_ve been having trouble with all the V.I.P. folders because they weren_t found. Being a busy lady I didn_t appreciate this at all.

Donor: Stacie
Date: 2009-06-03
I donate on a regular basis weekly. Yes, my initial visit took hours and I thought I was never going to get our of there. Now, I spend on average 1-2 hours there total. Besides, look on the bright side, for those of us who have hectic, crazy, busy lives, this is a great way to take a short time out and do something wonderful for others. After all, the people you meet and the conversations you engage in are rather quite interesting at times.

Donor: Ozzy
Date: 2009-03-30
Waist your time, 6 hours your first donation for only $25. Itís like amateur hour only they are sticking a needle in your arm. Half of them donít know their own policies the other half make them up as they go along. Donít waist your time!

Donor: Richard
Date: 2008-11-20
Went for my first time today, and in spite of not having a license they accepted my student ID. While the wait was pretty long (right about 5 hours total), they compensated by having the manager directly come up to me and apologize, offering an extra $5 for the long wait. Great staff, extremely polite, and very hard working. The place seems like its always pretty crowded, so be ready to not only donate your plasma, but a large portion of your day as well!

Donor: Penney Corrigan
Date: 2008-11-06
Just a little note to let you know that alot of the staff that work with the donators are really nice. They can emphasize more on the piercings while filing out the forms. I do have a complaint that since i signed paperwork saying i educated the person on all of my piercings that i had previously had even the closed ones... now i am unable to donate due to the fact that the person did not list all of the piercings that i had that are closed... i have been frozen and am no longer able to donate... is there anything that i can do about getting unfrozen? I had previously called to find out what i would be able to do and all they told me was that i would never be able to donate again and hung the phone up on me...? is that appropriate for an MS to do to a past donator? If there is anything that i can do, please let me know. I feel i wasted over 6 hrs to be told that i cannot donate because unlisted piercings were not written down on the paperwork even though the staff was educated about the piercings... it would be greatly appreciated... thanks

Donor: Adam D.
Date: 2008-09-04
website reports phone number as: 208-338-0614

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