Biomat USA Inc

1519 S Cooper St
Arlington, Texas, USA 76010-4105
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 3.04763 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-06-01
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Donor: pklepinowski
Date: 2013-12-14
Biomat is ok. I went to that POS CSL few times in the past, but those liars made up a story about me _switching_ donation places TOO often. There_s NOTHING wrong in going to a better paying guy in town, as long as you keep people informed and don_t cross the line. But mutherfucking CSL can_t swallow that LOL. On the other hand Biomat is chill.

Donor: Cheryl Gamble
Date: 2013-11-26
I have been barred for life from donating. This was the only way I could give back (since Im not rich) to my community and helping others. This right has been taken from me for a stup mistake I made. I don_t think that_s very fair. I want to be reinstated.

Donor: John lannon
Date: 2013-01-15
Very slow first time but the people are super nice

Donor: Dumb Employees
Date: 2012-12-17
RUDE and they take forever to anything... WIll never donate blood here

Donor: Eluzabeth
Date: 2012-09-24
I went for the first time ever and they were nice and yeah it takes long the first time but you dont want to wait dont go thats how i see it

Donor: Jake
Date: 2012-09-04
Biomat is terriable, save your gas an time, go to csl plasma! Bio mat does pay cash but it aint worth dealin with the rude staff at biomat an half the time the tec dont know what they are doin an are too busy chattin with eachother, a woman actualy pased out today an it wasnt till i started yellin at them ehat they noticed! I gave biomat a 1 cus i couldnt give a 0

Donor: anonomys
Date: 2012-01-06
i went today and no one told me that they don_t accept rental agreements with hand written names when it was only my own so i was not able to be seen my landlords name was typed i believe that they need to be more informentive

Donor: josh
Date: 2011-11-23
i have donated at csl gp a few times and had a question, how long must I wait before i can switch to this center? Its been over a month and I dont want to show up at 6:30am just to get rejected. Any advice? thank you

Donor: 4th time donor
Date: 2011-11-21
Today was the 4th time I_ve donated, the first time, I ate before I went but it was over 3.5 hrs before I was even inline for the physical! Then I got sick, cause nobody bothered to notice or ask when I_d eaten last and passed out on the bed. The 3rd time I donated, I noticed the women techs seem to ignore the donors and chit chat with each other. This time, while the wating for a bed area was full, the tv automatically changed channels 3-4 times! You sit and wait so long, you can_t help get interested in (most of) the shows on the tvs, but we all complained and the girl behind the counter said she couldn_t do anything about it eventhough the other tvs were on different channels from each other. I got a tech who acted like she was mad at the world and I asked another tech to NOT let her stick me! As far as the center, the wait is long, should be quicker but the accomodations are very nice.

Donor: Eric
Date: 2011-07-05
I had gone to CSL plasma in grand prarie 5 times,I live in Arlington and found out about this place here in town. I went and on my 5th time they had to call\_they did everytime because they mark your middle finger at CSL in grand prarie\_ and CSL in Grand prarie told biomat in arlington I was physically removed from that POS place in grand prarie. The director or manager dude called me back to his office\_I thought he was going to tell me I had Aids or somyhing but told me about how CSL said I was removed for idk CSL in grand prarie ,he could have just kiked me out but he asked me what happend at CSL and I told him I never was asked to leave a plasma place in the middle of the day but I_ve been kicked out of a bar at 2am. He said to me\_you don_t seem to be a trouble maker this is you 5th time here and they\_csl\_ never said anything before and its cool I can donate. So this place is clean and the ppl there are nice it takes time but what plasma place doesn_t? I called CSL to talk to the person that runs the place and she wouldent tell me what I did and lied to bio tech saying I tried to go to 2 places in 1 day.I told her I had proof I wasn_t there and she said it was idenity fraud and I could never return at CSL or any other place. Biotech knew CSL was lying. Is there any way I can get this CSL place for lying about me fo no reason? Any LAW against ppl like that?

Donor: Elisabeth Christiana
Date: 2011-06-02
I just wanted to say that i think the staff at this center does a pretty good job. There are a lot of rude donors, but the staff is always polite. Yes the wait is sometimes way too long, but the staff is always apologetic. Keep up the good work! God Bless

Donor: Timothy Starks
Date: 2011-05-13
Oh my where to begin... These people are so slow, and do not care about anyone. If they forget to call your name they will just leave you sitting there all day and when you realize they missed you they will put you in the back of the line. Average time: 3h 45m What a waist of life.

Donor: anonymous
Date: 2011-03-16
There were several things that put me off to this place. I was told that my blood levels were within healthy range, but I was rejected as a donor. I don_t smoke, drink, do drugs, and I am healthy and disease free. The vast majority of the employees there are minorities and I saw several instances where I felt their behavior towards caucasians was discriminatory. There was a man there that had to wait 4 hours just to start the process and it wasn_t the first time it had happened to him. Another woman that was there was telling her friend that she had been turned down despite being healthy as well. I signed up for a time slot that was before an african american woman and she got to go before me even tho she was not a new donor AND she was signed up for a later time than me. I just a really bad vibe from this place. Interestingly enough, I went to another plasma donation center, told them about the experience, and guess what? I am now donating there. They couldn_t find a single reason to reject me as a donor.....hmmmmm.

Donor: cindy davis
Date: 2011-02-04
Since 2000, I_ve donated in Grand Prairie, Lake Worth, Fort Worth and have had some notable experiences. I thought the donors in the waiting room at the rosedale center were rough, but that was before I experienced the center in Grand Prairie.\_ghetto\_ is the term that comes to mind. The waiting room is loud _ filled with obnoxious donors. The donating room  has employees who are louder and talk about subjects that shouldn_t be yelled across the room. They can_t speak proper English; I_ve been asked, \_ how IS you today?\_ The restrooms are filthy _ unkempt . I can go in and on... Then I tried Biomat Arlington. It is clean and comfortAble. The staff is very professional. The atmosphere is comparable to a doctors office. I will continue to donate here at Biomat.

Donor: biomatdonor
Date: 2010-11-22
this was my first time donating. I arrived at 7:30 am, was not called until 8:47. After more waiting and the physical I was out by 12:13 pm. I got $40 (i think the extra was for being a first time donor). I think it took so long because I was a first timer. I will post another review after I go again

Donor: paramelia Mayberry
Date: 2010-10-21
This center is very rude and not at all customer service frienly, they close at 5:30pm but will not let you sign in if you get there at 4:30pm, when they are ready to get out of their they don_t care that you came in at 4:30pm, some people work and this may be gas money for them however this is not their problem the hours are not for people who work, they are open on saturday but if you want to donate twice in that week and work you are out of luck, and they don_t care. I can say on a positive note they are professionally some of them think they are doctors they cant smile or be friendly towards you, but even doctors will give you a smile.

Donor: Josh Wells
Date: 2009-12-12
The center recently lost it_s long time Manager Cherie Grishin, since then the service has gone down hill. The wait times are 3-4hrs and the staff seems unhappy. They now require appointments but are not managing them well.

Donor: Jessica
Date: 2009-09-02
If you_re a new donor, get there at 6:30am. They take only the first 15 people. They open the doors for new donors at 7am. You_ll then either be given a time to return or be given a time. Expect to take two and a half to three hours your first session for a physical and other tests. The facility is very clean, staff well-trained. I was impressed. I just began to donate twice a week.

Donor: Koby Taylor
Date: 2009-07-03
1st rate place, i have just completed my 5th session, the Center is cleaner than a hospital, there is large screen TV in the lobby for the waiting donors, and in the donor are, about 15 quality large screen tv_s. TOP RATED

Donor: Tonya Horan
Date: 2009-03-29
Facility is Superior! All staff is very professional and their expertise is beyond measure.

Donor: Bill Curtis
Date: 2008-09-23
This is the Hilton of Plasma centers. The center is very clean, modern and exceptionally well run. The employees are well trained and the wait time is minimal. I have donated at several other centers over the years and none of them even come close to the service you get at the Arlington center! Also, the Manager really promotes a feeling of good will toward donors, she openly thanks donors and I have heard her ask employees not to waste any donors time by making them wait.

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