Biotherapeutic Laboratories

14435 Sherman Way #115
Van Nuys, California, USA 91405-2341
Center Type: unpaid whole blood donation icon
Overall Rating: 3.16673 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2020-01-27
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Donor: No Thanks
Date: 2010-04-15
I called them on a Friday and was told by a lady that I would be paid $40 for my donations unless I had a Hep B vaccination from my doctor then I would be paid $75(if I qualified?) so I made an appointment for Thursday to donate. I didn_t have a Hep B vaccination so I made an appointment with my tax funded medical doctor to get one on Monday. My doctor told me a vaccine was unnecessary if my immunity was good which it was. While waiting for the results of my Hep B test I called them back to reschedule and talked to a man who told me I would be paid $25 not $40 without a vaccine which they did themselves. They were supposed to email me and remind me a few days before my appointment which they never did. It seems every time I call there I get conflicting information. Also, I was told that I would have to sign a release form releasing them of any and all damages to myself which may occur by them. So, if I were to be infected with AIDS and die it would be MY fault not theirs. NO THANK YOU.

Donor: Mary
Date: 2010-01-07
I have been donating for a few weeks and I really like this center. The staff is nice and friendly.

Donor: Bad
Date: 2009-12-04
Was told by the employee I made a appt. with that it could take up to 2 hours for the initial intake. So I made a 830am appt. After ariving I waited about 1 1/2 hours before I started the paperwork. After 2 1/2 hours I went to the front desk to ask what was going on, the employee said \_well they should have told you you it can take up to 2 hours\_ looked at my arival time and said \_OH\_. So the started with my intake, CPU work and minor blood work, pricking my finger. When that was done I asked about how much longer. I was told it would be about 2 more hours. After the 3rd hour, about 3 1/2 hours actually, I asked how much money would I recieve after the donation, I was told 25 dollars. 25 dollars for somewhere about 5+ hours, I did the math and walked out telling the guy at the desk if I had time to come back I would. The employee stated if I left I would have to start the process from the begining. This was the worst experiance I have had, and just to think I was making a \_donation\_.

Donor: fm328
Date: 2009-06-04
Everything was clean; the staff was very friendly; relaxed atmosphere

Donor: Regular
Date: 2009-04-19
Everyone here is really nice and inviting and they try to get you in and out as fast as possible. I_m part of the HepB plasma donation program. With each donation I receive a $75 check. For people with Anthrax vaccinations, they can get $100 each donation. Only takes about 1.5 hours unless they_re busy then it may take a bit longer.

Donor: Carole Nevin
Date: 2008-09-15
I am looking for info on donating plasma for Rhogam. I am a long time donor and would like to start up again. Your lab was recommended. Can you forward info to me if you are interested? Thank you.

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Street view of Biotherapeutic Laboratories

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