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16225 NE Glisan St
Portland, Oregon, USA 97230-5832
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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-06-05
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Date: 2013-01-28

Donor: whatev
Date: 2012-01-10
It_s not the fanciest place, but I felt comfortable anyway. The staff was just fine, reasonably friendly for being so short-handed. Truth be known, the only a-holes in the places were donors. If you can_t handle the fact that this place is understaffed and the chance to make a couple bucks with ease might attract some rather scummy people (along with the decent folks), don_t use this location. But if you_re easy going and patient you_ll do just fine here.

Donor: who
Date: 2011-12-27
Has anyone gotten Hep C from Alpha plasma center in SE before 1995? Contact me- yknot34 at ya hoo. Class action lawsuit. They are operating under a different name now.

Donor: steve winslead
Date: 2011-12-12
An absolutely horrendous experience. There is no amount of money they could pay me to return.

Donor: catherine
Date: 2011-12-01
I have been donating on and off for about 4 years. I have waited in long lines but like the new system. The staff has always been real nice and professional to me. I have seen some pretty loud and rude donors that I thought should be deferred. They make it unpleasant for others by their comments and foul mouths.

Donor: Cookie
Date: 2011-09-15
I don_t know what_s up with some of the employees attitude. Don_t they realize without the donors they would probably be out of work.

Donor: None of yer bee's wax
Date: 2011-04-13
I find the staff friendly _ they follow procedures proficiently, with the exception of only one staff member in the room. Who they date is no-moral ding-ding_s business,please(grow-up). A hema-toma is a risk i_m willing to take to save another life. This web-site should display full-effects of reducing protein_s in the body on the main page _ the best ways to put them back in the body--this is the question on everyone_s mind. The person who thinks they_re unprofessional is not a professional _ lacks social skills.

Donor: Smith
Date: 2011-03-05
Just a few examples of why I_ll never return... These idiots removed the stools used during blood-pressure and instead now require you STAND UP which obviously (hello??) causes a false higher read. I_m a young, fit 6_1\_ 175# but because of these false readings my donation offerings have been continuously refused. Unprofessional staff. While quietly meditating with eyes closed to lower my BP from the multiple loud TVs and general rampant chaos of this place, Fat Office-Bitch, with doughnut in hand, puts her face in mine and exclaims, \_NO SLEEPING!!!\_ I was of course called just then, and, of course, I failed that BP test too. Lack of human-compliant seating. (Or any seating, for that matter) When you_re waiting three hours, seating which doesn_t cause scoliosis is would be greatly appreciated. Sick people. How_s about providing these walking petri dishes with face masks? All the hospitals are doing it, you can too.

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2011-02-14
The management staff is very unprofessional throughtout the center and sleeping with employees and donors. Management is also stealing by using deferred donors payout cards. Donors beware your name is being used for illegal activity

Donor: whodo
Date: 2011-01-27
I_ve never been here, and I_ll never go back!

Donor: anon
Date: 2011-01-06
I don_t mind the staff or CSL. I do understand that they exploit people in poverty, but hey.. Help is help. It is the deal with Citi Bank that has really made it difficult to handle. When they first gave me my debit card and the information that comes with it, I found out that Citi Bank Chargs a little bit for every transaction. Excuse me? That is MY plasma that came out of my body, I didn_t see any bankers in there getting stabbed with a gigantic needle! Citi bank will forever be on my black list. I believe what they are doing is illegal, or at the very least there should be a precedence outlawing this procedure. Make no mistake, if I am ever financially able, I will bring them to court over it.

Donor: Terry Wagar
Date: 2010-12-29
My wife Joan Wagar started an affair with a man named Eric Carlson in early 2005 they met while workingt together at East Port Walmart! Affairs are common nowadays but this was different, Eric Carlson was almost a twin to Terry Wagar, Joan Wagar_s husband! Everyone at East Port Walmart knew this and they agreed to hide their affair from their spouse_s, they also tried to hide Eric Carlson_s appearance from Joan Wagar_s husband! Walmart employees nick named Eric Carlson Doubleclick because of his likeness to Joan Wagar_s husband! After a while Joan Wagar wanted her too youngest daughters to meet Eric Carlson so she told her husband Terry Wagar that she was going to have her daughters stay the night at Walmart so they could meet her friends their and to see what her job was like. Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar both worked the night shift. My daughters were introduced to Eric Carlson and for some reason they did not want me to know about his appearance either! At this point I knew nothing about the affair or Eric Carlson_s appearance, but I did know someone there was nick named Doubleclick because someone with that nick name was in my wife_s contact list on her cell phone. About a week or too later I was suspicious of my wife Joan Wagar, I suspected an affair, and I suspected my daughters knew of the affair. Why? because my daughters were being secretive ever since they went down to spend the night at Walmart, they would whisper to each other while we were all in the same room together, they were hiding something from me yet they did not care that I knew they were hiding something. My wife bat this point was not trying very hard to hide the fact that she didn_t love me anymore, but she did not want to admit to that, but I could tell by her mannerisms that bshe did not love me anymore. At this point all the classic signs of an affair were present, wearing sexier cloths, buying large bottles of perfume, her not wanting to be home and instead her getting excited when it_s close for her to leave for work. I started getting ill at this time, I suspected that it was a broken heart, at first, because I loved her so much at the time and I couldn_t deal with it emotionally, I found out later that I was being poisoned! About two and a half weeks later ny wife admitted to my daughters that she now has a nick name, I was not in the same room but I over heard it from the other room, Joan Wagar admitted her nick name was Dash, she admitted to my daughters \_That_s what their calling me at work\_ to my daughters. At this point I suspected an affair but had no proof, and I suspected it was the person nick named Doubleclick that she was having an affair with, I suspected my daughters knew of the affair and were helping their mom Joan Wagar to hide it, and I find out everyone at Walmart was calling my wife Dash, and I was ill at that time. I had no idea what the nick names stood for at this point but I was suspicious of Joan Wagar_s nick name, considering my decline in health. I was not working at the time but I was a regular plasma donor donating twice a week for extra income, my wife was the only one working and from time to time she would donate too but mostly she didn_t bother. I wanted to believe my suspicions were wrong, we were married for almost twenty years, I loved her, and I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, I had no proof at the time, and I wanted to believe her. A month later I overheard a very unusual conversation while sitting on our balcony at our apartment, it came from the apartment below us, people inside that apartment were having what sounded like a argument, it sounded like a lady was arguing with her teenage son. Based on that weird conversation I got the impression that they were not mother and son at all, but instead investigators undercover. I smoked out on our balcony so I went out to it a lot to smoke, after hearing very unusual topics from the apartment below I became suspicious that they were investigating us! More suspicions to deal with, but I was not overly worried about it ether, just another thing that I uncovered. At this time I suspected my wife of an affair, suspected they nick named each other, and for some reason people down below us were investigators and they were trying to hide it, but not very hard, and yes I was still under the weather health wise and not sure at the time what was wrong. I was very depressed at this time, it felt like I was losing everything I cared about, and I did not understand why it was happening, my whole world was turned upside down, it felt like I was living in a apartment with strangers, my daughter Megan was never around anymore, my daughter Kayle spent most of her time in her room, both daughters were teenagers at the time, and my wife was like a stranger to me but she would claim to love me, but the feeling of love just wasn_t there! I was very very depressed, and I wanted to believe that it was depression that was making me sick, Joan was hiding poison in seasoning shaker at this time, I seen it in the fridge but ignored it at first because I was busy making dinner when I first spotted it. Afew days later I forgot about it, but it was still inside the fridge, my wife was on her day off and she made it known she was heading to Walmart to get listerene, me and my daughter Megan went with my wife Joan to the store. Once we were inside the store we started walking past the cashier aisle_s and there was a large group of Walmart employees at the other end, it looked like a employee meeting. Joan Wagar started walking faster than me and my daughter, a red headed man from the group saw her aproaching and walked up to her fast and said to her, \_There making a new rule they don_t want girl employees wearing sexy shirts anymore!\_ me and my daughter were behind them by 25-30 feat, but it was late and the store was quiet at that time so I over heard what he said. My wife would not look at him she kept walking but I got the impression it was because she was whispering to him, I was thinking to myself this must be that Doubleclick she is having an affair with, and as I was thinking that he turned facing my wife and for the first time I saw his face, at least one side of it, with the exception of his hair color he was almost a twin to me. I was about to confront them when I saw that, when I realized what he looked like my first thought was \_Oh my god, my wife_s messing with a twin of me!\_ my second thought was much much darker,\_ Oh my god this whole store was hiding this fact from me, and my daughters too!\_ my third thought scared me, \_oh my god this is a conspiracy! why hide him!\_ at this point I pretended not to notice him and I acted like I was there just to shop! On the drive back home I was thinking my whole family is hiding a body double of me, the store was hiding him, then I remembered those people I suspected were investigators down below us! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, I was in shock over this, I didn_t know what to do or think, it just replayed in my head over and over again, then I remebered the seasoning shaker sitting in the fridge, I was very scared at this point, I was in shock over it and I was not sure what to do! Once we got home I waited for everyone to call it a night and I looked in the fridge and took out that seasoning shaker and opened it, it had a little bit of green liquid in it, the seasoning shaker was a garlic salt shaker! I thought to myself she is poisoning me with this, my whole world turned upside down about twenty times after this discovery! I put it back where it was thinking to myself \_i can put our camcorder in the kitchen and catch her in the act! At this point I discover what those nick names stood for, I knew everyone was concealing a body double of me, and now strongly suspected those investigators were behind this somehow, I suspected I was being framed for something! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Please keep in mind I was ill at this time, it felt like a weird head flu my head hurt all the time and I suffered lethargy, I had very little energy, and now I was suffering from shock of my discovery! I wanted to wake my wife up and confront her, but then thought better of it, I knew her well enough to know if she was poisoning me then she would simply deny it! Based on the talks those investigators were having before I now believed they were involved in this, my thinking was at least at the time that maybe they might have planted it there, I wanted to believe that because I did not want to believe my family could do such a thing, I have had confrontations with authority_s in the past and I know they don_t like me so I had good reason to believe such a thing posible! I decided from now on I will try to not eat anything my wife makes, I decided to not say anything to anyone yet because I had no proof, only a seasoning shaker with god knows what and authority_s down below trying to hide an investigation from me while everyone hides a body double from me! Yeah I didn_t have much in the way of trust at this point! I also had no where to turn for help, I lost contact with friends over the years being a stay at home dad while my wife Joan Wagar had many friends at Walmart! I was so ill that it was hard to walk anywhere and I knew no one that I could trust that I could call! The next day I got very ill again, after my wife went to work the seasoning shaker was gone, I thought to myself \_Damnit I just fucked that up now I cant catch her, I decided I better stop donating until I kno3w for sure if I_m being poisoned! The next day the seasoningt shaker returned back where it was, ok, I thought to myself \_just play it cool and get the camera in the kitchen while Joan_s asleep and hide it somewhere and turn it on before I wake her up to get ready for work\_ sounds easy, but it_s not, not when I had to hide it from my daughters as well, I was worried they might warn Joan and then I would never be3 able to catch her in the act! It_s around this time when I made the discovery that my wife was emailing Eric Carlson and I got to read the emails they sent each other! It_s at this point where I found proof of their affair and also discovered they had it out for their spouse_s! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! At this point I was angry, scared, very very very worried for the safety of my family, and once again in shock! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! I decided, stupidly I might add, to finally confront her about the affair, believe me when I say that was a bad idea on my part! I confronted her about the affair, but said nothing about Eric Carlson_s appearance, and nothing about me suspecting she is a poisoner! I only brought up the affair, and just as I thought she would she denied it, but she was scared while denying it, I know her enough to not confront her on anything like this without proof, I mentioned I found her emails with Eric Carlson and I know your lying about it! She lied some more even though she knew I read the emails, then after a minute of crying and bullshit coming out of her mouth it finally sunk in that she cant talk her way out of it so she admitted to her affair, but she quickly lied saying she was only with him once and that it ended the other night! yeah right! This became my way of having an outlet and at the same time getting her to discuss Eric Carlson, I gained much information about him, while she continues to hide his appearance from me, and I knew it! I learned Eric Carlson is from Idaho, that he is married, with two kids of his own! While she talks about this stuff I_m thinking \_oh my god oh my god oh my god!\_ and wondering based on those emails if this is a multi murder conspiracy, Eric Carlson was not hiding from Joan Wagar that he hated his wife, according to Joan Eric Carlson was still with his wife! The way Joan Wagar, my wife, talked about Eric Carlson_s wife it gave me the impression Joan hated Eric Carlson_s wife too! Oh my god! From this point forward for I_m guessing two month_s Joan pretended much harder to act as though she was sorry and that she loved me, but it was still pretended, when you intimately know someone for almost twenty years you can tell it was pretended on her part! At this point I knew of the affair between Eric Carlson and my wife Joan Wagar, I knew they are still trying to hide Eric Carlson_s appearance from me, and my wife keeps removing and putting back a seasoning shaker into the fridge! And I knew of their nick names Doubleclick and Mrs Dash! I put the Mrs with the Dash because like I said Joan Wagar was hiding poison in a seasoning shaker! and I have every reason to believe that_s what it stood for, my wife for one stocked the isle at walmart where the seasoning_s are for one, there_s more but I wont get into that at this point! My daughters pretended to be bothered by their affair but I have reason to believe it was put on, I know they knew before hand, and they even loaned their mother their teenager type cloths so Joan could look more pretty,,,,for work! Around the end of July 2005 I knew of their affair, of their nick names Doubleclick and Mrs Dash, I knew my daughters and my wife as well as East Port Walmart was concealing a body double from me! I decided at this point to verbally just focuse on their affair and say nothing about the rest, why? so I could fucking prove it! I told Joan from now on I will drive her to work and also pick her up, I behaved as though I didn_t believe her affair was over but wanted to give her the chance to prove to me it_s over, she believed I was trying to spy on her at that point to see if I could catch her in her affair! That_s what I wanted her to believe, what I really wanted was video of Eric Carlson so I could prove he is a twin to me, and I didn_t want their guard up so I acted as though I didn_t know about his appearance! It wasn_t easy it took time on my part, remember I was ill, the type of pain that makes it hard to do anything type of pain! After this I realized that this is just too big, way way too big for me to handle! Too many people agreed to hide a body double! Too many! It_s at this point when I believe I proved what those fucking nick names stood for when I realized I need to warn people, I had reason to suspect they had it out for their spouse_s with their emails, but my wife also talks in her sleep, and everyone in the family knows that! In her sleep she would talk about Eric Carlson, other employees at work, she spoke of Eric Carlson_s wife, in her sleep she kept saying over and over again that she \_Hated Her\_ referring to Eric Carlson_s wife! I decided that I should try to warn Eric Carlson_s wife, but I didn_t know how to find her, but I did know Eric Carlson_s cell phone number and I knew he worked graveyard so I decided to call Eric Carlson_s phone during the daytime hoping Eric Carlson_s wife would answer, and she did! It was a auk word call, how do you tell someone their spouse is having an affair my spouse, when I told her about the affair all she wanted to know was what was the name of my wife, I don_t blame her for that, but I wanted to meet with her in person, I could not tell her about the rest of it, she would need to see it for herself, she needed to see that I was almost a twin to her husband and that she needed to know how many people was hiding it! I told her that I have something she needs to see and asked if we could meet to discuss this, she agreed to meet with me at Fred Meyers on 145th and division in the evening, around 9 pm If I remember right, but she never showed up! I went back to the apartment and my wife had already left for work, I_m sitting in the living room and about a half hour goes by and then my wife comes home yelling and screaming at me because I told Eric Carlson_s wife about their affair! My daughter Megan was in the living room and my daughter Kayle was in her bedroom, everyone had to hear it, but I_m sure my daughters now will just pretend that didn_t happen, why? because my wife yelled for the next hour about it then she left to go back to work! The next day Joan Wagar poisoned the living shit out of me! and my family acted as though nothing_s wrong! Megan I believe was also poisoned! we both became deathly ill that next day, me first, then Megan! I know now my daughter Megan will lie about that, I got her on video now with Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar and they are asking my daughters to lie for them! But back them Joan Wagar wanted us all dead, and after this she even admitted in her sleep she wanted us dead! I was so badly poisoned I can barely remember what it was like, I remember the pain more than anything, and hard to think, and hard to talk, I could manage one or too words and that_s it, I felt like a zombie, and I had to somehow take care of Megan! Megan was laid out on the couch for a week and I had to help her to the bathroom and back to the couch and I had to make soups for her, and to help with her temperature to try to keep it down! The whole fucking time my daughter Kayle stayed in her room and never helped at all! and Joan, that bitch! came home from work and acted like she cared about Megan but I could see a slight smirk on Joan_s fucking face! The pain, was so disabling that I could do nothing but suffer, I couldn_t even scream! During this time Joan pretended to be a loving wife and mother but it was just a front, because she was concealing a slight smirk the hole time! and I couldn_t do a fucking thing about it! Megan started getting better 7 or 8 days later and she was up and about and slowly started becoming herself again, me on the other hand was not! I didn_t figure it out then but I figured it out later that she was either poisoning my coffee cup or she was poisoning the coffee pot itself! Joan herself had coffee through her espresso machine, not the coffee pot! For me my life would never be the same again, I was so badly fucked up by it then that I could not even make a call let alone go anywhere! To this day I cannot function normally because of that! After Megan got better Megan started hanging out with her friends a lot more while my daughter Kayle just stayed in her room! I greatly, greatly, feared for the safety of my family, I feared so badly for their safety that I believed if I tried to warn another person that my whole family may be killed! The whole time my family did not give a shit that I was a victim, and at the time I could not realize that! Back then I could not think, I had to endure never ending pain so acute that I could do almost nothing but suffer! I believe a month went by and all of a sudden something inside of me burst and I was bleeding internally, when I went to the bathroom I must have lost a pint or more of blood in the bole! This time Joan toke me to the OHSU hospital and the doctor said they didn_t know what was wrong but they suspect a hernia! Joan Wagar was not worried at all! I was treated badly at the hospital, they did not care how much pain I was in and they did not care about what I tried to describe to them! Looking back at it now I know damn well they know my wife was poisoning me and they just did not give a shit! it was not fucking easy to talk mother fuckers how could a hernia cause that! how you going to find poison with a x-ray doctor! that_s all you did OHSU and you were not even trying to hide the fact that you don_t give a shit! I was like an invalid back then, I could hardly do or say anything that_s how fucking bad it was! and my family acted as though nothing_s wrong! I was in severe shock over this because I realized there was no help at all, not even a hospital would give a shit! I uncovered a large murder conspiracy, tried to protect my family from it, tried to warn other possible victims, and they just cover the shit up by poisoning me and then they pretend nothing_s wrong! It put an end to me going anywhere, I couldn_t even drive, my vision was fucked up! I COULDN_T EVEN FUCKING TALK! I don_t remember how much time went by, less than a month, and we got a 24 hour notice that we need to leave the apartment for a 24 hour period because maintenance wanted to do some painting in our apartment! They were not our normal maintenance personnel, they were under cover officer_s and they were trying to hide it, but I already knew, long story, suffice it to say they put our apartment under video surveillance at that point, and Joan knew about it, and she is good good buddies with these folks! It was at this time I realized I am not going to survive this murder conspiracy no matter what I do! too much, it was just too much! too much against me, and no one cared! I knew I was being framed at this point, I suspected I was being framed for what Eric Carlson was doing, I knew I stumbled onto a very large conspiracy! an entire Walmart store agreed to hide a body double is that enough to know how large this was! I was a family man! I cooked our meals, washed our cloths, toke care of the kids, I donated plasma twice a week, I loved my family, I always believ4ed they loved me, I protected them from a conspiracy, I tried to warn people of this danger born out of Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar_s affair, I stopped donating when I suspected Joan was a poisoner, WHERE_S MY FUCKING MEDAL AMERICA! This was just the beginning of the hell I had to endure!

Donor: Anonadonor
Date: 2010-12-02
The staff here have always been professional and courtious. Wait times vary so try and find a slower time of the week to go in.

Donor: Kinson
Date: 2010-12-01
I am thinking of selling my plasma and reading some coments about the debit card they make you get. You get charged every time you use it? Well, the first solution that came to my mind was just goto a local citibank and withdrawl the cash. Or, if you have a normal Citibank account, just do an online transfer of the funds from the blood card to your normal bank account. No fee_s for doing this as far as I can see.

Donor: JP
Date: 2010-11-26
After reading the above comments.. there are a lot of winers, surprise surprise. CSL Plasma Center, in my opinion is doing their best..they are understaffed, have a lot of people coming thru every day, they are doing their best to make sure everyone is taken care of while trying to adhere to all federal and state laws. I have been donating there for several years, have had a couple of bad experiences, but overall fairly good. I am familiar with half of the staff, the majority of the staff are very nice, a couple could use an attitude adjustment. You cant expect perfection, you cant expect everyone to treat you great or with kid gloves, this isnt a restaurant or 4 star hotel, its a plasma donation center in the Rockwood area, known as a very bad neighborhood. They are doing there best to get people through as quickly as possible with what they have to work with. I read the complaints about Dwaine..I have known him for about 9 years, he is a great guy, he is doing his best to make sure this place runs as smooth as possible..there are two sides to every story. A lot of the people that come thru this place are trailer trash, you can tell by the way they talk, their actions (they write graffiti on the bathroom walls), and how they dress. Even though I do feel that CSL could pay us more for our plasma, I appreciate that they are there, they have helped me when I needed a little extra cash.

Donor: Rick
Date: 2010-10-28
This place lacks professionalism, period. Return donor and last visit took over 3 hours, which made me late to a Blazer game. This time, they short handed and after two hours, half hour of which i sat on a table waiting for them to gear up the machine, I got up to use the restroom, and noticed that in another section, several others that had come in after me, were already donating plasma and hooked up to the machines. When I went to complain, I was treated like I should just shut up and take it. All I was hoping for was them to be RESPECTFUL enough to say \_hey, sorry, lets get you hooked up now and not make you wait\_. But NO. I ended up having an argument with the Manager in charge, who was a complete douchebag to me. Dwayne Porter, you are a disrespectful punk, and if jail wasn_t a result from hitting someone? I would have kicked ur ass all over your office. This place has TOO many clients and NOT enough staff, as well as fluid movement of it_s clients.

Donor: Veronca
Date: 2010-08-10
I used to go donate plasma because I thought I was helping people out. Well come to find out it is hard to get blood out of me(deep veins). An experianced person had to it everytime. So after going for years mind you, I went in to donate and was told that I could no longer donate. The excuse given was that I have piercings that they can_t see. Ok so all that plasma that I had donated for years, you just threw away? (Mind you I had the piercings then as well) Or was this just some BS story. I studied for school and never complained and did not need the money. I drove 45min one way to go there. I can no longer donate plasma anywhere because of there BS. When I asked to talk to someone, why I was lied too and that there is no policy anywhere to back up this comment. I watched people donate who had piercings. Maybe because I am an honest person and don_t lie about my piercings I was being discriminated against!! But of course no one from the company would answer or return my phone call!!!

Donor: George
Date: 2010-08-10
I was just reading through all of the comments and had to put in my two cents. I_ve been donating for 2 years now. The plasma industry is a highly regulated one. The US government, and any other that a company may cell plasma in, has strict guidelines and if any plasma center isn_t following them, they can get shut down in a heartbeat. People need to keep that in mind when they are being told their proof of residency, or something else, is not sufficient. And when people complain about gloves not being changed after each donor, think on this: those gloves are not made to protect the donor, but to protect the person wearing them. If there was blood on them, I_m sure the staff would change them right away. I_ve never seen an employee there purposefuly being unsanitary. As to the wait times...I admit, they are pretty long since they changed systems and went to the debit cards, but talking to the staff members recently has made me feel better about sticking it out. They have a big focus on reducing donor wait times and will probably get faster in the near future. And to all of you who complain about the debit cards, learn to manage your money. We all have bills, pay your bills with the debit card and save yourself from having to pay the fees.

Donor: Taylor Collie
Date: 2010-06-27
Ok, first of all. People that are whining and bitching about the people, havent been round to many people in there lifetime. Lets think... Its off glisan, the ghetto. But who cares. Yea you feel like your in jail. But with a mass clientelle like that it would be hard not to have a facility like that. I was treated with the upmost respect from every staff member but one. And she wasnt even rude, she just looked tired and overworked. I was greated by a girl named chelsea who was the shit if I may say. Gorgeus! MMM I believe the tech that put the needle in was named \_shawn\_? He did a perfect job and monitored my constantly. Great guy. Glad to see people make it in this world. I also was monitored by a lady named Jan. Who was tenderhearted lady. So my final piece of advice. If your old and from outa town, than go find your hilton blood work bank. Till then suck it up and quit bitching. Your there to get money from the state. Dont forget that.

Donor: PDXDonor
Date: 2010-03-23
So I have been donating for quite some time at CSL and have realized that this company uses helpful medical practices as a crutch and or front to exploit their donors, whom of which are the reason they even exist. That is why, now that they have started the new program in which they are making their donors use a prepaid Citibank card that charges you everytime you use it, I have decided to begin a petition and conduct a class action lawsuit against CSL in conjunction with Citibank. This corporation is another company with the helpful front but continue to make the rich richer, and exploit the poor on a daily basis. The donors barely make a fraction of what they sell for medicine and they are continuously herded in like cattle \_come get the money you povertized schmucks\_, they set these centers up in low income areas in order to pull them in and pay the employees way less than the work they do. CSL Plasma LLC will go down if I have anything to do with it, or they need to fly right.

Donor: J.T.
Date: 2010-02-27
Most centers have long wait times unless you get into a center with an appointment system. Some of the staff are indeed a bit sophomoric but Anna is indeed beautiful; she is the reason I continue to donate there.

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2010-02-01
In a bad part of town,ost of the stafd treats you like garbage. worst thing is that they dont tell you that if you ever in your life donate for ankther company you are permanent deffered. then they treat you like you have aids. this goes for all plasma donation centers. i am permanently deferred from 3 places because of being lied to by one. id rather sell drugs then try to donate again and im a law abiding citizen.

Donor: Chris Hoeft
Date: 2009-12-28
I_ve been going to ZLB for about a year and I was deferred for having a falling out with a very unprofessional staff member there who just ran her mouth like a leaky faucet. A lot of the staff there is very nice, however a big handful of staff members there are COMPLETELY unprofessional and they act like high schoolers on a school bus! I told the mgr the unprofessionalism problem and that I have never had that kind of problem at any other plasma centers I have ever donated at, so it is not me and he said he would speak w/ the staff about it, so hopefully he did. Luda, go get a heart transplant _cuz you are MEEEEEAN! Anna, you are SO (beautiful, by the way :) and) mature and I have NO clue why you daily subject yourself to working at that immature child care center 5 days a week! Thank GOD I was finally deferred from going to that most vexing place, and another comment said it best: ZLB (or CSL now) is the \_trailer park\_ of plasma centers! DON_T GO THERE!!! GO TO BIOMAT INSTEAD!!!

Donor: koolaid
Date: 2009-11-10
i went in there an waited for over 4 hours an finally a nurse came to me an treated me like i was in jail...wtf??u know what im sayin...fuck this place i would never ever in my fucken life come back to thes horrible place!!!!!

Donor: Samantha
Date: 2009-10-24
I didnt get it dont they were rude, bossy and unpleasant, i will probably NEVER go back there. They made me drive home 4 times to get info in the end they declared as _invalid_. I wanted to smack them.

Date: 2009-10-14

Donor: couldn't do it
Date: 2009-07-21
couldn_t get it done..rude unprofessional, could tell you ahead of time what to do, so you don_t waste trips, but no! make sure you eat right before and get there early in the day so you don_t get turned away.

Donor: anona
Date: 2009-06-30
dirty no soap in bathrooms people stink wait times long staff dont wash hands or change gloves after each patient. need to be shut down or cleaner procedures set in place

Donor: yourmom
Date: 2009-06-25
One number of my address had rubbed off of my liscence. They were very rude and accused me of not being an Oregon resident. I did not stay to donate.

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2009-06-18
paperwork follies have me blacklisted because of this company.

Donor: Kate
Date: 2009-06-14
I went here and talk about rude! And this big ugly guy, I think his name was Dwaine, was rude and perverse! I will NEVER go to this place again and will make sure my friends know not to go either. Their like the trailer park of the plasma centers

Donor: estera
Date: 2009-05-14
Friendly staff wait time varies, but overall good expierence.

Donor: Steve B
Date: 2009-01-08
I have found the staff to be friendly and helpful considering the challenges of the job

Donor: anon i mus
Date: 2008-12-23
Wait times vary. Some staff good some bad. They treat you like you treat them. They deal with a lot of low life trash and drugies

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2008-11-30
3-5 hour wait times for return donors. 4-7 hours for first timers. Staff is not very friendly and tend to treat you like low class trash.

Donor: mike
Date: 2008-10-22
Very rude people

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