CSL Plasma Service

1221 S Riverside Ave
Medford, Oregon, USA 97501-7847
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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-09-26
 Rate and Comment on CSL Plasma Service
Donor: Nate
Date: 2013-02-20
Ok. I_ve been donating since October of last year. And I have my own comments about some of the staff there. First off. One of them. Blonde/silver haired chick that always seems to be working in the back. hardly ever see her up front. Always has a smug like smile on her face. It_s almost like she is waiting around to hear somebody get loud and obnoxious just so she can swoop in and say you_re deferred. Get out and never come back. That_s deferral lady for my first comment. Second is this hindu looking female. Now I have been screened by her twice. First time I was a little overdressed (Started dressing in layers so I wouldn_t be shivering after donating) She tells me to take off some shirts. Ok fine. No problem. I ended up getting deferred for that day cause of low protein. I go back in a few weeks later and I am wearing a long sleeved shirt under a short sleeved shirt with a sweater. She tells me again to take the sweater off. Now by this point I am getting a little irritated. It_s one sweater not 3. And she says oh it_s the rules. Next time I go in I_m tempted to wear the same sweater and nothing underneath that. That way if she says take off the sweater. I can say. I can_t it_s the only shirt I have on. See what she says then. Other than those two clowns. I_m pretty chill with the screening staff. One thing I have issues with however is the fact that the screening staff seems to take breaks whenever the line is peeling out the door. When there_s one or two people waiting. Guess what. All six booths are occupied by the staff. Now getting to the donor floor. Let me run by my pet peeves on this one at a time. Number one. They call you back there pretty fast usually. But once I get back there. I suddenly become invisible for a good 15-20 minutes (Not all the time there has been a few times I was hooked up instantly) But I have seen people who got seated after I did that got hooked up first (Not VIPS either) When I finally got noticed and set up and everything. I start the process. I will either listen to music or chat with people depending on whether or not the person has anything interesting to say. Now occaionally my flow will stop. I was in yesterday and my flow stopped completely. And the person that fixed it should have taken the needle out and poked the other arm. Does she do this? NO. Instead She pushes the needle FURTHER INTO MY ARM! Now I_m not about to lose my temper with this woman especially when she_s trying to help. But pushing the needle in almost all the way is hurting really bad and I_m getting pissed. I breathe and keep my temper in check cause I didn_t want to yell at her. Now when the process is all over it_s interesting cause I was the first one done out of the whole section (Most of them were only a cycle or two behind me. Others just started) Despite the fact that I was finished first. They were seated first. So I had to wait until everyone else seated before me got unhooked before I did. All in all. I get irritated and sometimes mad. But I do not want to be deferred so I keep my temper in check. Other than those things I said. It_s pretty good for twice a week

Donor: Alina
Date: 2012-10-19
That picture isn_t even the plasma center. It_s the back of the goodwill next door. I_ve been donating about 3 years now for extra money. The money is crap being that we don_t see even 1% of the profit made by the companies who sell the plasma for a small fortune. Most of the staff is awesome, there are always a few bad eggs. The new system is an improvement from even a few years ago. Thanks for the gas money that gets me to work :)

Donor: Mel
Date: 2012-06-19
This place is very unclean and seedy. There is a large degree of cross contamination that myself and others have witnessed as well as carelessness. Four out of the five times i went there they poked me several times before they got it right! It hurt! The staff seem unfriendly and impatient. I have also seen them allow donors that were unmistakeably under the influence. If you value your health and your life i suggest donating elsewhere.

Date: 2012-05-14
Multiple times I have gone and they have messed up my veins. This last time the lady didn_t understand what the machine was doing and kept pushing the needle in father, she then moved the needle to the other side to return my blood but didn_t. She was extremely rude and it was very scary, she was keeping the fact that I didn_t get my blood back secretive. When she went to put the blood back in my other arm she put it in to fast and I now have large bruises and I have a large bump/tumor looking thing on my arm from where the blood went in. The staff for the most part is nice but it_s irresponsible workers like this one who ruin it. I don_t suggest going there unless you_re okay with bruising and severe pain.

Donor: Ian
Date: 2011-01-29
Zone medford needs to deal with a serious issue regarding operations. They are saying one needs to be in line to hold their space, but they sign in over a hundred people. This means, if everyone were to stay, your building would be WAY OVER FIRE CODE! This is illegal, and needs to be addressed.

Donor: Diane
Date: 2010-01-25
I donate 2 times a week for the extra cash to make ends meet. the staff for the most part are very friendly and at times even funny. clean facility, decent compensation for the donation and in these economic times, a welcome option in my life.

Donor: Drake
Date: 2010-01-25
I don_t like donating plasma at all but the staff are friendly if you are friendly. It_s true though that it does feel like a meat processing plant but everybody needs to stop shooting down the staff, everybody has to work!

Donor: Shandra Lowry
Date: 2008-12-02
I had never heard of plasma donations, a friend brought me there. It wasent a horrible experience but not the best either. The majority of people that come are stinky and disguisting. Maybe get a air freshner.

Donor: Dee
Date: 2008-11-07
This comment is regarding ZLB staff making non-corporate sanctioned decisions, such as; posting signs making it policy as far as being physically in the line outside prior to opening. It is un-American to dictate some sort of \_move you lose\_ action upon donors who arrive, some as early as 2am, place a chair or bottle in their spots then retreat to their cars for warmth while awaiting the non-waiting room available ZLB premise. The whining, snibbering malcontents that complain to \_soft\_ staff and get their way should be, along with the soft staff, told to shut the hell up and get a life. Other than that, you guys are okay with me.. Holla!

Donor: jenny
Date: 2008-10-01
donating plasma at zlb is not so fun. Lots of times it takes three or more hours waiting in the waiting room just to donate which takes another hour. The up side is at least you get some extra cash.

Donor: F McDougal
Date: 2008-08-13
They are not a blood bank. The building is not up to standards, has no sprinkler system. The majority of donors smell horrible and look like drug addicts. The employees look worn down and tired, and are treated horribly. The donors are basically just pushed through, not treated like people, more like cows at a meat processing plant.

Donor: Carla
Date: 2008-08-03
All the staff was very professional and the money came in handy!!!

Donor: skanon
Date: 2007-08-02
This is a plasma center, they do not take whole blood donations. They do offer generous compensation for plasma.

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