CSL Plasma Service

215 Assembly St
Columbia, South Carolina, USA 29201-4240
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 2.00002 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-11-30
 Rate and Comment on CSL Plasma Service
Donor: Anonymous
Date: 2013-10-12
I read this and are marginal after donating here for several months: 1. the donor kiosk almost never work 2. cleanliness and infection control techniques are often violated 3. the professionalism and training of some staff members is minimal, they lack customer service skills, etiquette ,and bedside manner. (especially my favorite ghetto sisters from the hood ,Brittany and Ebony) Ms.Monica, Selenia, and some of the new hires from the front have the potential to turn that place around. until management make some changes, this place will never come to full fruition.

Donor: Danny
Date: 2012-07-25
I will try to make this a short story: I received a bruise on my arm due to one of the plebotomist sticking the needle in my arm wrong. I couldn_t donate for 2 weeks. then when i went back, that same guy carelessly snatched the needle out of my arm and it hurt . when i complained to management, he told me it was my fault because i don_t take care of my body (which is crazy cause he weighs like 500 lbs and was eating this huge burger and fries from Cookout) and told me to leave his office because he wont listen to complaints about his staff since he trains them himself. I called the corporate headquarters but they didn_t get back to me until after a 2nd incident. i went in one day and one of the plebotomist stuck me wrong again. when i complained about it, she stuck with her story of saying she did it right. so i asked her to say that on camera and i recorded her saying it in case i got another bruise and i could show the video to the manager. then one of the other workers said that i had to delete it. when i refused, she said that she wouldn_t allow me to continue my donation. she cut off the machine and unhooked me, and i did not get paid. when i finally heard from corporate, the gentleman i spoke to told me that since i refused to delete the video I violated there privacy clause and would not be allowed to donate anymore (which i had no intention of going back anyway). he then added $20 to my donation card saying that he would give me my payment. I told him it wasn_t about the $20 it was the fact that they shouldn_t be allowed to treat people that way. the fact that i shouldn_t be banned from donating there. i could_ve put the video up on YouTube but i didn_t. I was only going to use it to send it to corporate, but all of them keep making me out to be the bad person. Not all of the employees are bad there, its a decent place but its always a few bad apples that make it seem bad.

Donor: Rhonda
Date: 2012-03-06
I find nothing wrong with the center although the amount of time it takes they could increase the payment but hey im a college student so anything i get is gas for me....alll is worth the wait!

Donor: annomis
Date: 2012-02-08
dont ever go here they are so un professinal

Donor: g
Date: 2012-01-08
the stupid chick by the name of peaches is so not proffesional she does not need to work at any plasma donation offices because she is bringing the buisness down she need to learn how to treat customers in my opinion she needs to be fired! i wish who ever reads this will fire her because she is she ghetto omg!

Donor: J Sasser
Date: 2010-07-16
Wasted 3 days, 5 hours of my life fooling with these people. Worst experience of my life, I have never been treated like this anywhere. Don_t waste your time with these people, not worth the money they say you will get!!

Donor: brandon
Date: 2009-10-23
I_ve never been to another donation center so i gave it a 3 assuming it_s an average center... yeah sometimes it can take awhile but not usually if your not a first timer... my first time i spent three hours waiting but after that i don_t think i_ve waited longer than 45 minutes which is a bad day... i_m ussually in the back stuck and chillin in a chair before i_ve even been there an hour and with this sort of thing go ahead and clear a 2 to 2 1/2 hours of your day to be safe... it_s easy money and it helps people... your first time anywhere is gonna take awhile their not just gonna let anyone just walk off the street and donate so they have to give you a physical and blood test so they know your not gonna hurt anyone with bad plasma.... i_ve made an extra $250 or so a month depending on frequency but i_ve heard of people making more it_s worth it u basically just watch movies for an hour. I hope this helped with your decision

Donor: State Worker
Date: 2009-10-16
The center is kept clean. Wait time could be better. They have 40 or so donations booths, but only 4 screening booths and usually only two people to insert needles. Payment is minimum for the hour and half you are there. Probable not bad if you normally make under $10 per hour, but for those making decent income it isn_t worth your time.

Donor: Bryant
Date: 2009-06-13
I have hard to find viens and if they can_t find on the first try, they_re usually out of luck. It takes a sticker with a special ability to get me right. Usually, most of the phlebotomists at ZLB don_t have that ability and as a result I often have gone home with both arms bandaged and sometimes with less money than I could have gotten. I recently went back after nine months of not donating and they bruised my right arm up to the point that I haven_t been able to donate with it for almost two weeks.

Donor: Sharon
Date: 2008-09-29
I went by 2 times to donate. The first time I was sent away because it was afternoon and they couldn_t take new patience.The next morning I arrived 30 min. before they opened, stood in line outside the building in the rain and when it was finally my turn in line(7:45) I was told the person that takes new patience child was sick and that they wouldn_t be in until 11:00.I live 20 miles away from the center. Needless to say,I haven_t wasted anymore of my time.

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