CSL Plasma Service

1501 Riverside Dr
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA 37406-4309
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 3.71434 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-12-05
 Rate and Comment on CSL Plasma Service
Donor: Happy Donor
Date: 2014-06-29
Daryl quit being a whiny b****! Nobody that donates expecting money is actually donating you are selling yourself. I gave my donor card to someone a long time ago told them my donation schedule and asked them go buy a prepaid phone in case I need to Call you or you need to call me about it. Donations are that by name, donations. You don_t do trades or a sale or a benefit it_s a donate. And yea sometimes someone_s going to miss a vein it happens in hospitals too. Most of the time it doesn_t though you see the full room of people sitting there with you when you go? They are all fine and happy and probably half of them less fortunate than you what gives you the right to be a whiny self centered 19 year old when they are being happy doing there part.

Donor: ken
Date: 2014-06-25
I had a wonderful visit. The nurses were very friendly and helpful. The nurse in charge of taking the plasma was super friendly and helped calmed me down since i was nerves. I think her name was Dominique. She was wonderful thanks for helping me out.

Donor: S
Date: 2012-07-28
The Riverside CSL staff is friendly and I have never had an issue with them. Reading over previous comments, I can see why there were a few issues with some. I have been donating off and on for over five years and have never had a problem with the staff or the facility. I have had a few painful sticks (I can count up to three), but that is just how my arm is. On the very long comment about the person who had so many issues: because there is such a long wait usually, if you get up to use the restroom before they check your heart rate, protein, etc., they will have you get back in line. It is unfair to those behind you that you have a \_saved\_ spot. Always use the restroom before you get in line. On the heartrate, they are unable to let you donate if your heartrate is above a certain point. I think 100 bpm is the max. They make you wait up to 15 minutes to let it drop to give you a 2nd try. On the cellular service, the signal or the wireless technology can sometimes screw with the equipment. That and they want you alert if something changes as you do donate. And it is rude to be on your phone talking loudly with others around you. I am sure they have more reasons than that. I think that about covers everything. Either way, this is a useful service for the medical industry that needs the plasma for medication or treatments. I would definitely recommend this facility.

Donor: j.
Date: 2012-07-01
the techs at the riverside facility are always friendly , conscientious and deferring to your needs. being attentive to instruction and candid with discomforts is the donor_s obligation . i_ve found that the donating experience always goes easier when i do my part and prepare myself as instructed.

Donor: Former Employee
Date: 2012-03-28
Just a word about the phlebotomists at CSL from a former employee when it was ZLB. Remember, the person sticking you is just like you. Need money, got a job because CSL was hiring, not because they have a calling to be in the health care industry. In fact, more than likely, that person was making Big Macs or the like on their last job. Not only that, but was unable to sustain that gig. Or, a temp job, garbage collector, etc. And, you_re going to let this person try to hit your vein with a needle the size of a nail? I think people in the food service industry have to go through more state certification (at least in Tennessee) than someone sticking people at CSL. It_s a joke! The people who are helped by this service are well-to-do. The, up to $40 a visit is a pittence compared to what CSL gets for selling the stuff. The whole thing is set up so that, once again, the welfare of the wealthy is provided on the backs of those less fortunate.

Donor: Carol
Date: 2009-05-21
Sounds like good advice to tell people to be polite. On my first visit I met an really sweet and proficient nurse whom treated me with respect and kindness. I hadn_t yet had a chance to read the instruction sheet hand out about the special instructions about the phone however I had muted it.My son-law was supposed to have his toe amputed but I had received a call about his blood sugar being too high and they were going to make him go to another facility for the surgery.I was wating for his call as to whether I was to pick up my grand girl or not...One of the stickers told me to get off the phone as I had just received the call.I tried to explain and later apologized and told her I would leave my phone off next time, she said ok...On my next visit I signed in and was told to sit outside of room 4.I waited 10 min and had to pee.I stopped at the desk and told this long haired guy with a lab coat that I was waiting outside door 4 and would be right back from the bathroom.I think he gave me a knod.I got right back and someone else was in 4 and went in after that person left.This girl with a nasty attitude after I had tried to explain to her about my need to go to the bathroom and me telling that guy she told me you have to go back out and sit in the lobby and wait your turn..When I got called back after one more hour.I was received with another bad attitude.I answered the questions,my blood was 140plus.The girl who was asking the questions said just a minute someone needs to talk to you.I was thinking oh my God something is wrong with my blood!Then a I guess a supervisor came in to explain about why I can not use my phone which I left at home as I promised.By then my BP was thru the roof.They made me go back out and wait again.Then I was told,I got a senior sticker.When she put the needle in my arm it sprayed blood,some got on my jacket,she was nice and said sorry about that I told her it will wash.My arm burned the entire time.I saw the girl who was my first sticker she was quite and I asked her are you alright she said yea.(The first day she was super friendly and talkative)I got the impression that I was being tagged as a difficult person from the telephone incident.When I was finished,I waited for a band aid and felt like I was being ignored so I ask her for one,she handed me one and as I got up she said make sure you don_t leave the floor without putting that on. I had to pass gas so I needed to get away and stopped at the table,put down my keys and put the BA on. As I was leaving The ATM gave me 15 dollars(the guy I had told about the bathroom was standing there at the desk.I told him about the mistake.He said out loud M you need to move out of the way,what is your soc sec numb,write it down.I start to hand it to him and he repeats you need to move out of the way,others need to be there.Then he hands me a slip with a new code on it I say thanks and he says Loudly@with an attitude... And you have a Nice Day! My On my 3rd visit after a whole week had past (I had not planned to go back)but I needed money for gas)I had a good cry,prayed and tried one more time. It was a better experience and I was relieved. I will pray before I go again, that made the difference only God can change our attitudes others and mine.

Donor: daryl richesin
Date: 2009-03-18
my arm has a knot the size of a golf ball. they stuck both arms. sign says \_new doners earn 80$ this week.\_ i a new donor recieved 25$ first visit ,had to go to emergency room immediatly after visitbecause was in so much pain in arm. the guy that put needle in after messing up first arm he did other arm and i never saw him again. he left. false advertisement. new donors earn 80$ this week. not 25$ first visit. i was a new donor thinking i would get 40$ my first visit. as advertised.now im just in pain and they just sent me away with my 25$. you may check my hospital records they did wrong . im 19 years old thinking i was doing something right to help people and earn a little cash , all i got was trainers that messed me up. what do i do about my hospital bills because of their neg? please reply!

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