CSL Plasma Service

104 W 3rd Ave
Spokane, Washington, USA 99201-3665
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 2.12502 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-11-30
 Rate and Comment on CSL Plasma Service
Donor: Matt D
Date: 2011-11-27
I have not been for a couple of years now. My usual exp. 1 hour in the waiting room, 10-15min to get hooked up to the machine, 35-45min in the chair donating, 10-15min to unhooked from the machine. The wait times are too long. The waiting room does not have enough open chairs for people to sit while waiting half the times. If you don_t bring a form of entertainment or go with a friend it can be very boring. The needle is a mild discomfort. The pay scale was something like 25 dollars the first time in a week and 35 for the second. Which I dislike, why not 30 each time? That would better suit those who can only go once a week. Now I just read they give you a card and people are having problems with the deposit of money onto the card or use. It could be a few days and a big inconveince to get paid. The only saving grace they had was cash in hand before you walk out the door. I won_t be going to ZLB now! If I could be out the door in under 1.5 hrs with cash in hand I would do it. There is a different plazma place in town on Francis? I never been so I hope they are faster and pay in cash.

Donor: TSP
Date: 2011-10-07
Continuing issues with the new card payment systems make getting paid in a timely manner hit or miss. CSL practically refuses to acknowledge these problems, and has an \_It_s your problem\_ sort of attitude, and refers the donors to the Citibank number on the back of the card. I have spent many hours on the phone with CSL and Citibank, both of which refuse to own the problem and resolve the issues. It once took six days for me to receive a 24 dollar payment. The entire time CSL refused to help in any way, telling me the issue was with Citibank. I am not the only person having these issues as every time I go in there, someone will complain about the exact same issue. The problems with this payment system are so common than some nearby retailers refuse to accept the CSL Visa card as payment.

Donor: Andrew
Date: 2011-03-14
After checking in and sitting for over two and ahalf hours I was told that i could not donate because of a mistake the receptionist made. Makes me wonder what other mistakes the company makes...

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2010-07-16
Although most of the staff is polite, the place is severly understaffed. This turns a 2hr visit into a 4 hr on (and I am told they are cutting hr.s) Also one staff member was rude as hell. As an adult man who served 12 years in the military I don_t ussually put up with puck kids calling me Butter Cup. I need the money, but not that bad.

Donor: Paula
Date: 2009-05-28
I use to donate plazma quite often but quit due over a year ago due to the length of time it took, 2-3 hours, from the time you walked in until you were completed. It seems to me that there could be a better process in place like being able to make an appointment versus just walking in. I work full time _ am also a mother _ just don_t have that kind of time to waste. Otherwise, it is a good program, it just needs a better processing technique. For those who had 2 or more unexcused absences, should no longer be allowed to schedule in advance.

Donor: Anonymous
Date: 2009-03-31
Very rude to first time donors. After seeing the type of people who come to give plasma here, I wouldn_t want to be a recipient.

Donor: Donor Dave
Date: 2009-03-07
This is a very busy center. The donor beds are almost always full, but, the wait is never very long. Most of the staff is very friendly and efficient.

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2009-01-11
A bunch of fweeks down there

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