CSL Plasma Service

6199 Independence Ave
Kansas City, Missouri, USA 64125-1620
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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-12-11
 Rate and Comment on CSL Plasma Service
Donor: pam kuenstler
Date: 2012-12-17
I had the most horrible experience ever at this plasma center. The company morale is the worst I have ever seen anywhere. Overworked, understaffed, and no doubt underpaid. They treat each other with disrespectful and argumentative attitudes and the donor with total disregard. First, this was not my first visit. my first real problem due to the attitudes. (and I have had sme very efficient, fast, friendly employees there, ) Anyway the time before I had a bad reaction, and they handled it professionally, compassionately and were very well placed in the positions they held. This time I went in the evening, maybe 6pm. the girls up front were arguing over where they wanted ous to wait, who gets off early more and who stays late. A supervisor , I assume, quietly hushed that up. then in the back I once again start having a reaction, a tech had just walked up to space beside me. I told the tech I was feeling sick, he said okay and began to try finding someone to help me, turned his back and started doing , i dont know what, I began to feel burning up , short of breath and sick , I asked that machine be turned off, couldnt be still, kicked shoes off. that finally got me an ice pack and a your almost done. he called for another tech to come over and walked away. I was ready to rip the thing out of my arm when the tech arrived. And he did an excellient job, too good, the first stopped as he was walking past, noticing the tech was doing a report on the incident. He became angry. told the tech that he messed up, it was a nonreportable incident that he would not be able to do whatever is done, at the end of shift. the tech said if it was wrong he would error it . The first told him that he would not sign it and he was in trouble, the guy was only trying to do his job thoroughly. (had i been more alert i would have told them that they did a report on previous reaction, and you techs should be encouraged to err on side of caution, but being a detail oriented person is not allowed there i see, another tech stopped and informed him he heard about him writing the report and laughed and walked away, a very unprofessional handling of the whole situation, except the one in trouble. he didnt react or become angry , just continued taking care of me and my donation, I was on the lst cycle. I appreciated his diligence and caring manner. The first one a black male, shoulder length hair, and able to sign errors, was the most unprofessional, uncaring, immature tech i have ever come across. He just plain did not want to be bothered, and didnt want to deal with my situation. i lousy ice pack and walks away, and anytime he did stop for a second it was to snap at the tech he left me with, very unprofessional behavior on the floor, in front of doners and staff. Plus making sure other staff heard of his mistake, which i feel was good to make the report and over diligence is better than none. It had nothing to do with the other staff members and was an unwanted and un needed distraction for me and im sure the tech people ridiculed. It was so different from my previous times of having reaction. no one told me okay turned back to me and only when i sked that machine turned off did i get an ice pack as he walks away. they immediately came and remained till donation ended. I myself am concerned something horrible will happen if morale and respect, and compassion, the whole thing is falling apart. I felt as tho i were dying, and he walked away. I made donations across the street for your company and the whole atmosphere was different. the staff was friendly and if there was a conflict, no one would guess, as the conversations werelight hearted and they worked together, not against each other. I ad one reaction years ago and I had several ice packsunder and on top of me. they monitored it and one fanned. one monitred, annd one brought me ice chips and talked me through thhe whole thing. then i was asked to remain resting afterwards for a few minutes, because, and i was never asked this at the new building, they asked if i had driven, and i had. they offered to call a ride for me. i chose to drive, they totally checked my focus, balance, vitals---i had to be 100% to be released. I guess they knew how to properly staff and train for the benefit and safety of all, they liked their jobs now you are doingmany more donations and you dont have the staff to handle the flow. the staff is spread far too thin to adequately handle the amount of doners on routine donations, emergencys are taking techs away from the start and ends of others doonations. which backs up everything. they are frustrated and angry and someone is going to blow eventually. the staff is kept busy , so now you dont haveenough manpower to have the wlk arounds to watch for the safey of doners. more staff is needed, there was always enough tokeep up on the machine, hookup snd enough that the scetions were watched by floorwatcher if needed there was always one witin a few feet away. a reaction was treated like a medical emergency, people were everywhere, at the same time the floor continue to run smoothly and monitored by floor monltors in each section. it was a safe , friendly. professional, thorough etc. the new building is understaffed to adequately monoter and keep machines and donors going, staff stretched far too thin. andtension so thick you can cut it with a knife. Preventative measures and staff solutions may help avoid later major blowups or serious health issues to donors. is this a different company than it used to be? if so what is that company name? Is that company around here? is broadway better staffed? if so is a transfer allowed?

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2011-03-29
how can you have 5 stars, when no one can get a hold of you on the phone just to ask question

Donor: clarence barr jr
Date: 2009-08-03
i would like to be able to make appointment online

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