CSL Plasma Service of Denver

12200 E Colfax Ave
Aurora, Colorado, USA 80011-5514
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 2.43752.5 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-11-30
 Rate and Comment on CSL Plasma Service of Denver
Donor: k-dog
Date: 2012-05-28
The staff is very good for the most part however-the managerial staff is rigid and not very understanding. they work the staff like hebrew slaves which is one reason why the turn over which is one of the reasons the turnover is so high. most donors I talked to feel the same way I feel, and cannot stand most of the managers. quit treating the people like sh....t, and the staff like slaves.

Donor: kevin smith
Date: 2012-03-05
I went second time after being told all good on anything wrong but I told them I had been to jail more then 3 days (6) then was told I can_t donate after 2 hour trip.if tested and negative what does spending a little time have to do with giving plasma

Donor: Chandell
Date: 2011-07-23
Andrew, you do not have to be a citi to be it the military that YOU are in, I am shocked that you do not know that, as a matter of fact, joining the military is a great way to become a citi of the Old USA.

Donor: alex
Date: 2010-02-11
I just called the phone number 303-363-0095 to ask about general information and the girl that answered talked to me like I was stupid or something. If she_s not polite about answering questions she shouldn_t be working there. Wow I expected someone polite but no this girl proved me wrong and she wasn_t helpful at all. She sounded like she was in a hurry. No way am I going to donate there!

Donor: just little ole me
Date: 2009-11-08
never had any trouble, the staff are great, period. those who have trouble are usually the one causing the trouble. the place on 6th. ave. and peoria is far superior then the one that was on colfax and peoria. though i whish they would pay better. down 5 dollars from 2005 when i was there last. hmmm!

Donor: Katie
Date: 2009-07-15
They really don_t seem to care at all about there donors. they get over 1,000 for our plasma and they pay you as very little as they can. witch isnt really a big deal being I dont care about the money but they are mean and disrespectful, and dont answer your questions. If you are doing a public service that should be considered charity then shouldnt they have to be a bit nicer to you. Its like \_Here we are going to poke and prod at you, ask you uncomfortable questions and then suck your blood out for an hour k?\_. No thats not right. If people really need this so bad then be nice to the poeple willing to let you do that to them.

Donor: cj
Date: 2009-06-16
I am a gold donor--have been donating for over 3 years now and average 1--often 2 times a week. Overall the place is neat and clean and the workers effecient. BUT--why can_t SOME of the employees understand that the needle hurts is not handled gently. I have a few emplopyees that insiste on ripping off the arm pressure band before they remove the needle--that hurts! PLEASE address this and change the procedure

Donor: RC1
Date: 2009-06-09
I just got off the phone with ZLB. The lady was helpful and polite. The number 303.363.0095 was correct; they had some automated info that could be more helpful. I could make $320/ month donating. Not bad for extra income. I donated there before my son was born, and I would not complain about the staff. I am going to start donating again so I will post if I think they have changed. But I gave them 5 stars. :)

Donor: Andrew Again
Date: 2009-06-02
I have Military I.D and Drivers license but they want a fucking social security card? How does military I.D not prove I_m a citizen?

Donor: John Doe
Date: 2009-05-29
Well for starters the adress info. on this site is wrong the new location is on 6th _ Peoria . Well I see alot of issues @ this donation center first of all the rule they have many for the donor but what about the Employee_s they treat there donor_s like crap. For people who are supposed to be courtious to donors they think we are below them . this is a federal funded program that needs to be audited on the bases of needs to donors wait times and how they have people who are joking around and not performing there jobs. It sad to say how somthing so use full to others is being taking advantage by the company who only cares about the product and could care less about the donors needs remeber with out us u would not exist so all One voice is asking to look into the matter. And correct moral in this place of life change for others in need ?

Donor: rick
Date: 2009-04-19
they do not go in order if you are not friends with someone who works there you will wait all day and they keep lowering how much money they will give, currently its $15 if you weigh under 115 lbs and $20 if your over, not worth the 2-5 hours you wait before they even take you back to start the donation and seeing as how they sell it for between 1400-2200 depending on type and quantity it seems like a rip off to me

Donor: josefa
Date: 2009-04-06
i have been there 5 times now and i have had prompt serivce and i have found the employees to be polite kind and prompt,what takes long is your own body putting out the plasma, i am impressed them how clean the place is,and eveyone is smiling and seem to really enjoy their job, so to me its very relaxing and enjoyable. and i will continue to go back 2x a week thanks for all the great service ive had. josefa m

Donor: annomous
Date: 2009-01-15
Tried calling three times with a question within a half hour on January 12th in the afternoon at 4:30, no one ever answered after several rings.

Donor: Jeff Neuhalfen
Date: 2008-12-17
This place is the most unorganized place I have ever been to. They take walk-ins and friends before appts. Each donation takes 3-4 hrs. I have been 5 times and each time was terrible. The staff doesn_t care and any other person any other organization would be fired for the continuing mess at this facility.

Donor: annonyomus
Date: 2008-11-14
Where did they go building was torn down.

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2008-09-03
ZLB website lists Phone number as: 303-363-0095

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