Calgary Canadian Blood Services

737-13th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta, USA T2R 1J1
(403) 410-2753
Center Type: unpaid whole blood donation icon
Overall Rating: 2.00002 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2024-02-26
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Donor: Steven Soerens
Date: 2014-05-05
I am a US citizen, assigned to work in Calgary for the time being. In the US I am a regular donor, giving as often as I can for decades, and have probably donated around 15 gallons by now. I attempted to donate blood here in Calgary, but I was permanently rejected as a donor. The reason for rejecting me sounded spurious, as though the screener was stretching a cause to make it apply to me; indeed, I had the distinct impression that she was looking for a reason to reject me. I am serious about wanting to donate blood; I found this Calgary encounter with the process to be very disappointing.

Donor: Not happy
Date: 2014-04-21
I want to give blood but they make it to hard they need to have walk in sites in the suburbs and open til 8pm !

Donor: Some Guy
Date: 2013-12-03
About October 2013 for the second time I checked in at the downtown Calgary location, had my iron tested, sat awaiting to be taken to the chair for donating when a blood donor clinic asian female employee commenced gesticulating to me from across the room with her tongue in the corner of her mouth and laughing at me with a blond haired employee who was amused too that they would be toying with a male. That never felt good at all. I attempted making friends with her although she was obviously corrupting and violating me for giggles and insulting me. I completed donating blood and was sitting at the beverage and snack area and observed the female employees there constantly observing me, discussing me as if I was a topic and not a person and it didn_t feel good. I attempted making eye contact but they averted attention each time and then persisted in discussing me in front of me. I left the clinic miffed, irritated, considering never donating blood again and was disgusted with their demoralizing crafty rubbish and vowed to never return to that location because of the apparent cabal they formed there that was abusive, nasty, demoralizing and dehumanizing. Considering they where employed in a blood donation clinic one would think they might have respect for donors although they have apparently normalized their horrible behavior.They ought to be getting some mental health help for their personality disorders they apparently consider normal. The management needs to get that behavior under control and advise the employees that debauching male patients for entertainment is not permitted in the workplace.

Donor: Deb
Date: 2009-06-17
Yesterday was my first time donating blood, and I found the whole process very quick and easy. My appointment was made last week and I didn_t have to wait for anything, even though they seemed quite busy. I think the longest I sat in a chair waiting for my name was only about a minute. They gave me time to read the brochure and to make sure I filled out all the paperwork correctly. They explained what they were doing and why, every step of the way. I found the staff_s _teamwork_ incredible. I think each and every one of them said, \_Thank you for coming in\_ to me. Parking isn_t the best, but I went with other people and that helped keep our cars down in the parking lot to one, instead of 3. One would think that not having an appointment would make the wait time longer. I was in and out in just over an hour. I loved the \_wait service\_ when I was done. They take your order and bring you a muffin and drink. I will be back in 56 days!

Donor: Lila G
Date: 2009-04-28
I believe the death knell of the eager donator occured when for whatever reason you switched to an appointment based clinic. With over 90 donations to my credit I now find the process both innefective and frustrating. Parking is a huge problem at the Calgary clinic and an appointment does not mean much at all. \_you should be out in an hour\_ is the standard greeting, when that is never enough time. I was deferred twice for low hematocric.....saw my GP and also a hemotoloist and was told they ruled out every possible reason for this. Your people continue to call me in 60 days.........and call again and again, not listening to my history concerning deferral for the above mentioned reason. After several calls, I agreed to go in again today for an 8:00 AM appointment. Once again my hematocrit was low and I was told that I would likely qualify for whole blood donation. I went to the second floor, as I was already downtown and in the building. I waited 40 min. as the clinic doesn_t open until 9:00 AM and apparently posed an imposition when the clerk had to call a nurse. When the nurse arrived..........after several minutes.....I was told I could not be tested as the pheresis clinic had deferred me once again. Why then would she even suggest that I go to the second floor to be tested. I spent a total of 2 1/2 hours in vain today............and when you work at an hourly wage, I consider it a sacrifice......only to be turned away again. For this reason I want my name taken TOTALLY out of your data base and wish to have nothing to do with your service again. I have several friends who have complained that the process is just too inconvenient and too time consuming to participate in. I don_t ever recall in the pre-appointment days, a time where you had to go begging for donors. Thanks to you - my goal of 100 donations will never be reached - I_m done. Lila G

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