DCI Biologicals Inc

1908 9th St # D
Wichita Falls, Texas, USA 76301-4144
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 2.77783 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-06-01
 Rate and Comment on DCI Biologicals Inc
Donor: Debbie
Date: 2012-06-27
I like donating here. Everyone here is friendly and attentive. Overall a pleasant experience and easy way to make extra money and it is nice that it helps people too.

Donor: April
Date: 2012-06-19
This place is a joke, unprofessional, inexperienced, and not one single licensed person in the bldg. Would not ever be desperate enough to go back, my life not worth it.

Donor: Joey
Date: 2012-05-19
WELL, the person below must be a worker there or something, cuz these ppl are totally not professional. They are all college kids who come to work hungover ALL THE TIME. According to 1 of the front ladies, she had no previous experience with phlebotomy and NO medical exp. whatsoever. All she had to do was flirt with the hiring guy. I had a complaint and all the guy did was nod his head and say ok, ok, but these same ppl are still working here messing ppls veins up, my brother got a lawsuit from there because they messed him up so bad he had to be hospitalized. His arm was blk/blue for a month. Horrible- if you want professionalism definately go somewhere else as these ppl dont have a clue. Wish they wud open a CPL plasma here, as they are way better

Donor: xxx
Date: 2012-04-25
I have been donating plasma for several years at DCI. People should really educate themselves on the plasma donating process before they comment. Not only do I donate plasma, I have an extensive background in the medical field. Hey idiot! There is no such thing as a needle \_splitting in your arm\_!! As with any business you have good and bad, the employees at DCI are professional and know their job well. They care about their donors. As for the ones that want to run their head on things they know nothing about.....instead of posting ridiculous, misinformation...... open a book!!!

Donor: Wuudie
Date: 2012-03-16
I took a friend in to start donating. I used to donate years ago in Abilene. Ater a slow start due to the P.A. being at lunch, and questions abuot prior surgeries I was assured everythng would be taken care of and that the P.A. would take care of everything. Well whgen she returned from lunch she informed me that due to my living in Germany due to military service in the 80_s that I was not eligable to donate. I explained that I had donated before and it has never been an issue, she rudely told me that it didn_t matter and that was the company policy there. I left irritated, but when I got home I researched the FDA guidance that they like to use, as I thought, it states that military stationed in Europe are not on the defferal list. The big scare and restrictions on the mad cow disease is for the UK and France, not Germany. Wish the company had better educated staff and maybe a real Dr. on staff would help.

Donor: Brittney
Date: 2011-12-20
I was there recently and can tell you that i will not be going back. the ppl in the front were friendly but super slow, the ppl where u actully give plasma were mostly nice,ecept this blond chick who had to scream about everything she did.I kno that she has to go to court also her bf wants to kick sum guys butt who did something bad to her.Also she needed a cig prettty bad and has to sneak one an hour by her boss. also heard lots of worker talkin bout other workers and how lazy everyone there is, but worst of all was when i was checking out the main guy i guess, was on his cell phone and pretty sure i heard the n word come outta his mouth. I just gave him the evil eye cuz God dont like ugly and what was pretty bad is that most of customers ther are black. Bet he wouldnt say that to our faces. I said a prayer for him, did my good deed and will stick with donating blood

Donor: j
Date: 2011-09-27
i don_t know what the other guy is talking about, but from the moment i walked into dci biologicals i was greeted very friendly, and each employee introduced theirself to me, and i felt very relaxed and the atomsphere was very friendly.

Donor: Jay
Date: 2010-02-12
I know that most people have a good experience, but I did NOT! I went to donate plasma, it was going good, but one of the workers tried to adjust the needle, and the needle split my vain! So I had a bad experience. It would have been fine, but the nurse there didn_t want to help me, in fear of getting puked on. So she had one of the other workers help me, she didn_t seem concerned at all. So I one of the workers had removed the needle, so I didn_t get the blood back in my body, they said that I had lost enough blood to be able to count it as donating BLOOD. As I was passing out and going numb, I was asking the nurse questions on how they usually handle this sort of thing. She didn_t have much to say, so I asked her since she wasn_t that concerned if I could just go to sleep, by this time my joints had locked and I was completly numb. She told me just to go to sleep. As I was doing that the assistant came to me and told me to STAY awake, because there could be problems if I were to doze off. The I asked the nurse why she did_t tell me, and why she wasn_t really helping AT ALL! She replied with a sarcastic smirk, piercing glare, a rolling of the eyes, and then a brisk walk to her desk. After all of that I eventually came to my senses about 3 hours later and called up there to speak to the head nurse. She told me she would take care of the situation. Well two of my friends work there (reason why I went) and they told me that the head nurse told the other nurse to act more conserned next time.. And then I asked them about why there would be a problem like that happen in the first place. I thought that if you didn_t know how to deal with a patient in that situation, you probably shouldn_t work there. They said that none of the staff there are certified in phlebotomy. They are all trained by the head nurse, and the assistant nurse is only being trained by the head nurse also, so she isn_t really even a nurse. So all in all this would have been JUST a bad experience, but to find out that NO ONE there should be working there, is just unimaginable.

Donor: stevan perales
Date: 2009-06-10
excellent core staff...most everyone is friendly and helpful

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