DCI Biologicals, Inc.

764 Main Street
Dunedin, Florida, USA 34698
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 1.90912 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2022-07-04
 Rate and Comment on DCI Biologicals, Inc.
Donor: John Smith
Date: 2013-03-05
Customer Service has greatly improved since I started going there in 2009. I get in and out of there a lot quicker than before. I hope with the move to the new center things will be more efficient. Keep up tje good work!!

Donor: Dean
Date: 2012-06-18
I had a friend who DCI biologicals and at least 3 out of 4 times ended up in the hospital for severe dehydration I think that DCI needs to be more professional and bring back the saline solution, make it to where u replenish what u take out.....

Donor: NMeshue
Date: 2012-05-16
One word, Dirty. From the staff, building and people donating the place looked unclean. It should say something when there is a sign posted that the staff would appericate it if people would take care of personal hygiene. I understand that people down on there luck frequent these places however, there are standards. I walked right out. The building, chairs and entire entrance looked nasty. I_ve seen better chairs out at the street. No one smiled or seemd to take notice that I was standing at the desk. It was like I didn_t exist. Here is was closed the deal for me. If the place is That dirty, just how clean are they being with your blood and fluids. How do you know your not getting hobo joe_s needle. I didn_t expect the ritz but if they aren_t wiping down chairs and the place smells like BO then just how safe is it?

Donor: DNM
Date: 2012-04-10
Very unprofessional and rude.

Donor: Who Cares, DCI Don't !
Date: 2012-04-10
DCI bio, is the most plain and boring center I have EVER been to. The staff are VERY rude, and seem as though they don_t know what the hell there job positions consist of them doing. They need to bring back Robert, and the others the \_let go\_, and get rid of some of those crying winy as @*%_#_s like Ashly! I_m looking for a different center to go to just to get the heck away from her attitude...I mean how many times can one female have a period in a month? ? It_s Crazy ! I mean to have to sit there for 1 Hour 45 Mins. and not be screened, is screwed up I have a job and a life and dont want to just hang out around a bunch of stupid a$$ people who dont know what there doing. I Vote That They Should Shut Down The Center, With all the Flood problems, staff being rude, ect.

Donor: Scott
Date: 2012-01-31
I like dci biologicals kind of. They dont treat people with enough repect as far as snacks for afterwords. I think if i go and donate my life plasma then i should be at least entitled to snacks and refreshments after a lousy 15 bucks and dehydration. Also the atmosphere is tired and bland. Thats why the staff is so bored and hopeless.

Donor: Cindy
Date: 2010-02-10
They are very disorganized as far as job assignment. Everybody is trying to do everything. Most of them are just walking around. Do not go if you volunteer whole blood, you have to wait eight weeks (8). Funny thing I can donate whole but not plasma, WHY? I had thyroid cancer in 2001. Not sure about all of this. Need more research

Donor: Unavailable
Date: 2009-09-23

Donor: mike
Date: 2009-04-18
this place is the biggest ripoff in the entire state. they lack professionalism and the staff are very rude.

Donor: forest melmin
Date: 2008-11-25
the lady at the front desk was one of the rudest nastiet peopl i talked to in years

Donor: Paul
Date: 2008-11-06
Website: www.dciplasma.com. The website was pretty informative and agreed with what they told me when I called them. First time doner bonus coupon online and in the TBT. Donation was fairly routine.

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