Grifols Plasma

606 W North Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 84116-3455
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 3.04003 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2022-07-02
 Rate and Comment on Grifols Plasma
Donor: DOUG ...AKA MR VEIN :)
Date: 2014-03-05
You guys have the best staff and I look forward to bleeding my guts out twice a week and it seems like home when I_m there.I love teasing the cute and smiling babes that poke me and I get a kick out of all the times my monster crater hole won_t spill out the blood ( bet you remember me now huh :) ) well thanks for bein polite and always making me smile keep up the awesome work love you guys have see you in the morning.many people hurting are blessed because of your hearts. :) sincerely Mr Doug

Donor: Breanna
Date: 2013-10-03
My experience here was awesome! The staff was extremely friendly and chill. I just donated for the first time and it was a great experience. I went at a busy time and between that and the physical it took about three hours but it was well worth it. They also gave me a fast pass in apology so I can cut in line the next time I go. The technology is state of the art and the chairs you sit in are extremely comfortable. They stuck my vein perfectly the first time and I got to watch a couple episodes of Castle while donating. If you get denied it_s only for everyone_s safety, including yours. Read up on the qualifications before you go. I_m definitely going to keep going here! Especially because I_m a broke college kid

Donor: chase Hansen
Date: 2012-09-02
I_ve never been to this location, but i can tell you one thing for sure. This \_Samuel Graham\_ fellow is true to his word, he was protege in high school and now is learning to spread his wings and fly, as for the plasma center, **** them

Donor: R. Allen
Date: 2012-06-18
The people here are cool as hell! I_ve only been here 4 times and donated 2 times and every time I_ve been here the ladies are super nice! Maybe its just because I_m so cute, but either way, they are awesome! They remember me and we joke around and laugh and if I_m gonna get my blood sucked by anyone it would be this place! P.S. Oh yeah, and the dudes are cool too!

Donor: L Moreland
Date: 2012-05-14
First of all, I cant help but think all of these posative comments are people working for the donation center, and all the negative comments are people working for other donation centers. I_ve donated here 4 times, my 5th time is tomorrow. I like this place, last visit I watched most of Young Frankenstein, very entertaining, love mel brooks. I takes me about an hour 20 mins to donate, but i am a giant and i must fill the bottle, my blood is only usually 46-48% plasma. I see girls come in after me and leave before me, lucky suckahs... The pay is good 250$ first 5 visits. I think thats a steal for them little peeps that only fill the jar half way, considering i read other places pay you based on your weight. New donor exams and what not, took about 3-4 hours, but it was way worth it. Excellent staff, I have my favorites but theyre all pretty great. 1 time i had problems with the withdrawl of blood, my left arm was bruised from 2nd donation, on 3rd the right arm quit flowing halfway through, i was like #%@% im not gonna get paid, but the nice attendent adjusted the needle like 4 times and got me through it, guess my veins are deep or something, it was slightly uncomfortable, much more than the normal stick and wait, but the lady was nice and encouraging, and got me through it, and thats all the matters. And after all the adjusting, no bruise on my right arm, which is important cause its the only one i can donate through till my left bruise disappears. Anyway, im jsut a regular schmoe looking for quick bucks, and these guys have paid up, in cash no problems. I see some people storm out mad cause they got tatoo_s or some shiz, but honestly people, do some presearch before you drive 30 miles someplace to be told no. Also FYI drug test on first exam, lucky i dont puff anymore but if you do youll waste your time. PS- Alex is my favorite pig sticker PSS- Everytime i donate i see hot girls.... As Borat would say \_is very nice\_

Donor: Phil Jones
Date: 2012-04-26
I have donated at this place multiple times since 2006, I quit donating and recently decided I could really use the cash and went back in today. After wasting 3 fucking hours of my time I got BANNED FOR LIFE because I legitmatley forgot I had a tiny tattoo on my ankle when I was freaking 14! over 10 years ago. Fuck these people they let the dirtiest meth heads in the city donate and screw honest people!

Donor: Holly A
Date: 2012-03-17
It was my first time going in to donate Plasma, the money was really needed. And after returning home for the proper documents I was denied on account of Only being able to find one strong Vein, when both of the people there each said they found a good vein each on the opposite arm. Their solution for me was to \_Drink Lots of water and for the next two weeks do light repetitive arm excersizes.\_ Nice Excuse, I already drink a ton of water, and I excersize plenty- They were just trying to push me out of donating. I was really bummed out that I couldn_t donate, I hope if I try again in the future this experience doesn_t repeat. It_s your choice if you_d like to go there, I_m just sharing what I had happen.

Donor: Creighton
Date: 2012-02-11
Okay, I think these guys are great. I always have a good conversation with whoever is doing my questions and finger prick. I wasn_t going to comment until i realized all these other comments were from other people whining. It_s honestly a fine place. People, if you cannot handle taking a few hours to sit there for 20 or 35 bucks without doing anything but sitting there with a needle in your arm, without whining, then go somewhere else. I_m a broke college student and would love to have the wait time go down. And no one cares if your arm got stuck wrong and you swelled up. it_ll go away, so suck it up and move on. if you_re that upset with this place, and you simply just can_t take it, then i_d advise you to go work at a call center, where no one has to hear you complain. please. shut up. again, i really like these guys, they_re always nice to me, and even if something goes wrong they_ll at least give me a fast pass, and honestly, i couldn_t care less, i know when i go in there there is a risk of something happening wrong.

Donor: Davis
Date: 2012-01-18
Everyone needs to quit bitching. Ive donated here for over a year and for over two years elsewhere and Biomat is by far the best place. If your not stupid or disrespectful you wont ever have a problem either. As for sticking problems don_t move and if you know your veins they do accept tips on how to stick you right. IF YOU DON_T LIKE IT, DONATE ELSEWHERE! We don_t want you anyway.

Donor: Joseph Smith
Date: 2011-12-14
TERRIBLE! avoid this center at all cost. I_ve only donated 3 times, but every time I go i see phlebotomists mess up, stick too far, miss the vein, centrifuge problems, people get deferred because the CENTER messes up. every employee there seems to have a power struggle, bossy and rude. unhelpful. center pays less than anywhere else!!!

Donor: jake downs
Date: 2011-12-13
I waited 6 hours for these assholes everybody was rude and slow

Donor: Scott
Date: 2011-10-14
On my 3rd visit there, I was going thru the screening process when this fat chick asked me why I was shaking, I_m 55 y.o.m. am very intolerant to the side effects of caffine. I told her I has about 3 cups of brew with breakfast. She demanded it was something else, it dawned on me I had used my Asthma Inhaler early that morning, which I use maybe 4-5 times a year. I had a lapse of memory because I didn_t tell them when I first went threw the hiring process. I was there foer another 1.5 hours while they decided what was going to happen. This other dweeb girl took me into a side room, before she said a word I confronted her on the way I was treated them suspecting I was on something. Yes they told me to not come back because I had lied to them, it wasn_t a lie at all a simple lapse on memory is all it was, it turned out that my inhaler doesn_t effect my plasma at all, I work for the U of U Hospital _ Clinic_s even after calling them back pleading with them they said I was banned for life-BASTARDS

Donor: James
Date: 2011-09-26
I_ve been donating plasma on and off for the past 4 years and i have to say this is by far my favorite place to donate. They are fast and friendly and make me feel comfortable. I like that they go out of their was to make my donating experiance as pleasent as possible. Ill definetly be coming back often!!!

Donor: Samuel Graham
Date: 2011-05-28
This place was horrible! After it took 6 hours to get me processed they took me in the back and began hooking me up. Only to mess up and have to pull the needle fully out. Being a Medical Student I told them once that needle was pulled fully out you cannot put it back in. They said it would be alright and continued to place the needle back in. After 2-3 days I began noticing a hard lump in my arm that was becoming very painful, and I went to the emergency room where they confirmed my own suspicions. Thrombosis. An infection and inflammation of the vein due to a contaminated needle. I called them and explained what Happened but they refuse to listen to me. However, I told them to go check their black book where the technician writes If there are any issues. They said they would and would give me a call back within 2 days, it_s now been two weeks. My attorney isn_t very Happy with them and neither is the FDA after I contacted them and explained what happened. Grifols better expect an FDA internal audit for their records _:(

Donor: Maefu Metai
Date: 2011-01-29
My first visit ($35), the phlebotomist stuck me wrong, yet blamed it on my vein rolling...I have an athletic build and my veins protrude well with little effort when I pump my fist. She had to fish for the vein when the vein \_rolled\_ and gave me a bubble in my arm when my red blood cells were returned. I called to stop the process when my vein looked like it was gonna blow up. It_s been bruising for 3 weeks now. So they stuck my other arm. Anyhow, my 2nd visit ($40), I had gotten stuck wrong again, the needle went in too much and went \_through\_ the vein and not inside the vein. So they used another vein on the same arm. Third visit was smooth, yet I got paid only $20--what_s up with that? Other than those two incidents, the staff members are friendly and courteous, they just need to be careful sticking people because it_s not fun having this bruise on my arm because it hurts when I try to stretch before and after my workouts and at work (physically demanding job--manual labor)--it_s been 3 weeks now.

Donor: Beverly
Date: 2010-02-08
The staff at the SLC1 location are awesome. As soon as I walked into the center, I was greeted by several of the employees in the reception area. They asked me to sign in and if I had an appointment, I said yes and they asked me to pull out the required documents. After I filled out the necessary paperwork, I began the screening process. When I got done with the physical, I was taken to the floor to begin the plasmapheresis process. The tech who got me going was the nicest guy, he explained the whole process to me and what he was going to do. When I finally got to the floor, I was sort of hesitant but after speaking with him, I was fine. He really did an excellent job with poking me. His name started with a P, ask for him... Overall the whole process from start to finish was EXCELLENT! The staff was great and professional. I DEFINATELY recommend you to go there.

Donor: Grant Ricks
Date: 2010-02-03
its funny how it asks when posting comments to be polite!!! Nevermind the fact that the chinese girl working there was very rude and denied me because my id was 2 days expired!!!! the first time I went in there I was brushed off and told to sit down and then sat there for 2 hours before I finally went up to the counter and was told that I needed to make a appointment!!! What a waste of time and I will be going to ZLB on State Street!!!

Donor: Ariana
Date: 2010-01-26
The location at 2520 West and 4700 south has the rudest staff ever. There is an oriental girl there, who completely wasted my time and disqualified me from donating because she said I had lied about my ear piercings, when I did not REMEMBER when I had them pierced. I had told her when we started that I did not remember the exact dates of my ear piercings but she wasted 5 hours of my day with NO pay, I SERIOUSLY warn everyone against accepting this particular worker when they go in for their 3 hour physicals, she is biased and rude and me and my children REALLY needed the money from donating not to give up 5 hours for a clarly biased/prejudiced person for no pay. DO NOT ACCEPT HER, if they set you up with her during your physicial, that is unless you are oriental also, it was clear she was setting me up to hurt us financially!

Donor: Craig Wallace
Date: 2009-07-31
I arrived at this center at 11 49 am I was told it would take 3 to 3 and 1/2 hours being a first time donor I had to have a folder built. They didn_t start the folder until 430 pm I went into donate at 7 pm and after that it was pertty quick and left at 815 little longer than quoted

Donor: Eric
Date: 2009-05-16
I have never donated plasma before and I was given a number for these people. I called and they said they only do same day appt. So I called back the next morning at 6:30 as they instructed, The phone would ring 4 times then a recording came on saying They are closed reg hrs are m-f 8 am to 6 pm. I kept calling back and same thing, at 6:44 someone finally answered saying they full for the day, I asked how since I only got a recording saying they are full. To stressful of a process in my opinion.

Donor: Hugh
Date: 2009-04-24
Marginal at best. Employees are like robots, with dazed looks in their eyes, devoid of any smidgen of customer service. I_ve been infiltrated (where the employee missed the vein and the return from the centrifuge injects into your arm, bruising it and blowing it up to twice its normal size) and no apologies were rendered, just \_we need your other arm to finish\_ uttered with a partially comatose look. Waits of 3 hours plus are not uncommon, made worse by seeing multiple rows of machines vacant because they did not schedule adequate staff. I waited 15 minutes the other day to get disconnected while employees chatted amongst themselves. There are a few good people there, but for the most part, they are demoralized and that vibe shows.

Donor: Landon
Date: 2008-12-30
What a waste of time. This place takes way too long and they are not very friendly. Worst place ever!

Donor: Brandon Stout
Date: 2008-07-10
I have been coming to this particular center for a few years now, and as of late am disappointed. The wait time seems to grow daily. There never seems to be enough help around, The staff for the most part is friendly and knowledgeable (not everyone, mind you), and I am always greeted warmly and efficiently. I work 9-10 hours a day and just do not have the time to sit for another 3 hours waiting to be processed. I don't donate plasma for the money, I donate because it helps others. At one time, the management used to come out and help when things got backed up. That no longer seems the case. I have yet to see anyone sitting in an office help out when needed. In all honesty, I'm rather disgusted as of late. I will continue to donate, but I don't like having to adjust my schedule to fit around a packed, overcrowded, UNDERstaffed center.

Donor: Tiago Maia
Date: 2007-11-15
Excellent service, fast and friendly. Best pay too! I definitely refer. I have brought approximately 10-20 people to this center. You can put me as a referral, they know me really well in the North Temple center.

Donor: Kaj Harding
Date: 2007-08-10
This has been a great site to work with. Friendly, efficient, and organized. Good experience.

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