IBR Plasma Center

917 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, Illinois, USA 62702
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Overall Rating: 2.88893 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-06-02
 Rate and Comment on IBR Plasma Center
Donor: Mike D to keep it real
Date: 2013-11-19
What did they do turn you down again because of your HiV? How many time have they told that your prolonged homosexual prostitute activities and advanced HIV and anal warts disqualified you from donating plasma and/or blood anymore? Sir, we know who you are and we ask you AGAIN, please don_t return!!!!

Donor: Tere
Date: 2013-07-19
They cost about $ 800 dollars so if you get $ 20 for every trip and you can dotnae once a month.Then you sould be watching the Colts, on your new T.V., shortly after Peyton Manning retires. Provided you can still see after they take 40 months worth of plasma from you. 0_o

Donor: Had Enough
Date: 2012-11-18
I have complained from the start about the people thatt work there. They move them in and ou so much itt is hard to keep up. Then they have one that screw up sticking you and blam you for how you blood acts. they stop you for weeks from donating because of thier mistake. I donate to help. I have a good job and want to help. They screwd up on me again and now i am out for 8 weeks. They caused a huge bruse that is still hanging around now after 2 weeks. They need to get their heads out of each others butts and do the job right. Will return maybe. I would love to see them improve on staff, pay and the time it takes to get in and out.

Donor: This is only the "keep it real" donor
Date: 2012-08-26
My reasoning for this comment is mainly to respond to the person who listed their donor name as \_keep it real\_.. First your a coward for not using your real name, i dont know where you learned how to be a coward or maybe you inhairited from your parents either you talk like a sad scared little boy that hides behind a computer, you will never be a man you will always be a waste of oxygen and space on this planet, if a women ever should have had an abortion it should have been your mother when she got knocked up with you.. I have a question. Are you so angry because you didnt know your daddy growing up? Did you hate being a basterd child? I see you as less than smeared dog shiot when you get on here calling people niggers, it take a real tuff guy to hide behind a computer and call people childish names.. Sorry to everyone else on here for my rant, It really gets to me when people talk about others like he did, he wants to get on here and call other people f_in niggers just because he had a bad out come from trying to get money for God knows what.. If u truely cared about donating blood to help others you would do so for free Mr \_keep it real\_ coward.. Good Lawd people like you piss me off..

Donor: Anon
Date: 2012-02-16
Very slow donation process - they will tell you to expect an average donation time of 90 minutes, but in reality it_s at least 2 hours, even if it_s slow. The compensation is low - average of $20, the first few times you go its $50 and $35 but then drops off to $20 - not really worth the time sitting there. The staff is not friendly at all - they rarely talk to you, and when they do it_s very difficult to understand them. Confidentiality of personal information - Use of the SSN and name as primary identifiers is bad practice with all the identity theft going around, there are MANY better ways, I understand that you need that information, but keep it confidential, not open to where so many staff, and potentially other donors have access to that information.

Donor: Keep it real
Date: 2011-11-07
The customers who all post comaplaints about the plasma center are all a bunch of lazy niggers anyways. So who cares what they have to say! If they had a fucking job they wouldn_t be at the plasma center. Fucking niggers!

Donor: anonymous
Date: 2011-02-07
The employees who they have had that work..dont last..they get rid of them...those that are still there..yes a majority of them are lazy and the managment staff when you see them are eating or chatting not working. i will not donate plasma here simply put...they dont care about customers, they have changed the rules and you dont feel safe sitting next to the druggy next to you to get drug money for a fix..the female employees who are there typically stand around and talk and the ones that do work dont usually stay around long..i simply wonder how many donors have stopped going because of the lack of work ethic or caring..and since theyve changed the rules and dont really clean the area they are shoving a needle in or covering it up...i simply know its not safe..and if i donate and get sick because of substandard protocols..then guess what im stuck with the illness and hospital bill..id rather go donate blood and know it goes to someone in need than continue to assist this outrageous establishment..dont waste your time..you get treated like cattle, if it hurts they dont care and typically have a smartass comment and they dont pay nothing and if you talk to the joke of management they dont care....go serve a need, donate blood, they treat you like a person and your helping someone..steer clear of this joke of a business enterprise.

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2010-08-11
I_m not at all happy with the service I receive when I go to donate. So unhappy that I very even rarely go anymore. They implemented the new system to supposedly speed up the donation process, but it didn_t help at all. The touch screen sign in did help, but that didn_t help the slow employees. The majority of the employees work one speed...extra slow. The last three times I_ve gone in to donate, there was only one person in the lobby ahead of me each time, but yet it still took over an hour to get to the back. And once I was put into my chair, it was another 45 minutes to an hour before I got stuck with the needle to donate. I_m in the weight class that I receive the middle payment in the scale...and to me, it_s just not worth the time and effort for the money they pay. It_s common knowledge on the internet they can receive up to 1,000 dollars for each bottle of plasma...so I_m not returning until they_ve increased the donation fees...and I_m talking a MINIMUM of 30 dollars per visit...none of this 20 dollar crap. You need to fire about 90% of your Springfield Illinois staff and hire some people that move faster than turtle speed.

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2009-12-02
donate plasma and get paid!

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