IBR Plasma Center

1910 Suburban Ave.
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 55119
(651) 501-0800
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 2.30002.5 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-06-02
 Rate and Comment on IBR Plasma Center
Donor: Bill
Date: 2011-10-15
You all need to stop your narcissistic whining. The idea of donating plasma is about saving someones life. You get compensated for this. Half the time the donors are addicts and drunks, and can be very impatient, sometimes VIOLENT because they are going through withdrawal. You try dealing with tweakers and nutjobs about to flip out because their hookup is going out of town soon and they need that money NOW. That exactly what you people sound like, self centered demanding addicts in active use. Just sayin

Donor: Tommy
Date: 2011-08-18
Since the last comment tha was posted here was December of 2010 it seems no one from IBR reads and posts these any more. Do they care? ******DON_T TELL THEM YOU_VE HAD TREATMENT FOR DRUG ADDICTION***** After 5 hours of sitting and occasionally being called for a question or 2. Going for a walk reading anything I could get my hans on, General boredom. Things start moving. Just as I think I_m getting to the donation part they ask \_Have you had treatment for alcohol or any substance addiction\_? I said \_yes\_. I was proud of my 10 months of sobriety after treatment. I was told I had to be out of treatment for 12 months before I could donate. Sooooo...what your saying is any alcoholic off the street can walk in, donate, get paid and buy booze and smokes go back to the bridge they_re sleeping under and come back and donate in 2 days. WASH...RINSE...REPEAT. Get it? I_m clean. I have been homeless and drunk. Now clean for 10 months I need $$$ and I can_t donate because I_m in recovery? Shame on you IBR. Think it_s time to rehink your policy. But, don_t move to fast. It_s just getting colder. Don_t worry about people needing to pay rent. What_s more imoportant is more important is supplying them with $ so they can abuse themselves through the wonderful snowy season. Why do you think I never donated when I was homeless? I didn_t think I had a chance. !!!!!READ ME!!!!!!

Donor: Michael
Date: 2011-08-17
DON_T TELL THEM YOUR IN RECOVERY!!!!!!!!! After walking, getting poked and grilled as to my health and sexual activity as well as travel habits. I_m 5 hours into the new donors day and one step away from giving my gift to people who need it when I_m asked \_HAVE YOU BEEN IN TREATMENT FOR ALCOHOL OR OTHE DRUGS IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS?\_. Being the honest and proud man I am I said \_YES.\_ In fact I_m 8 months sober. I was told you have to be out of treatment for 12 months in order to donate. Yet if I were a raving, active boozehound I could have walked in and donated freely. Makes a lot of sense, Right? 5 hours wasted. Couldn_t they have asked in the beginning before I wasted My time? Or told me in the literature? I wonder if they even read these or if hey_re so self inflated that they won_t adress this little problem. Very, Very pissed off.

Donor: Dennis
Date: 2010-12-16
Was told I had too many tattoos to document, after waiting for nearly 5 hours!

Donor: Sue
Date: 2010-11-12
This is the worst place ever to do business with....now called Talecris. Been the very first new donor 2 days in a row and took over 2 hours each time just to start the process. Constantly having to work with rude people that expect you to know what they want. Spent a total of 6 hours over the course of two days for nothing. Lying and making me wait for no reason made my blood pressure spike...just 1 and 2 points past their mark. I don_t have blood pressure problem except when I have to deal with jerks. Plus they say new donors must spend 4-6 hours....guarantee you...it be more than that to get through the whole thing at the rate they move. New donors sit for minimum of 2 hours before they start calling them. Better pack a picnic lunch because they demand that you eat within the last 2 hours...and so by the time you get called...you need another meal! Called another place...new donors only 3 hours. Hmmm...why can they do it in half the time and pay more for the first 5 visits to boot!

Donor: lawrence johnson
Date: 2010-10-26
Apparently hasn_t changed from the last 2 comments(2005).....total waste of time(5 hrs)then told me to leave and eat something....Thanks but no thanks

Donor: Kristen
Date: 2010-09-30
Understaffed and overbooked with horrible long waits, even with the new appointment policy in place and if you know someone you can get in without an appointment. Seems policies do not apply to everyone equally and not all employees know the policies. You are told one thing and then the next day it is different. I will never go back and would never recommend this location to anyone.

Donor: Julie
Date: 2010-02-05
Being new to this whole process,people working there were not helpful at all and did not answer any questions I had. It was a complete waste of my time! I will not return nor recommend this place!

Donor: Lisa Bowman
Date: 2009-08-12
The staff is nice. Every one there is great... I don_t like needles _ have small vains the staff was great!!!! Thank you.

Donor: allison conrad
Date: 2008-12-09
the staff at IBR are top notch very friendly very professional.

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