Idr Plasma Center

351 Belmont St NE
Salem, Oregon, USA 97301-1007
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 2.50002.5 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2022-09-25
 Rate and Comment on Idr Plasma Center
Donor: Eric Emery
Date: 2015-08-16
Very unhappy. I_ve been donating for months, today I asked the question could I continue to donate in Florida where I spend my winters. At this time they realize that I travel in my motorhome to go to Florida over the winters. That was enough to D me unstable and unable to donate. Very disappointed.

Donor: James Pfeifer
Date: 2012-08-14
Worst, dirtiest place to donate plasma, donated for a year, forgot to tell them i had a ear piercing 25 years ago, and the uavala removed from my throat 17 years ago at a yearly psyical and i got discalifed for life, It dont make no cense my plasma was good enough for them a year and after that i cant go there for life, they suck. and the people there don_t know what they are doing

Donor: Christine
Date: 2012-01-28
This place has a few decent staff and a few really bad staff. If there are other options I would opt for those first, because they pay you like crap and look down on you. They think because they make approx. $20.00 more a week than you do, that they are better than you. There are other options and they need new management who actually treat people well.

Donor: Rod Plapp
Date: 2012-01-24
If you decide to donate be sure to have your social security Id and drivers license with you.The first time took me about five hours.I would say the average time after that is around 2 hours.Make sure to drink a lot of water and have a good meal before you go.You are basicakky paid for your time,not your plasma.Not a bad way to make a little extra cash.

Donor: Ameili Vanderlugt
Date: 2007-10-22
This is now called Telecris, and I am a regular donor, excellent professional services.

Donor: Julie Riggi
Date: 2006-12-05
I have donated plasma off and on for over 10 years now and even tho they have had some bad repores in the past, I think, over-all, that the employees are friendly and professional and I would definately return.......

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Street view of Idr Plasma Center

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