Interstate Blood Bank Inc

2126 W Fond Du Lac Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 53206-1533
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 2.70002.5 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2024-03-04
 Rate and Comment on Interstate Blood Bank Inc
Donor: galloway
Date: 2020-03-12
Ive been donating off and on for years here and I must say the staff was very personal and theey have a very experienced staff.they get u n and out and they know what they are doing..very pleasant here.IM JUST SAYING

Donor: ms.sweety
Date: 2011-11-27
When I went to donate it was great at this place the stuff do they job the best they can and people give plasma fast I love coming to donate and would prefer this interstate then the one down the rode on 27th

Donor: Unhappy
Date: 2011-10-05
It was my first time donating today and I could tell you that the service was UNDENIABLY terrible. A woman farted (noticablly) in the cubical next to me and was eating candy while taking my vitals, the nurse was changing her shoes during my physical and when I FINALLY got to the back ALL of the women were cussing up a storm as if NOBODY was back there. One woman told a customer how annoying he was being... I mean they just give ANYBODY a license these days, huh? I probably could their jobs better than they could. No matter WHAT the situation was I NEVER gave a customer the disrespect I saw today... COMPLETELY unprofessional!!

Donor: applicant
Date: 2011-08-18
the staff is very unprofessional, silly girls,nasty office, disrespectful. do something about this. it is ridiculous. the language is clearly shows an uneducated staff of individuals.

Donor: Ronnie Wilkins
Date: 2010-02-18
i was there at 3:15pm _ sha spend 15mins talking about to late for update she also stated SHE WAS NOT GOING TO START BECAUSE SHE GETS OFF AT 4pm when a someone said we can get u started sha yell no so did karra i been at that site for the pass year i understand the rules but for someone to say that they refuse to do a job just because she wants to leave 45mins later she does not need to be working for your company there no posted time of day when phyiscals end if so that would clear up alot of misunderstands _ after this if i decide to go back they would try there hardest to deferr me there to comfortable there job to do such a thing i need money just like her!

Donor: Kay
Date: 2010-01-20
I love donating here!... the staff are very friendly and enthusiastic... we started out with a few bumps but then it was smooth sailing from there. I like to see all the interesting people that come and donate. If I could I would donate everyday but I would not because that is dangerous but be continued... oh by the way David spelled people wrong.

Donor: Pat
Date: 2009-12-01
This was my second time going to this blood bank and I must admit it was a way better experience then the first time. It was a lot cleaner and the people were more professional I would go there again.

Donor: David
Date: 2009-10-29
Worst place to Donate,Administrative pepole are worst. They should change..... Bad Bad..Exp.

Donor: Adam D.
Date: 2008-11-14
Even calling to find out info is incredibly difficult at this facility. They actually hung up on me twice in the course of getting this info, and When I asked how much donors get compensated after the initial visits, I was told (and I quote) \_I have no idea\_. I actually had to tell her that I needed her to find out for me. At which point she put me on hold for two seconds before dropping the call. After two tries, I give up. Anyway, what I can tell you is that they say they pay $35 for the first visit and $40 for the second. after that, your guess is as good as mine, but if they_re like other Interstate sites, it would be $25 and $25-35 depending on weight for your first and second visits of each week.

Donor: Mike
Date: 2008-05-20
When I arrived at the blood center, there was a large group of people standing just outside the entrance smoking a joint. When I got inside, the place was filthy, extremely unprofessional and unsanitary. I did feel safe staying there long enough to donate.

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