Plasma Biological Service

2562 Frayser Blvd
Memphis, Tennessee, USA 38127-5829
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 1.28571.5 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2019-08-25
 Rate and Comment on Plasma Biological Service
Donor: Mrs. Totally would not recommend this center!!!
Date: 2013-05-14

Donor: Lewis
Date: 2012-12-17
I am going to try this place again, maybe I am gluttton for punishment . I will add what happened when I get home leaving at 703am will arrive at 830am, Pray for me lol

Donor: Lewis Brown
Date: 2012-12-15
I have experienced BAD before and was able to deal with the experience but this place of business(if I may call it that) should be revamped and cleaned out from the Mgr down. I also have been asked to give samples and they where lost more than one occasion. I have never had problems with donating but the people who work this building make it Quantum Physics, it should not be this hard to give good information to donors, from what you need to donate to informing people not to leave the building for any reason after signing in. I was asked to leave(differed) for going to get gum and come back tomorrow. I did not smoking or done something that may mess the testing up.(gum) and there was no three people in the building donating between the time of 12-2 on a Friday. I understand rules so I concede. Saturday I came back and was turn around 3 minutes into entering the building the place they had to call was closed so they could not get verification.(understandable) Why is this information not verified yesterday knowing my that you had to do this and the place would be closed. This is sad, bad for the donors and community that attempt to gives with the little time that is available in our daily lives. Please CLOSE this place or FIRE the whole crew. it sounds drastic but you must start somewhere to get a good product for the company or the company will have a BAD reputation from these experiences.

Donor: Anthony
Date: 2012-09-11
I have first off, DONT GO HERE!!!! The first month I was ok donating with no problems, then the sample needed every month I took one, they said it wasnt able to test, second-third they lost the sample. 4th an 5th time they said they was not able to test. If it wasnt so far to next plasma place I wouldnt even try... Each an every time I spend at least 2 hours sitting to give a sample... This is not run like a business, its ran like a slum, you are treated like shit and then sit down for hours waiting on the incompetence... :(

Donor: Kelcey Horton
Date: 2012-08-18
My name is Kelcey Horton and I went to the Plasma Bank on Summer Ave. My experience there was and I quote Awful. I had to wait 6 hours just for them to tell me that I could_nt donate. Now I fully understood why I couldn_t donate due to a minor surgery but it doesn_t excuse the fact of the long. The process that they have is totally backwards. As soon as I signed my name one of the staff should_ve called me in the back to check my Vitals or whatever process they use to determine if they have good doner or not. The long wait is senseless and un humane. This should be takin care of as soon as possible. I am not a bomb nor a crackhead so my time Is Very Valueble. I_m a grown man and should be treated with the respect as one not trash.

Donor: Me
Date: 2011-09-14
I have lived in OK all my life and donated there religiously twice a week without any problems or attitude. But these cake eatin bitches that work at this place are rediculous. My latest journey was sitting there for almost 2 hours and they were about to stick me with the needle when they asked for a piece of mail (which I did not have on me) so I was sent home and told I never should have made it that far anyways. So now it_s 2 days later, I_m finally not too pissed off to come in and deal with these incompetent fools again and I bring in SIX (6) pieces of mail and what do you know, they need the damn envelopes not the letters, so I was sent away yet again by some ghetto broad smacking her gum and rolling her eyes at me. It was everything I could do not to just punch her in her face so I just walked out. DO NOT GO HERE THEY ARE UNPROFESSIONAL AND DISRESPECTFUL EVERY TIME!! THIS IS MY 5th NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE OUT OF GOING 7 TIMES...AND I_M DONE! Guess people in Memphis will suffer from a serious shortage because these people are pissing everyone off left and right.

Donor: Adam D.
Date: 2008-11-14
Although I have never been there, I called to get details. They collect plasma and pay donors $30 for their first visit. If they tell you they can_t give you any further compensation info over the phone call back in a few hours, seems like each person reads from their own script (I hope that doesn_t mean they_re making it up as they go). After trying again, I learned that payment varies by weight, but at 160lbs, it would be $35 for the second visit and then $25 and $35 for the first and second visit of each week after that. Walk in basis only :-(

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