Seracare Plasma Center

7726 15th Ave NW
Seattle, Washington, USA 98117-5413
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 1.50001.5 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-06-05
 Rate and Comment on Seracare Plasma Center
Donor: Mike
Date: 2012-03-06
I spent 2 hours getting down there and they spent litterly 15 sec looking for a vein b4 giving up and sending me away. Iv never had a doc or plasma center for that matter have trouble finding a vein. These are just the lazyest worst quacks around

Donor: Jil
Date: 2008-07-28
First, potential donors should know that the name of the center is Biomat USA, not Seracare. I presume the business has changed hands since it was listed on Additionally, please keep in mind that in my review, I never even got to the point of making a donation, which I will explain shortly. Therefore, my comments must be taken within that limited context. First time donors are paid $30 for the first visit and $40 for the second. If you bring in a copy of their ad that they periodically run in The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, Employment Weekly, or Little Nickel publications--for this location only (they won_t accept ads for other Biomat locations)--you can get an additional $10 on your first visit, for a total of $80 for your first two visits. For each subsequent donation you receive $30. When I arrived the waiting room was packed, standing room only. There was also no \_official\_ line, even though there were about 10 people standing right in front of the check in area. I signed in on the clipboard and then waited for about 10 minutes for the receptionist to give me the initial paperwork. She made copies of my ID and advised me to wait in the waiting area. After about 1-1/2 hours the waiting room cleared up enough so that I could finally sit in a chair. I spoke to a couple of people near me who indicated that they had donated before. They said that they had been waiting twice as long as I had; apparently Mondays are extremely busy, and new donors are given higher priority than returning donors. The sense I got was that this was a rather chaotic operation. I_m sure there is some organization to how their procedures work, but it seemed pretty clear to me that they were seriously understaffed. They only had one receptionist working when they really needed two, and their receptionist was so busy that any time a technician happened to step up toward the reception area, they were inundated with questions or requests by the many people waiting for help. After three hours I was called into a little consultation room. The technician introduced himself and advised me that I could not be a donor because of one of the medications I was taking. I asked him why they couldn_t have told me this three hours ago. He said that he was only just given my paperwork, so he had no way of knowing. I suggested that perhaps they provide potential donors a list of medications that disqualify them from donation when they first fill out the paperwork, or at the very least they could give the paperwork a cursory glance for any obvious \_red flags\_ when it is first turned in. Bring something to read, and don_t have anything else planned in stone for the day, because you may have to wait a long time. If they had accepted a donation from me, I probably would have been there another 2-3 hours (as a new donor). I would also highly recommend that before you go, give them a call, tell them upfront what medications you take, and ask whether said meds will prevent your donation being accepted. Hopefully, this will help others from having my experience.

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