Talecris Plasma Resources Raleigh center

3621 New Bern Ave
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA 27610
(919) 231-2744
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Overall Rating: 2.44442.5 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-12-11
 Rate and Comment on Talecris Plasma Resources Raleigh center
Donor: stef
Date: 2013-02-04
I was a first-time donor at this location. I made an appointment for my first visit and went in at 9am on a Saturday. It was well staffed and the waiting room was quite full (atleast 50 people). I was impressed with the screening process and the attitudes/competence of the staff. The only down-side to this location is the high number of addicts coming off the streets to get cash for their next fix. But if you can deal with the \_clientele\_ , this is a great place to sell your plasma. The waiting/screening process and physical took about an hour and a half. Then the actual plasma process took me an additional 40 minutes... probably because I pumped myself full of fluids and played with silly putty in my hand as I sat there... so my fluid went through quickly. They unhooked me, bandaged my arm, and gave me a receipt. I walked over to the ATM (which is right there in the office), punched in my pin, and got $50 cash. The way the payment works is... the first time in a week that you donate, you get $20. If you go a 2nd time that SAME week, you get $40. That_s probably to keep regularity of donors because every donor has to get a physical and have a file. They say if you go in the afternoons, that is the best time because most of the addicts go in the morning. Depending on the wait, the whole process will take ATLEAST an hour and a half.

Donor: Chelsea
Date: 2012-05-11
I called and instantly got hung up on, called again, and someone said noone was available to talk to me and hung up on me. Why would I want to go somewhere where i get treated like crap on the phone? DON_T GOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Donor: Anon
Date: 2012-04-13
I called literally FIFTY TIMES, and the ONLY time the phone was answered was on \_accident.\_ Then I was put on hold for another 10 minutes and one of them picked up the phone and hung it up without speaking. I have the phone records to prove how many times I called, and this is the WORST customer service I have EVER experienced. I DO NOT recommend trying to interact with Talecris AT ALL.

Donor: Meredith McLamb
Date: 2012-04-04
Well i_ve not been to donate yet, but they say that it_s best to make an appointment. How can you make an appointment if no one EVER answers the phone. I have read all of these reviews and they sound horrific. I_m am kind of scared to even try it out. I have recently lost my job and am struggling. I heard of this and thought what a great way to help out and be compensated in these hard times. Can anyone tell me a different number to call, or maybe a different location all together?

Donor: peg
Date: 2012-03-20
I called to find out how to start donating and a rude staff member told me to walk in before 11a. Myself and another lady who also had made 30 min drives were told the walk in slots for new donors were filled and we should have made an appointment. When I finally went through the whole screening process (took almost 2 hrs) I was told I couldn_t donate because of some medicine I take. Everyone_s time could have been saved if 1. some mention was made that medication could disqualify a person and 2. if donors could fill out a form while waiting listing their medicines someone could just take a quick look at it. Also the huge amount of people waiting to donate in the tiny waiting room was awful. The receptionist did do a good job keeping folks from being too bothersome though. Staff seemed nice but overworked. This made me worry about the safety and quality of product!

Donor: Mike Smith
Date: 2012-01-09
Talecris needs more staff. The wait is always long, even by appointment. There are always plenty of beds to meet there needs. It kind of sucks to drive a long distance, wait and some days you only get $20.00 and the other $40.00, which should be on both days. I_m sure that the company is making a bundle on our donations...but this is one example on how desperate some people are like my self. You would think as big as this company is that they would better their customers? The service is typical and taking advantage of people in need.

Donor: brenda jacobs
Date: 2011-11-30
How is this company hiring employees who smoke weed and stick your arms at he same time. They need to close down he Raleigh branch before Christmas. The worst place ever to go and get money. Best thing to do is stand on he side of he road and beg for money!!!

Donor: Jamilya Isreal
Date: 2011-11-29
I agree that the staff is very friendly to the majority of the donors, but my biggest issue is that there is \_no one available to answer\_ my call at anytime of day. to post complaints on this site would bring no results. The number to call is 866-599-1798. As you make your complain the customer service representative types your complaint as you speak and gives you a reference number. If several people make the same complaint it is reviewed by someone higher up.

Donor: kim boney
Date: 2011-11-29
The other day was my first day there.And I must say that it was the worst place that I have ever been in, aand I have been to a lot of places. Of course the only people that think it is a great place is the crackheads and drugs users. The place should be close down. And where is the people that own the place?He must be so ashame of the place because he will not even come forward and show his face. That right let the worker take the blame.HA HA And the workers lets not even talk about them. Have of them are using drugs maybe that why they can\_t stick you like they should

Donor: thomas burt
Date: 2011-11-01
This place is the worst place I have ever seem in my entire life!! If only the staff were really docotrs and nurses, because they sure think they are. You go a have an appointment and end up staying all day and half the evening, just as if you have nothing to do. The staff knows everything!!!! cant tell them a thing, know it all. If your iron aint low, it;s your protein, and believe me, everybody eats some protein at some time. Only time the staff gets busy is when the manager comes out or the big people from corporate come buy. And boy do they get busy then, just like the emergency department over at wake med. All you see is those big blue uniforms moving from front to back!!!!!! Maybe the copporate people should come by all the time so they can stay busy. Chewing gum up front and acting all ghetto. The bathrooms are dirty and the front waiting are not clean. Chairs look like they got them from the flea market, and yet they think they can talk to people end and every kind of way they want to, I dont think so!!!!!!!!! we the people help keep that place in business and believe me if they dont get their act together they will be out of business soon. Then those blue uniforms can be packed down in a box for waste industries to pick up!!! If you dont need the money dont go!!! I often wonder why the ones who think they are nurses really dont work at wake med or rex hospital?

Donor: Kory Byrd
Date: 2011-10-27
I am not up her to bash talecris but, overall my experiience there is okay. I say it depends on the day you go and what time of the day your appointment is. I have had fast days and long days, but my issue here of recent has been that the people who do the sticking are not focusing on people that are finished and ready to get off the beds. I have had two instances where i was left waiting to be released off the bed for 35min after my machine beeped. Now I know its not my job to scream out \_Im Done\_ but they should always be aware of people coming off the bed. The whole process would be much faster if they kept the beds refreshed with new donors. Last week one older caucasion woman(phlebotomist)was so busy talking she left me on the bed for 20min after i was done; I ended up missing my bus and was late picking my daughter up from daycare. So them not doing their job efficiently can easily domino effect other poeple. But other than that I feel talecris is a great company and has good people working for the center on New Bern ave in raleigh, nc. Oh and one more thing, I feel one of the screeners should really tone down how they confront people about the talecris policies, because he has crossed the line with a few people i have seen and hurt some folks feelings. He needs to work on his people skills if he is going to make a career out of interacting with people.

Donor: tee
Date: 2011-09-25
I think that they are under staffed and it takes almost two hours before they start to screen a person. They don_t answer their phone like they should, but most of them are very friendly, except for the front line manager and a couple of the ladies that work there. I was told to keep coming back since I had to start over as a new donor and it was first come first served. I drove 15 minutes from another part of Raleigh only to be told twice they were not taking anymore people. I had no gas in my car and was trying not to cry because I didn_t know how I was going to get home. I think they need a larger facility and more staff members to be able to accept the amount of people that want to donate. I have had a terrible experience the last few times that I have had to donate. I want to try again because i need the money for gas, but It is upsetting to drive over there to be turned around and be laughed at. I wonder if they understand that if people are willing to drive and wait long hours are people that are in great need of money. : (

Donor: cynthia mainor
Date: 2010-11-26
i just called today and someone picked up the phone right away. 11/2010 they werent taking anymore people but did tell me to be the tommorow 8am walk in. i am desparate for money due to moving to a new state and no money so this made me feel a little better.

Donor: R. McF
Date: 2010-09-18
I_ve tried the phone number for a week (including Saturday). There answering machine is all I get. No human seems to be there. Don_t know if they are for real because I_ve yet to contact anyone. I_ll try for another week at various times and post a follow up to this.

Donor: Tiffany Woods
Date: 2009-12-13
I started donating here about 2 months ago and so far it_s been a good experience. I gave 4 times before at Bio Mat (no longer open), but I must say that the staff and environment at Talecris are far more clean, professional, and pleasant. I also like that return donors are given appointments. If your appointment is at 10, it doesn_t mean that they_ll start screening you at 10 (maybe 10:30 if it_s busy. However it_s much better than first-come-first serve where everyone starts showing up an hour before they open, and you can expect to spend half your day waiting there if you_re not there at least 20 minutes before they open. That_s why I_ve continued to come back. By the way, I_ve called their facility three times and only once did no one pick up so I just tried again later. They pay $25 for the first visit of the week (Tuesday - Saturday) and $35 if you come back within the same week. As I recall that_s less than what Bio Mat paid and it_s less than what websites claim is paid by donation centers in other cities, but they are the only ones left in town that I know of and the atmosphere makes up for it.

Donor: confi dential
Date: 2009-08-05
I was a new donor here today,and was the best experience as a donor I have ever had! The staff was very professional and made feelright at home. It_s also the nicest and cleanest donor center I have ever been to! I can_t wait to go back for my next donation.

Donor: Lee Barnett
Date: 2009-03-16
In an attempt to get feedback from the actual site. I was treated poorly in the fact that no one would answer the phone for 2 whole hours between the opening and noon. Having been a donor from Oklahoma I was frankly disheartened by this terrible display of business practice. the fact that no one answers the phone makes it impossible for anyone to complain to management since they don_t even answer their phone!

Donor: samantha cox
Date: 2009-01-09
This place is great! Everyone is beyond polite and very professional. They_re very thorough with all explanations and answer any question you may have. I had an absolutley wonderful experience here

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