Talecris Plasma Resources Winston-Salem center

250 YWCA Way
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA 27127
(336) 722-8206
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 2.36362.5 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2020-03-31
 Rate and Comment on Talecris Plasma Resources Winston-Salem center
Donor: Tori
Date: 2015-10-19
Very rude staff! This was my first time donating and I was unable to do so due to the lack of instructions given. I was unaware that I was unable to step outside for a quick minute and was told that I would have to come back tomorrow and start the whole process over after being there for over 5 hours. They are very unorganized and need to be more clear of what they expect from first time donors. I was mainly upset about the time wasted. It was just terrible. They treat you as if you need them and look and talk to you anyway they please. Just awful.

Donor: Doesnt Matter
Date: 2013-01-28
If any of you would like to call and complain about this office you need to contact Micheal Konopka at (818)201-3872. He is the corporate manager for KEDPlasma that is state side, he is located in California. These offices think that they run shit, thinking that they can treat you however they want just because they think they can. If you go to the website you wont find a local number and thats prolly cause they dont want no one to be able to report them. We can change the way this office is run if enough people help correct the problem. Not everyone is a crackhead looking for cash for their next fix and its about time that this place treats us with more respect.

Donor: Diane
Date: 2012-01-01
I have always had a great visit with Talecris. The process is speedy,the staff is friendly, and the place is clean.

Donor: Unknown
Date: 2011-11-15
I dont understand what is the purpose of having a commeny box when nothing gets done! For starters they are completly un organized. I sat 6 hrs for a new donor and still was not able to donate. The workers are rude and very slow. I sat back and observed the workers the one at the front desk with glasses frowns up her nose when people walk by she dont know how to talk to someone. They lose people file with their personal information. The way they run their business is uncalled for! I will not be back and will tell others as well

Donor: Ayla
Date: 2011-07-07
All these people are inconsiderate and need to learn that the medical feild is not easy to work in, u make an appointment with anyone dont expect to be on time, seriously doctors and medical people period are busy as heck and when u go over there to the place, u are taking their time, and theres other people that would more then willing to donate and be nice to the people, if in return ur goingt o be a rude person to the workers then u shouldnt go do it, u know ur only in it for the money, so stfu and get a life when u talk bad about a company that is working hard and trying to save lives. u on the other hand need to grow up and take whats given to u, they may be stressed, hungry or whatever, u dont know if they have gottten to eat today, u dont know if they_ve gotten a bathroom break, i know the place that i work at the doctors most of the time do not whatsoever get a break their busy busy busy, give them a break and grow up.

Donor: kesha
Date: 2011-06-15
I am not a donor at this plasma center,but i am a donor floor supervisor in another state for a company that is taking over this donor center. I am not sure of the time frame as i just found out today, but for everyone that has had a bad experience and said they would never go back, please when you see the company change try us! Im sure that you will be happy and treated the way you would be if you were in my center. Dont give up, I myself hope to be coming to this center,but may be some time down the road. I agoligize to you on behalf on the new company coming in and as a phlebotomist and supervisor, and hope that you will give us a chance to show you how great we are.Just watch for the change. Thank you for reading.

Date: 2011-06-09
BITCHES... they need REAL nurses in that place!

Donor: Juston
Date: 2011-05-13
I_ve read a lot of reviews for this center and there are some uppity people who go to this place. Don_t act like you_re donating to contribute to the higher good, you_re there for the cash, just like everyone else and you are not entitled to be treated like a princess, just well taken care of in a manner consistent with medical practice. I haven_t seen a rude person there yet, but of course, I go in with a smile on my face and treat the staff kindly. I realize you need to get there early, as in 6:45am early, if you expect to get out as soon as possible. Donating has too many precautions that must be taken and should not be a race for safety reasons. The place could use a few improvements, like any other place, but in my experience of going over the past few months, if you recognize how the system works, and treat others the same way you expect to be treated, you will have excellent care at this facility. I_m sorry but I don_t see the need to make a federal case over how they wrap my arm. Feel free to sell drugs on the street corner for the extra cash you need.

Donor: mark
Date: 2011-05-05
well if your a crackhead then this is the place to go, waitting room full of crackheads (yellow eyes, blackened lips and awlful smell) went three times and all three times they were booked at 8 in the morning. im not going there again

Donor: Becky
Date: 2011-05-02
Very professional! Over all a very good experience. I am glad I did not read these negative comments before I went in to donate! I would highly recommend donating at this center. The people that wrote negative comments are probably negative people!

Donor: Mel
Date: 2011-04-15
Requested at screening to have bandage cris-crossed, better known as a figure eight, so I could freely move my arm, bend my elbow to be able to touch my face. Another phlebotomist from the other bay took me down and wrapped it straight. Could not bend my elbow at all. Asked her to re-wrap it. Was treated like I was an burden and she was very rude. Told me this is the way they do it there, period. Asked for the manager..a fellow came and was just as rude advising me that I was not to tell his employees how to do their job. The story goes on...long story short, I was deferred. Not because of lack of plasma, or anything else, but because I asked for a re-wrap. The phlebotomist and the so called manager were the rudest I have ever experienced in the medical field. Got there at 10am., finally at around 4:45 that afternoon, the physical examining lady advised me that they would NOT re-wrap my arm..I requested another manager, another person of authority and she had another lead line phlebotomist do a cris-cross wrap, which was properly done. Corporate was contacted. Some of these people lack professionalism, customer service and pure common sense. I will be following up with corporate and further up if needed.

Donor: john
Date: 2011-04-03
I have never been treated so much like a second class citizen. They need new management, the blonde one is ditzy and seems more concerned with male staff and the color of her lip gloss...so my questions were not important. Once I made it to the bed it was a mess I waited forever and then they couldn_t even stick right. Need better staff all the way around. Will not be back

Donor: not important
Date: 2011-04-03
horrible service went sat and never going back. I would not tell any one I know that this is a good place to go. They can_t keep good staff, they are rude and only seem to try and get you out fast. I was stuck more than once...if the person would have slowed down I might not have been. It was just a bad time all the way around.

Date: 2011-03-24

Donor: Trtacy
Date: 2010-08-10
I was reading the posting. What is the pay for first time donors?

Donor: Delores
Date: 2009-09-20
I was in this week and they are working to get appointments in quick with a new sign in system. I talked to the manager, she took a lot of time with me. Listened to my concerns. The real wait is getting on the bed because they dont have enough machines. And I agree I spend most of my wait waiting in the back for a bed to open. Appointments do get full fast and they try to help you if you walk in. They are friendly and will talk to you if you ask for a minute.

Donor: 5056
Date: 2009-09-05
Needs New Management,could do twice the volume in donations,staff is too laded back, and too much drama. I was there Friday at 11.30 am, sign in and it was 12.30 before I got to the back, then waited to be place in donors area, and 45 minutes before hook up, no one to over seas staff to keep them on top things, it_s own their own sweet time. When finish donating unhook at 2.30 pm,when finally got my ticket to get my money it was going on 3.00 pm. So I was there 3 1/2 hrs for a return donor, should have not been more than two hrs, at top. They was only using one bay, when they have two or three bays too use, alot chit chat going on with staff top of bay, and in side offices, laughing and talking, when they could have been assisting staff in donor_s area, I have been donating for over 10 years, at Bio Life in Minneapolis, MN. an Greensboro, NC. and they are more professional, and quicker for the same results. We need this place here because the economy is bad here in Winston Salem, and surrounding ares, no jobs, and what little you get for donating helps u food or gasoline, or bus fair to look work, Please someone needs to come and do job evacuation on staff and management, from opening till close, time staff answering calls, how long donors have to wait, of severed everyone, and let know when finish what is too be expected out of them, or they can be replace, plenty people needing jobs.. I sure Talecris is no different then any other business, time is money, and Talecris Plasma Resources Winston-Salem center in Winston-Salem, NC. could be making double in profits. NC Winston-Salem 250 YWCA Way Tel: (336) 722-8206 Thank You.

Donor: andrea
Date: 2009-08-19
i love the girl their they make me feel at home

Date: 2009-06-28

Donor: chad
Date: 2009-06-28
Disgusting Customer service, Employees there waste too much time talking instead of working. Needs to be shut down.

Donor: Kenny
Date: 2009-06-11
Ive been trying to get an appointment for over two weeks. Staff has been unhelpful . I have called as soon as they are open and they tell me that they are fully booked for the next day .How does one get a appointment.

Donor: jayson
Date: 2008-10-26
great place staff is very nice and make u feel important, not just like a piece of meat

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