Talecris Plasma Resources, Inc.

24 E Green Street No. 16
Champaign, Illinois, USA 61820
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Hours of Operation: Mon
Overall Rating: 2.66672.5 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2023-11-30
 Rate and Comment on Talecris Plasma Resources, Inc.
Donor: Glen S
Date: 2014-07-03
You know, some of you are dumb. I have been donating at Talecris in Roanoke, VA for over a month now and I have never had any problems with them. I get 60 a week, except for the 70 in june and july. I mean, they could pay out more considering how much they make off each individual canister of plasma. But they all seem to know what they are doing

Donor: Anonymous
Date: 2013-01-30
My daughter just came from Telecris and I am guessing that this mean person Jessica, is the one who told her that they would not pay her because the idiot doing the blood draw doesn_t know what she is doing. They blew out the veins on both of her arms and then told her too bad we couldn_t get a blood draw so you will not get paid. My daughter has donated Plasma before and never had a problem. The person doing the draw was new and did not know what she was doing. When she asked for someone else they told her no because they already blown out the veins on both arms. I realize that they are in business to make money, but when they screw up, they shouldn_t take it out on the person donating. To me everyone in this place sounds so demeaning, arrogant, and incompetent. They have no business dealing with the public. I also wonder if there isn_t some sort of legal issue here regarding medical credentials, since the person doing the blood draw was too incompetent to do the blood draw.

Donor: Jennifer W
Date: 2012-11-03
Ive been donating with this plasma center for almost two years now, I took a break due to me getting a tattoo. The staff is very nice, and they make sure they keep you informed. I wish they let you sit up though, when your donating, I am sure the chairs are that way for a reason. It just drives my back insane. Other than that the compensation is nice, it helps with bills in this dry economy.

Donor: Rebecca
Date: 2012-05-25
I walked in and was not allowed to make an appt because they only take appts 24 hrs in advance(this is not posted anywhere). I finally got a appt but was not able to donate since my pulse was high. I came back the next day and had to fill out all the paperwork again. This time I passed the initial screening including a check of my arms for bruises, scars, burns, or other marks that would get in the way of donation. I was then taken back to the nurse for a physical. The nurse did the same inspection on my arms but then said I was not able to donate because my scars from the military overlap and con_t be counted. I asked why and she said that if there was a discrpacy in the count everything I donnated would have to be distroyed. My problem with this is 1) why didn_t the first lady say I was not eligable 2) my blood was fine 3) There is no way they keep plasma for a year. 4) I am sure that people get hurt over the year between their physcals. 5) The process of donation can cause a scar. I was clearly discrimaded against based on my looks. All I wanted to do was make a bit of money to save for nessacary dental care(no insurance) and help others at the same time.

Donor: Anonymous Donor
Date: 2012-01-20
i worked at talecris for quite a few years and the first bottle is destroyed because they are required to do so by fda,gha, and other government agencies if a second is not made.talecris is required by law to do two sets of testing since you can have a false negative result.they dont take your blood, and rehydration is up to the donor.they cant follow you home and make you drink water.plasma saves lives no matter how you look at it. if there are regular donors or donors who need it because theyre desperate,in the end youve just helped save someone,so be proud.

Donor: Cathy
Date: 2012-01-04
I_ve wanted to give blood and I figured the pay at Talecris must be based on getting the blood type they most needed. Mine_s common so I was expecting nothing. I found out today when I made an appt. that it was compensation for my time. I went and it should have been obvious to the tech, filling in at the counter, that I was expecting to donate blood since I said I_d always been rejected for low iron but could probably do it now, and after I showed my SS#, drivers license and proof of address he gave me a binder of info and wanted to take my photo. I was leery of being asked all this personal info. I was scanning pg. 1 of the binder and he kept insisting that I read it after my photo. I asked about the difference between blood and plasma because I had read that if one doesn_t donate at Talecris a second time, the first collection will be destroyed, and he said the second had to be within 7 days. The pay also increased $50.00 if I did this, adding to todays_ $75.00. It is probably because they want to hook \_regulars\_ who are desperate enough for money to let themselves be bled dry. Surely Telacris sells the first collection and more than makes up for the $75.00, there_d be no reason to destroy it. They don_t create the \_life-saving therapies\_, they sell plasma. I changed my mind, gave him back the binder, made sure the info they had on me so far was shredded, and left. My \_Blood Bank Rating\_ for Telacris reflects how low this is.

Donor: James C.
Date: 2011-08-06
Be careful.They do a terrible job of re-hydration.Stay away from Jessica and Crystal,both are sadistic and cruel.Talecris is not an American company- they refuse to celebrate Memorial Day or July 4th- they are Neo-Nazi bloodsuckers posing behind a legit bloodbank.Turn back and find another way to feed yourself!Honor the WWII vets.

Donor: susan
Date: 2011-08-06
Stay away from JESSICA! she is not very nice.

Donor: Barbie Wright
Date: 2011-04-28
I like your facility i wish we had one in Danville Il I like donating but its costing me in gas those gas prices are crazy

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