Talecris Plasma Resources, Inc.

5037 Preston Highway
Louisville, Kentucky, USA 40213
Center Type: Paid Plasma paid plasma donation icon
Overall Rating: 2.50002.5 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2022-09-30
 Rate and Comment on Talecris Plasma Resources, Inc.
Donor: dolawson
Date: 2020-02-06
The Management of this Plasma Center considers donors to be no more than free range cattle that come to the barn twice a week to be milked and paid. Instead of the Center_s energies being focused, in anyway, on donor safety and comfort they are on CYA_ing the compliance paperwork while the donors are just a means to an end with no more importance than a stray dog. If the Center could get away with using knitting needles, mason jars and an old washing machine set on _spin_ they would! NO!?! Then why PowerAde and not saline, donors aren_t worth a bag of saltwater? Let me clarify, this is about David, the Center’s Manager, Robert, his assistant and ONE (1) regular employee. I have donated plasma roughly 300 times in the 8 years I have been going there so, I am not a disgruntled first timer. The rest of the staff is fantastic and it wasn't until I came into personal contact with these three people that I had a problem. Plasma donation is a medical procedure that should be performed by trained medical professionals and not just anybody with their compliance paperwork in order. For me, it is a matter of trust based on helping others in a capitalist society, that allows someone to stick a large gauge needle in my body for corporate profit and not the desperation they depend on to run their business model. In the first incident, Robert picked up and moved the bed I was on so he could squeeze between it and two people and hurriedly stick the needle in my arm. As soon as the needle pierced my skin I knew he had missed the vein so before he could move it I told him to go get a floor lead. Instead, he argued that its wasn't his bad aim but my lousy diet that had caused the problem. This asshole just absent-mindedly stuck a needle in my arm (which is still there in the wrong spot) and he has the nerve to act like I'm such an idiot that there is no way he could be wrong in any way, shape, or form to the likes of me! He delayed it long enough so that I had to be deferred for 90 days because my blood had begun to coagulate in the bowl. The second incident happened the day I came back after the 90-day deferment. I got to the Center two hours before it closed and signed in. After an hour, I was given a drug test which is now S.O.P.. However, at closing time, I was told that I needed a physical and that medical had gone home for the day so sorry about my luck, LMAO. I went to medical and explained the situation and they were more than wonderful to help with getting it done in a timely fashion the next time I came in. Again, let me state categorically, that this REVIEW is about 3 people and not the entire staff. Having donated roughly 300 times means that I have spent between 600 and 1000 hours (neither drunk nor strung out) in that center over the years. The core of the staff has remained largely intact so, I want to thank them for all their hard work and dedication over the years. My biggest thank you is to someone that doesn't even work there anymore, Leeza. Peace, Babycakes. Now where was I… The next time I came to donate all went well until the end when I was being disconnected from the machine. The needle and tube are secured to the arm with masking tape (yes, that masking tape) and the tech is supposed to hold the tube in place while removing the tape. Instead, she only held my arm down so that when the tube stuck to the tape she tried to shake it off with only the needle in my arm holding it. Remember when I said they treated the donors like stray dogs? That is the look that came out of the two bats caves we humans call eyes. What the hell am I going to say to her that is not going to get me arrested? So, I tell the floor lead and leave to cool off. The next time I walked in the door David, Myself and Batgirl (I don't know her name) sat down and discussed the matter, with an absolutely predictable outcome. “They have been good employees so, sorry about your luck. Here's 30 dollars now shuffle over to CSL Plasma from now on. The irony is that I donated at CSL about the same 300 donations over the years prior to going to Talecris (Grifols or whatever they are calling it this week) and never was carelessly abused like I was there. Caveat emptor Buyer, beware!

Donor: les ackerman
Date: 2009-02-24
it is very clean as far as i have seen so far and the staff have been very friendly and courteous to me.i have been there 2 days in a row to donate but have been turned away both times because my pulse has been 4 beats 2 high.i went there to make extra money because i am without a job and broke as a joke.i borrowed ten dollars 4 gas to get there and cant believe they turned me away for 4 beats.i almost broke down and cryed.i dont no what to do now except maybe rob somebody but would be to scared to try that.am going to try and borrow 5 more dollars and try once more and go early in morning when i wake up.when i was 18 i did this alot.they didnt have the strict standards that they have now. 4 damn beats!!

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