Tri-Counties Blood Bank

4119 Broad St # 100
San Luis Obispo, California, USA 93401-7965
Center Type: unpaid whole blood donation icon
Overall Rating: 4.00004 star rating

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Donor: Blood Hero
Date: 2020-08-08
 Rate and Comment on Tri-Counties Blood Bank
Donor: Blood Shortage Helper
Date: 2020-04-20
Yelp_s TCBB New Address: 889 Murray St. San Luis Obispo CA 93405. Phone Number is the same. On MapQuest, the address is 4119 Broad St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 and the phone number is (805) 965-7037 Call first before donating to avoid confusion of the exact place.

Donor: Keith Bobrowski
Date: 2012-07-23
I decided to donate my B- blood for the first time last month, and I had a positive experience- everyone was friendly, very informative, and well mannered. They checked in periodically to make sure I was comfortable. I don_t know what Jack was talking about- but everyone should disregard his opinion on this blood bank. To completely stop donating blood based on one slightly salty experience, then come on the bloodbanker review website and practically write an essay on why service personnel need to smile constantly and brown nose to no end... It_s petty. And to tell someone (based on your self righteous style of writing and your need to complain about such a stupid thing, you obviously didn_t \_ask\_) to smile more is a douchy thing to do. I will definitely return to this blood bank in the future.

Donor: Ron Holt
Date: 2011-03-12
Jack, While I agree with you about the responsibility for someone meeting the public to be courteous and at least civil (preferably friendly), I think that you are over-reacting. People do have bad days and it can reflect in their attitude at work even though it shouldn_t. My guess is that is what happened here. Unless you had experienced this treatment from other employees as well, it was not fair of you to assume that the whole organization has training problems and to dismiss them entirely on that basis. At most, you should have addressed the problem ASAP with a supervisor and explained why you decided not to give blood that day. I do my giving in SLO County so I can_t judge what Blood Bank personnel in Santa Barbara are like -- the ones here are most definitely friendly and considerate. I hope that you reconsider your decision and address your problems with the management there if that is the only reason for you not continuing to give.

Donor: Zach
Date: 2010-03-07
The San Luis Obispo blood bank has always been a great place to donate. They have a lot of cool programs like the \_blood hero\_ one and always have a nice coupon to give you when finished. They have very courteous workers as well. That being said, everybody is allowed a bad day every once in awhile, Jack Armstrong, and asking someone to smile for you is a jerk thing to say so I_m not surprised she was offended. Letting that be an excuse not to donate is being ridiculous and petty. Your decision affects many others and not at all the woman you are so offended by.

Donor: Jack Armstrong
Date: 2010-01-20
Hello United Blood Services Central Coast, In response to your request for O-Negative blood I would like to provide a few comments. I have been a blood donor for over 40 years, but I no longer chose to donate my O Negative blood because of a unfortunate incident that occurred in the Santa Barbara Center several months ago. The incident resulted when I was greeted by one of technicians with a terse “Are you next ?” I responded affirmatively and followed the technician in the cubicle used to take blood pressure, assess blood iron level and answer the standard battery of questions. During the blood pressure assessment I became acutely aware of the seemingly hostile manner and a unpleasant look on the technicians face and I was compelled to comment to the technician that it would be nice if she could smile. She immediately responded that she was very offended that I would make such a comment. I then decided that since it was my option to give of my time, as well as my blood that it was still my option to not waste any more time and endure this unpleasant person who had to be asked to smile and was then offended when asked to do so. I then left the booth and have no intention of returning to the Santa Barbara Blood bank. I think the process of donating blood to assist those people in need is very important and I am glad that I have had the opportunity to help many people in the past. I firmly support this process and know it is important to our community. I also feel it is my responsibility to remind people who work with the public, and in particular the Blood bank, that there is an expectation from the public that that they will be greeted with a ”Hello” or “How are you” and a smile. Some people are afraid to confront rudeness, I on the other hand, feel it my responsibility to inform those people working with the public that they have a duty to be pleasant and to smile when working with the public. I would think that part of the training for your staff would include common public relations and information regarding the importance of providing a warm greeting and smiling for your customers. When one of your employees has to be reminded to smile and then becomes offended when asked to do so, it is in my opinion an indication of the poor training and low standards of the organization. In most other service available to the community the normal response to poor service is simply for the customers go to somewhere else where they will receive more courteous service. Since you have a monopoly on this service there is nowhere else to go. So my only choose is to not give my blood. This is too bad for the community and for me. My recommendation for your organization is devote a little more time on training your staff on common courtesy and human relations and focusing on retaining your current clients. This approach just might avoid these Critical Alerts and pleas for donations. Your organizations low standards and lack of common courtesy help remind me why I value freedom of choice and treasure the free enterprise system so much where these low standards of common courtesy would never survive. Sincerely, Jack Armstrong

Donor: R. Graham
Date: 2009-06-03
To \_Patrick\_: I asked the front desk why they take your picture and she said \_If we allowed anyone in who claims to be a regular donor, we could risk taking blood that has AIDS or another blood-related disease.\_ Makes perfect sense to me. Please don_t let something so minor prevent you from giving someone else a chance at survival. Tri-County is an absolutely wonderful blood bank. They are kind, courteous, and professional. The woman at the front desk gave me a \_first time donor\_ sticker so they would \_treat me like a princess\_ and that_s exactly what they did! They were wonderful!

Donor: Patrick Simonsen
Date: 2009-04-17
In order to give blood I was required to have my picture taken. The reason given was,\_You might forget your ID and then you_d have to go home for it.\_ I have no objection to medical questions, etc. but this is security run amuck. I won_t return.

Donor: mostly harmless
Date: 2008-05-23
I have had the opportunity to live in 4 different blood bank communities and to be a donor at all of them. Without a doubt the staff of Tri Counties deserves first prize in their professionalism. warmth, caring, knowledge and follow-through. Their callers are respectful, their nurses skilled, their office staff courteous. I feel valued and that what I am giving, my time and my blood, is valued. Other blood banks should look to Tri-Counties as a role model.

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