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One of the projects that BloodBanker has funded is AIRBudz, alternative earbud attachments invented by Tammy Erdel that enable people to listen to music and hear the noise around them especially when they are outdoors and therefore help prevent accidents.

What are AIRbudz?
AIRbudz are alternative earbud attachments that can be used while listening to music and still enable you to be aware of your surroundings. People just love to use earphones and listen to music anywhere and wherever they go- it’s a kind of energy booster to have a tune playing. One advantage of using earphones is you hear the music without interruption and you can’t hear anything that’s going in your surroundings. The disadvantage would be you won’t know if there’s a vehicle approaching, dogs barking, or a friend calling your name. The only thing you can thing you hear is your music in your own isolated world.


AIRbudz have built-in air channels that allows the user to simultaneously listen to music and hear the ambient noise to help reduce risk of accidents and injuries.

This is especially helpful for people and sports enthusiasts like bikers, joggers and skateboarders or anyone who is used to putting on headphones outdoors. Instead of cancelling out noise from the surroundings, the air channels allows the wearer to hear other sounds like car horns, screeching tires, voices of people who try to get your attention and other sounds that could save your life.

AIRbudz are useful and convenient to use. These earbudz accessories fit to your earphones that have removable earbuds and will suit around 70% of existing earbud models.

Why AIRbudz is important?
AIRbudz does everyone a favor by saving your life, as many instances of earphone-related accidents have been recorded over the past years.

According to a recent study, serious injuries sustained by pedestrians while listening to headphones have more than tripled in six years. The average age of the victims is 21 while most of the incidents happened in urban places.

AIRbudz serve as your connection to the outside world. While some people prefer noise-canceling ear phones to isolate themselves from any sort of sounds, AIRbudz present its importance in the every day lives of people who wish to listen music while staying safe.

Why we should support it?
Though functional and stylish, AIRbudz has been self-funded and it needs financial support to finish what it has started. They need our help to finalize the exact design, complete the tooling, finish the packaging and produce more AIRbudz to bring this to a larger market. The creator of AIRbudz have been working with a leading team of experienced design experts that can take a product from concept to production while ensuring quality and cost.

AIRbudz is truly a promising project that can help many people – athletes, students and professionals alike – in avoiding accidents caused when wearing noise cancelling earphones outdoors.

Sometimes, earphones make people indifferent to their surroundings, but with AIRbudz you can now enjoy your favorite music while being aware of your environment.

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