Auction for Recovery

Chace Topperwien was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia when he’s about two. This was the moment where his life completely changed. He’s losing weight fast, he’s getting weaker and the complications of his disease started to appear. Both his parents (Ryan & Keri), who are both 27 years in age, needed to give up their jobs just to attend Chace’s needs.

Luckily, the family received big help from their friends and relatives. A lot of them sent their prayers and financial contributions. They also scheduled to raise funds through a breakfast auction “Shave for Chace.” In fact, the venue of the breakfast took place at Waikato University Academy of Performing Arts on July 28, 2011 (7:30 AM) and tickets were sold for $50 to $450 for every table of ten persons.

Naomi Simmonds, a close friend of Keri and the head organizer of the breakfast auction, said:

“We really just wanted to get behind her … and just support them in what is probably every parents’ worst nightmare. We’ve had lots of people ring in and email and say the story’s really touched them and they want to support.”

Ryan Topperwein confirmed his son’s last round of chemotherapy was successful. It reduced the cancer cells and his doctor declared Chace is fully ready for cord blood transplant.

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