More Funding for Cord Blood Stem Cells

This morning, I opened my mail alerts and it’s nice to read some good news. I quickly read it and I realize there’s much chances for cord blood industries to prosper.

In United Kingdom, a funding worth £4 million is invested for stem cell services. A man by the name of Anthony Nolan runs a charity and he decided to work hand-in-hand with the country’s successful stem cell register (NHS Blood & Transplant). Through this, Nolan is on a mission to increase the collection by recruiting more qualified donors.

This fund project is said to include three parts:

First, Anthony Nolan with the help of NHS Blood & Transplant firms up and they will be given access to more than seven hundred adult donors in the country.

Second, a suitable match for the transplant can easily be search because Nolan becomes the sole contact point and a fit panel composed of twenty-thousand young adult donors will be established.

Lastly, there’s budget of £2 million for five existing cord blood banks. As one of the largest bank in the world, the NHS Cord Blood Bank is expected to raise its collection samples from seventeen thousand to thirty-five thousand units.

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