Private Cord Blood Banking & Autologous Therapy

A detailed report on the relationship of private cord blood banking and autologous therapy was published in Health News Digest. In this report, two doctors by the name of Francis Verter and JJ Nietfeld compares the rate of a cord blood stored in a private bank and a cord blood donated in a public bank. Sure, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) favors the latter but understanding the other side of the story is still good. By the end of 2009, it’s found out there are more than 200 cases of autologous therapy (banking cord blood).

Dr. Nietfeld confirms the cumulative probability of a ten-year-old child who will receive a matched cord blood stem cell is only one in 5000. That said, if this type of therapy which involves cord blood, especially to twelve percent of patients with cerebral palsy – the number of children receiving stored cord blood can be greater and the total number is even double than those who only received a cord blood from matched donors.

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