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I would like to welcome all of you to the Cord Blood Banking Community website for the latest news and articles. This site was made to give the average internet user and researcher some quality information on this new area. The whole idea of saving a baby’s umbilical cord blood for treating diseases in the future is a new one for most of us.

Its almost straight out of science fiction to be collecting and storing blood at sub-zero temperatures for years. I think of it as being able to suspend time and “turn off” a human or cells until the time is right to make use of this precious DNA.

Cord blood banks are very mysterious to most of us. A vision of an underground lair filled with vials of human protoplasm could be nothing farther then the truth. We hope to get feedback from the banks themselves so people can see what this exciting and new industry is all about.

Thanks for making it to our site, hope you find what you need and we look forward to your comments and articles. You can signup here and post any questions or comments you may have on a new topic, or leave comments on existing articles anytime.

Thanks again, we await your blood banking knowledge!

Your friendly admin.

ps: NEW 9-12-05 Do you know of a Cord Bank that should be listed on our site? Email us the details at admin at bloodbanker.com and we’ll be sure to get it on the site as soon as we can.

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