Donate Blood and Save Lives at Carnegie Mellon University’s Blood Drive

Many people are in need of blood every minute of the day, that is why it is so important for people to consider blood donation as one of their glorious contribution to mankind.


To continue this lifesaving mission, Carnegie Mellon University is hosting a blood drive for students and faculty members, as well.


Those who want to give the gift of life can visit the nearest blood bank in the university, the Central Blood Bank in Boulevard of the Allies.

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Qualified donors can become life-savers when they donate blood in any of the blood banks all over Pittsburgh.

Giving blood is a noble thing to do. What’s more, knowing that you saved a life with just a tiny transfusion is very rewarding.

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Donate blood today! Sign up on our website for an appointment in any Pennsylvania blood banks and, together, let us all save lives!

Join Cypress College in their Lifesaving Blood Drive

Cypress College is hosting a blood drive to help millions of people who need blood transfusions each year!


Students and school staff can donate in United Westlab, the nearest blood bank from the university and the only blood donation center in Garden Grove.






To donate blood is to save a life, but unfortunately, not all people are qualified to give blood.

Are you an interested blood donor? Here’s what you should know:

To be an eligible blood donor, you must weigh at least 110 lbs., be at least 18 years old, and be in good health and shape.


Visit any of the blood banks located all over California to learn more about the blood donation process!

Sign up on our website for an appointment and donate your precious blood now!

Be a Part of the Downtown Toronto Blood Drive

Calling all compassionate people in the Downtown Toronto area— come and join your fellow Canadians in giving blood and saving lives!

The downtown area in Toronto, Ontario is hosting a blood drive for people who are in great need of lifesaving blood. Interested donors can visit any of the available blood banks in Toronto, but for the nearest and easiest option, people can go to Mount Sinai Insception Cord Blood Program— just a few blocks away from the downtown area.


Maybe you are wondering: why donate blood?

The blood you will be giving to patients can help cure their various ailments and diseases. Just like you, they also need blood to completely function and survive day-to-day activities, so even just one donation can save millions of lives.


What are you waiting for? Sign up on our site and choose from different blood banks in Ontario! As we say here in Bloodbanker, “give blood for money or glory!”

San Francisco State University Hosts Blood Drive – Join Now!

The increasing need for blood affects all of us, especially those who are in need of it. Almost all US states conduct blood donation activities every now and then, and the blood banks in California are among the active ones in this act.


In an effort to save and enhance more lives, the San Francisco State University is hosting a blood drive. Open to all students, school staff, and almost everyone who would like to participate, this blood drive aims to give patients the blood that they deserve.


Interested donors can visit any of the available blood bank locations in San Francisco, but for the convenience of those studying in the university, there is a nearest blood donation center to the campus.


Sign up for an appointment today! Visit our website and mark your preferred visit online. Who knows? The blood you will be giving may be another person’s lifesaver.

Donate Blood with University of California Santa Cruz

The University of California, Santa Cruz is regularly organizing blood donation activities, aiming to attend to the needs of both donors and patients.

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Now, you can donate, too! The university is welcoming aspiring (and qualified) blood donors to give the gift of life. The nearest blood bank is in San Jose, but there are certainly more blood donation centers in California to choose from.


Interested donors must meet the following requirements before they can give blood:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must weigh at least 110 pounds
  • Must be in good health condition
  • Must have a proof of address and identification cards with social security number


Donating blood can be a great experience if you are aware of the people you’re helping. Sign up online and save lives today! Visit our website to make an appointment.