Why Blood Donation Is Important

Transfusions of blood and its blood components are important part of health care in our society. The growing rate in life expectancy, the creation of specialist intensive-care units, and the increase demand of patients suffering diseases that were previously considered to be incurable, mean that the demand for blood is overvalue.

There are many reasons to give blood but each one of us has its own reason. Donate blood if you were asked by a friend. Donate blood if a family member need blood in the future and no one knows maybe you need blood someday. Don’t just donate blood in the event of tragedies or emergencies, it must be a normal and routine part of our lives. Others believe that donating blood is the right thing to do. Donate blood while you can as life is essential.

Take a look of this great guy why donating blood is important. He had a car accident which put himself in someone else’s shoe when needing blood and up to now he still continues to donate blood.

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Stanford University Joins Blood Drive For a Cause

Stanford University conducts blood drive to collect its target blood supply every year. With this on-site blood drive located in the university campus, more students, employees and staffs, and even alumni are participating in the said event. This is to make blood donation convenient for those willing to participate.

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This is a great idea where innovative blood drives are making closer to donors in their most convenient time and satisfying experience. This is a bonus of having blood drives near you where anytime they can provide the service. Through blood transfusion, Stanford University provides for the future and in own way contributes solution to a healthier medicine in the community.


Through this university blood drive, it helps connect donors and patients in a certain way. It is created to meet the unstoppable need of blood transfusion. The increase need of blood products is a never ending problem in the community but it lessens the everyday struggle with the support of the university and blood drive committee.bb-fyler-b6-stanford-university-california-photo_5_320x240bb-fyler-b6-stanford-university-california-photo_4_320x240

To get started, consider us to join in this battle. Help us by supporting blood drive through signing up on our site for appointment at the blood bank locations in California. We will help you started and bring you details or information needed to donor’s greatest experience. Come and speak to us!

University of California Hosting a Blood Drive

The University of California and its affiliate blood bank, the Bloodbanker have cooperated for the same mission. This is to improve the safety and effectiveness of blood transfusion in the community. For decades, the safety transfusion of blood from donors to patient needing it is the top priority. Aside from the fact that blood supply is struggling for over the past years, it is recommended that each one of us should undergo and participate in the blood drive.

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The University of California is encouraging companies, members of the church and civic groups to come in the on-site blood drive for a convenience and safety process of blood donation. Through this, each of us will find that spirit of giving in our own little contribution as well as to help the community.


There are many unique reasons for donating blood. If you have a small group, coworkers or friends that would like to donate in honor of someone you love or afraid to lose or perhaps someone you might know needed a life-saving blood transfusion, now is the time to ready yourself and donate your blood. This is a new opportunity to share and tell the world how fulfilling your experience so to inspire others.bb-fyler-b6-university-of-california-at-los-angeles-ucla-IMG_8421_240x240bb-fyler-b6-university-of-california-at-los-angeles-ucla-IMG_8434_240x240

Visit us here at blood bank locations in California to know more about the donation process and to settle appointment online. We are welcoming people that come in any shapes and sizes as long as they are eligible to donate blood!bb-fyler-b6-university-of-california-at-los-angeles-ucla-IMG_8446_240x240bb-fyler-b6-university-of-california-at-los-angeles-ucla-IMG_8435_240x240

Get Ready for University of Colorado’s Blood Transfusion

This is another year to prepare individuals for blood donation or transfusion at the University of Colorado responsible for managing blood drives within its area. The university blood drive committee provides safety and efficient blood transfusion practice. It is highly recommended to bring blood drive near to people with convenience and satisfaction. It is super easy to go to on-site blood drive for better accommodation and service.

The university blood drive team members are skilled, precise and safeguards all the screening equipment to care you can trust. Specialized doctors and nurses are going to attend all your needs in the day of blood drive and with the help of passionate volunteers everything will be doing great. You can count on University of Colorado’s blood transfusion for its highest quality and assurance. It is the university’s top priority to give the best when it comes to health matter.

Application and information can be found on our website, please be guided of the following blood bank locations in Colorado. To donate, a donor must be at least 18 years old with good health condition and weigh 110 pounds. The process usually takes about one to two hours but it would be your most fulfilling day by giving the gift of life.

One blood donation could save three lives, so count yourself in! Give blood as you give life to others!

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Give Blood, Save Lives at University of Connecticut

When you give blood, did you know that one blood donation could save three lives? Donating blood lies in our hands. Never lose sight of the fact that every pint of blood represents a patient who needs our help.

For blood donation process, one must responsible enough to take good care of himself before going to the blood drive. You have to eat something although drawing of blood takes only five to ten minutes but the whole duration of blood donation takes one to two hours. Every hour, blood transfusion is needed for critical patients including babies and children, cancer patients, those undergoing major surgeries and even trauma patients.

Here at University of Connecticut with a full-service to be experience in donating blood. It has been tested for over years for a higher quality of service in blood donation. With the help of its faculty and staff, university students and representatives for helping and assisting every donor’s need give a satisfying experience. Through this, it brings people together in a spirit of teamwork to make this blood donation a success and promoting a cause that saves millions of lives every year..

For registration, visit our page to our blood bank locations in Connecticut for further details. Learn more about eligibility requirements and how donors donate their blood.

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