Givecoin bounty program for Blood Donation Charity is paying people Givecoin in a bounty program they started. Givecoin Bounty Program. What is great is that they are vowing not to convert any of the donations they are getting, here: into any other digital currencies, like bitcoin or digitialcoin.

This is interesting because it creates a whole ecosystem where donors can see where exactly their money is going. As a donor I know exactly how much the charity has by checking the block explorer. Then, on the other side, the bounty program creates a direct way for people to provide value for the charity. By paying out in bounties you are providing jobs for people that want to help a charity but might not necessarily have financial wealth.

Granted, a charity isn’t going to get 100% of its funding through a cryptocoin, but what if a charity uses a bounty program as a way to tap into a new younger crowd of advocates and donors. It’s a self sustaining system you’ve created as long as there are enough onramps and offramps so people can freely trade Givecoin with other currency as they please.

Philippine Relief for 7.2 Earthquake on 10.14.2013

An earthquake with magnitude 7.2 occurred near Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines at 00:12:37.20 UTC on Oct 15, 2013.


BloodBanker is donating funds to the American Red Cross on behalf of the victims in Bohol here. Red Cross Philippines Earthquake Relief If you like BloodBanker then please consider donating to help the victims of this earthquake as some awesome contributions to BloodBanker were made by very talented developers from this area.


Remembering Talia: A Child Warrior Extraordinaire

The world was saddened upon hearing the death of Talia Joy Castellano, the American internet celebrity who lost her battle on two types of cancer.

Talia, the bubbly 13 year-old who shot to fame for her inspiring make-up tutorials on Youtube, died on July 16, 2013, but the inspiration she left to those whose lives she had touched continues to live.

Talia succumbed to neuroblastoma and preleukemia

Talia Joy Castellano died on July 16, 2013

On Valentine’s Day of 2007, the young Talia had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer, that made her undergo different kinds of therapies and treatments. She beat and relapsed the disease multiple times over the last 6 six years.

Talia battled two types of childhood cancer neuroblastoma and preleukemia – but she showed a level of maturity during her ordeal that was well beyond her age.

She took her zesty character to her youtube channel, Taliajoy18, where she posted make-up tutorials and beauty tips. She used make-up as a confidence booster.

“I love and adore makeup, using it as my wig and having so much self-confidence to go out to the grocery store without a wig. It’s just amazing,” she shared in one of her videos.

In the short time she stayed on earth, Talia had already done and achieved so much: she had a youtube channel that had more than 39 million hits, she met her idol, and she had served as an inspiration to many – sick and healthy people alike.

Her dream of meeting Ellen DeGeneres came a reality last September 2012, when she guested in the host’s show. Plus, Ellen made Talia an honorary Cover Girl, complete with her own portrait – something that made the young fighter teared up on the show.

During the interview, Ellen asked Talia how she stays so positive, to which Talia answered: “just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

Unfortunately for this little angel, she then developed myelodysplastic syndrome (preleukemia) in her bone marrow which had progressed last year.

Doctors suggested a bone marrow transplant, but Talia decided against the operation. The surgery could take a toll on her body because she has had a lot of surgeries already. Talia said she wanted to spend whatever remaining time she had left free of pain and in the company of her family.

But as what Talia once said, all journey must come to an end. And hers has reached its finish line.

On July 16 at 11:22 am, Talia finally succumbed to her diseases at Arnold Palmer Hospital. Talia had earned her wings, is now free from pain and resting.

A day after Talia died, her family posted a picture of Talia’s bucket list called “Things I Wanna Do Before I Die.” Though Talia is not here anymore to fulfill all of her wishes, her fans have bravely taken the mission and are crossing things off the list one by one.

Among her bucketlist include: Give flowers to a stranger, Dance in the rain, Have a huge pool party, Free hugs all day, Surf and Body paint.

At 13, Talia had probably achieved so much more than any child her age has ever had. It was a life well-lived and a battle well-fought.

The world was saddened upon hearing the death of Talia Joy Castellano, but the traces of a happy and worry-free child will be best immortalized through the videos she shared with the world online.

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