Life South Community Blood Centers

The Atlanta area is rich in culture and southern charm, and the blood banks are no different. Atlanta has a series of small blood banks that are not affiliated with a larger organization, which adds to the small appeal.

Life South Community Blood Centers
4891 Ashford Dunwoody Rd.
Atlanta, Ga 30338

Phone: 404-329-1994

Donate: You can donate whole blood, blood plasma and blood platelets.
What are the components of whole blood?

Plasma: the fluid portion of blood contains water, albumin, hormones and clotting factors.

Red Cells: these cells carry oxygen from the lungs to tissues in the body and return carbon dioxide to the lungs

White Cells: vital for protecting against disease and infections

Platelets: Small plate-shaped cells that cluster together to help form blood clots when bleeding occurs , without these you could not stop bleeding.

Hours of Operation:
Monday- Thursday 9-7
Friday. 9-4
Saturday 8-2

Pay per donation: They do not offer any money; instead they offer gifts, like a hat, bag or t-shirt.

How often can you donate: When donating blood & plasma done together, you can donate every 56 days. If you are only donating platelets, you can only donate every 28 days.

Tests: They do a brief medial screen taking vitals temperature, pulse and blood pressure, as well as iron levels.

Time it takes to donate: Blood 20 minutes to half hour Platelets 1 to 2 hours

Up front costs to donor: None

Advantages: They feel they have a better staff than any other location in the city, and since in used to be better staff used to be an old hospital, it has lots of color.

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8 thoughts on “Life South Community Blood Centers

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  2. I live in the Leeds Al. area.I was doing ampheresis donations at St Vincent EAst.Pretty regular until yall quit doing apheresis donations there Oxmoor is too far,so is Brookwood.I wish you had a location as close or closer so I could continue.I guess thats the way it goes.Thank you.
    Steve Tapley

  3. I’ve been phoning the organizations you’ve listed as PAYING for plasma &/or platelets &/or blood (I have AB- which is rare & therefore valuable). But none of the places you’ve listed are paying anything. It’s all donations. What’s up with that? In the past, I’ve always donated my blood & plasma, never thinking twice of monetizing my donation. Only thinking of the people benefiting from it. But I’m financially strapped & trying everything I can to raise more money. Please advise for the Atlanta, Georgia area. Thanks!

    • Ok, found 1! Adma Bio Center @ 6290 Jimmy Carter Blvd Ste 208, Norcross, GA. And they pay $25 for plasma, twice a week max. Must bring in gov’t photo id, ss card & bill no less than 30 days old if id doesn’t show current address.

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