What Does AB+ Blood Type Say About You?


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AB Positive(+) blood type consists of both A and B antigens on red cells, but neither A nor B antibody in the plasma. This AB positive blood type makes you a universal plasma donor.

Personality Types     

The personalities of persons having this type AB Positive blood type are cool, controlled, rational and adaptable but critical, indecisive, forgetful and irresponsible. Mostly gentle and emotionally sensitive in ways, very empathetic and careful when dealing with others, and sometimes perceived to be having two personalities because they keep their true selves hidden from strangers.

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With type AB Positive blood, 82 percent more likely to have cognitive difficulties specifically in areas such as memory recall, language and attention compare to other blood types. The researchers shows that the clotting protein known as “coagulation factor VIII” is the reason behind of this.

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Famous Personalities with AB+ Blood Type

The famous people belong to this blood type are Thomas Edison, Bob Sapp, Miyavi, Jackie Chan, and Ken Kitamura. These people maybe shy and outgoing, and hesitant but confident. They stand out from others, practically nice and easy going. These people can only receive red cells from AB+, AB-, B+, B-, A+, A-, O+, O- blood types and can receive plasma only from A and B blood types.Jackie Chan_320x240

Diet for This AB+ Blood Type

Blood type AB Positive do best when their muscle tissues are slightly alkaline, it means that it can’t metabolize food easily due to low stomach acid. It is advise to importantly watch the portion size and frequency of eating meat and chicken. Tofu is a good protein supplements same with nuts, seeds, beans and legumes. This blood type is good on grains and even wheat. Remember, this blood type has a weaker immune system, so eat more high in phytochemicals vegetables and the more alkaline fruits.Miyavi_320x182

People with AB Positive blood type have been found to have a 23 percent increased risk of heart disease when compared to O blood type. This may cause to a pregnant mother to suffer from the blood pressure condition called pre-eclampsia.

Knowing More About AB Negative(AB-) Blood Type

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In Tokyo, Japanese people believe that every blood type reflects to a person’s personality and affinity. It is common in their society to ask someone’s blood type or try guessing someone’s blood type according to their personality.download_320x240

Traits of AB- Blood Type
Persons with AB Negative(AB-) blood type are cool, well-liked and always put other people at ease but controllable. These people are totally natural entertainer. They are tactful and fair but standoffish, blunt, and have hard time making decisions.John F. Kennedy_288x240

Compatibility for Blood Donation
AB Negative(AB-) blood type is the rarest of all the blood types which compose only 1% of the population. Donors who are AB- blood type are the universal platelet and plasma donor. This means that the components can be donated into any patient, regardless of the recipient’s blood type. With this blood type, you can receive red blood cells from AB-, A-, B- and O- blood types and you can give red blood cells to AB+ and AB- blood types.

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AB- Blood Type Famous Personalities
To utilize this true lifesaving power, AB- blood type donors are encouraged to donate platelets and plasma through an automated process known as apheresis. Whereas, these famous personalities such as John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Dan Aykroyd, Marilyn Monroe, and Mick Jagger are willing to donate blood.Marilyn Monroe_189x240

Recommended Diet For AB- Blood Type
AB- blood type are not built to eat a lot of animal protein and best recommended to go for vegan diet. Plant foods includes fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, eating nuts and seeds supply are good source of protein. Also choose fresh, organic food in your grocery list and avoid processed foods as much as possible. Following this dietary plan is best suits to your blood type. This help decrease the chances of developing certain diseases such as cancer and optimize your metabolism to a more healthy and function-able you.

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Knowing More About A Positive (A+) Blood Type

What is A+ Blood Type?

People with Type A+ blood are very much needed in the blood donating industry. Why? Because their type is the second most common of all blood types.

Nearly 35.7% of the population has this type of blood, making people with Type A+ very important in saving other people’s lives.

Turn to Receive

People with Type A+ blood can receive blood from Type A+, A-, O+, O- people, while they can get plasma from Type A or AB people.

A Positive (A+) Personalities

Here are some traits that people with Type A+ blood have:

  • They are considered as the most artistic/creative bunch out of all the blood groups.
  • They are very keen when it comes to perfection.
  • They are also sensitive, shy, patient, and success-driven.
  • Some of their worst traits are being stubborn, tense, obsessive, fastidious, and over-earnest.

A+ is Seeing Stars

These celebrities have the same type of blood that’s been flowing through your body for ages, and because of that, your personality may resemble theirs… in a way:

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  • Ha Ji Won
  • Big Bang’s G-Dragon
  • Christina Ricci
  • Jet Li
  • Ayumi Hamasaki
  • Alan Alda
  • Hilary Duff
  • Ken Watanabe
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Jung Yong Hwa
  • Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Maki Nomiya
  • Richard Nixon
  • DBSK’s Yunho
  • BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang
  • Rick James
  • Park Shin Hye
  • Robin Williams
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • Lee Min Ho

The A+ Diet

Studies show that people with blood type A+ function better with a vegetarian diet. Fresh and organic vegetables are recommended for people with this blood type, so they can live a healthy, non-toxic life.

B Positive (B+) Blood Type: The Animals

Getting to Know the B+ Blood Type

People with B+ blood type are very important in the lifesaving process of blood donation. This is because Type B+ is a rare blood type, with only 8% of the population having it.

To Give and To Receive

People who have Type B+ blood can donate their whole blood to those who share the same type as theirs. However, they can only donate certain components to the following:

  • red blood cells – AB+
  • platelets – O+
  • plasma – B-, O+ and O-

Type B+ people can receive blood from donors with the same type, or those who have B-, O+ or O- blood type. They can also receive plasma from Type AB people.

The B+ Personalities

Here’s a quick introduction about people with B+ blood type:

  • B people are known as the most balanced bunch out of all blood types, which means they always strive for harmony in relationships.
  • They are cheerful, optimistic, independent, adventurous, passionate, creative, animal-loving, flexible, and goal-oriented.
  • They are also overly curious about things, easily exasperated when things don’t turn out as planned, not very good when it comes to multitasking, forgetful, self-centered and loners.

Famous B+ People

If you’ve got the B positive (B+) blood type circulating inside your body, then here are the celebrities/prominent figures who were born with the same type!


  • Hyun Bin
  • Tom Selleck
  • Luciano Pavarotti
  • Big Bang’s Tae Yang
  • Kim Hyun Joong
  • Big Bang’s Top (Choi Seung Hyun)
  • Kim Ji Won
  • Greta Garbo
  • SNSD’s Yoona
  • SHINee’s Min Ho

The characteristics of Type B+ people are most evident with Greta Garbo, who’s known for her very private life and aloof personality. Her famous line, “I want to be alone,” mirrors her off-screen persona as well.

The B+ Diet

For weight loss, Type B+ people are advised to avoid corn, wheat, tomatoes, peanuts and sesame seeds. Instead, choose healthier options such as green vegetables, low fat dairy products, eggs, and healthier meat choices such as goat, mutton, lamb or rabbit.

B Negative (B-) Blood Type: The Rare Ones

The Rarity of B-

If you’re carrying a B negative (B-) blood in your veins, then it means you’re one of the very few ones who have that type of blood!

B negative is a rare type of blood— in fact, only 1.5% of the whole population has this kind of blood. This happens because of the absence of rhesus (Rh) antigens in the blood.

To sum it up, here’s the mix of different blood types in the United States:

  • Caucasian – 2%
  • African-American – 1%
  • Hispanic – 1%
  • Asian – 0.4%

Giving and Receiving

Type B- people can donate their whole blood to those who share the same kind as theirs. The following can also receive from the Type B- group:

  • B+, AB-, AB+ – red blood cells
  • B+, O-, O+ – platelets and plasma

People with Type B- blood are compatible to receive blood from those who have B- and O- types. As for plasma, they can get it from fellow B and AB people.

The B- Traits

The traits of B- people are similar to those who have B+ blood type. The following characteristics apply to people with B blood type in general:

  • Type B people always want harmony in their relationships, which makes them the most balanced group out of all the other blood types.
  • Some of the positive traits of people with B blood type are: adventurous, passionate, optimistic, cheerful, creative, flexible, goal-focused, independent, and animal-loving.
  • However, type Bs also have not-so-positive attributes: they can’t multitask very well, are exceedingly curious about everything, and gets easily irritated when things don’t turn out the way they want to. They also tend to be aloof, self-centered, and forgetful.

Celebrities with Type B Negative (B-) Blood


  • Jack Nicholson
  • Mia Farrow
  • Leonardo Di Caprio
  • Paul McCartney
  • Akira Kurosawa
  • Johnny Depp

As you can see, these are the only famous people who have type B- blood. This is because of the fact that B- is the second rarest blood type, the first being AB negative (AB-).

What Should B- People Eat?

People with Type B- blood should also follow the same diet recommended to those who carry Type B+ blood.

Like B+ people, those who have Type B- blood should eat healthy choices of food for weight loss and overall good health. These options include low fat dairy, green vegetables, eggs, and other types of meat such as lamb, rabbit, mutton or goat.