Beat The Decline: Blood Supply Shortage In Summer and How To Stop It

Every two seconds, a patient in the United States is in need of lifesaving blood. With this in mind, the American Red Cross estimates that over 41,000 blood donations are needed every single day. Actually, this number is possible to meet, considering that there are billions of people in the United States, let alone the whole world.

The only problem? There are not enough blood donors who are willing to give and give, just as long as they have enough blood in their bodies.

The worst part is… those who donate are usually out of the scene in significant breaks of their lives, which is during the summertime.

With this article, you will be able to understand why summer is, unfortunately, not a good time for patients who depend on blood for their lives. It will also help you realize that blood donation should not stop when the summer season kicks in.



According to the American Red Cross, blood donations tend to decline when summertime starts. To support this data, they have their recent spring survey of their blood and platelet donors, which states that almost 90 percent of them have planned to take vacations this summer season.

This best explains the decrease in blood supply during summer. People take vacations— sometimes out of the country— and enjoy their free days apart from school or work, so, as a result, blood donation centers are not getting enough blood bags from their usual donors. In short, those patients who need blood every two seconds are not receiving enough lifesaving blood that they should be acquiring.

Sadly, patients who rely on blood cannot easily take vacations like their donors, so a lot of blood transfusions are still needed even in summer. The American Red Cross alone is in need of an estimated 15,000 blood donations every day for about 2,600 centers and hospitals nationwide, so they heavily rely on their volunteer donors to do the wonders of blood donation.

What is more depressing than active donors taking vacation is the fact that the donating population is actually a small one.

Greg Cogoli, a consistent blood donor and volunteer coordinator for the American Red Cross’ blood services in Tuscon, Arizona, states that out of all the eligible blood donors, only less than 10 percent actually give blood. “Very few people ever donate, and of those people who donate, a large percentage donate once and don’t donate again,” he said. “So it really, really behooves anyone who can to give it a try.”

Patients who rely on blood to save their lives actually need it because of various medical reasons, such as blood disorders, cancer, accidents, surgeries, and more. This is why the need for sufficient blood supply never wanes.



The American Red Cross, as well as other organizations, is highly encouraging more people to donate blood and give the gift of life— especially in summertime.

Because blood shortage is mostly felt during the summer season, it should be a must for more eligible donors to consider going to blood banks or blood drives and donating blood. This kind of participation is important not only for the American Red Cross, but for the people who will be receiving it, as well. All blood types will be greatly appreciated, although there is an intense need for negative types, such as A negative, B negative, and O negative.

Aside from whole blood donations, the American Red Cross states that there is also an immediate need for blood platelets. This component is helpful in blood clotting, so if you are willing to donate whole blood, why not throw in some of your platelets, too?



This year, the American Red Cross is organizing an event that is directly aimed at people who are considering taking vacations throughout the summer.

The “100 days of summer, 100 days of hope” campaign is being pushed by the Red Cross just in time for World Blood Donor Day on June 14… and for the rest of the summer period. It is officially sponsored by Suburban Propane, a nationwide distributor of fuel oil and propane and a marketer of natural electricity and gas in Whippany, New Jersey. This event is also organized for the Memorial Day holiday, which started on May 25.

To help encourage potential donors to participate in this lifesaving event, those who have donated blood from May 23-25 received a limited-edition Red Cross RuMe tote bag.

This campaign is sure to help increase the supply of blood throughout the summer. Suburban Propane’s CEO Mark Wienberg assures the public— and the patients— that the amount of blood and platelets in centers will be enough for hundreds of patients who need them. “The Suburban Propane family is proud to support the mission of the Red Cross and help ensure that blood and platelets are available for patients in need during the challenging summer months,” Wienberg says. “By partnering with the Red Cross, we are able to continue a noble cause that improves the lives of those in our communities.”



To join the campaign and donate your own blood, you are free to choose from three options by the American Red Cross: you can call them at 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767), visit their website at, or download their American Red Cross Blood Donor App, so you can have the comfort of setting up a blood donation appointment on your own mobile phone.

Whatever your choice is, just make sure that you meet all the donor eligibility requirements and— voila!— you will be able to help your fellow countrymen retain their lives with every pint of your blood.

Do not let the supply of blood decline this summer. Make a move and be a hero, today!

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