Blood & Plasma Domains Auction

Are you one of those blood and plasma donation advocates who want to provide a website where people can go to if they want to sell their blood?

Lucky you! Just in time because BloodBanker is selling domains from the Intuitive Investments collection in a rare sale to raise money!

These are:

The Domain names are perfect to be used as informative websites for plasma center directories!

People are googling where they can earn money the easy way, and selling blood is probably one of the best ways to do it.

The above domain names already speak strongly for itself, thus increasing chances of site traffic and drive revenue from search visibility.

Plasma Donation can let you earn $20 if you’re a first timer, but you can bring home $40-$60 dollars in your subsequent donations.

The problem is not everyone knows this! Therefore, you could just be the next person to bring these type of information – importance, concept and benefits of plasma donation – to the larger public!

This once in a lifetime sale runs for a limited time only, so make sure to purchase them before it’s too late!

Auction ends on August 6, 2013! Be the first to own these domains and make a profit out of it the soonest!

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