Celebrating the Red Cross Month

It’s the 2nd week of March and it’s the 3rd month of the year! So much has already happened in the first two months of the year, as well as the past 2012. The US has witnessed a string of disasters hit the ground – from tornadoes to blizzards to mudslides and wildfires – that ruined properties and livelihoods, destroyed dreams and killed lives of people who were affected by the tragedies.

"March is Red Cross Month"

March is Red Cross Month

But in the midst of temporary darkness that enveloped the lives of people, came light and hope in the form of compassionate people who reached out hands to bring relief. Despite the unpleasant things that happened, we still have the courage to celebrate something worth celebrating! For once, it’s the Red Cross month! Cheers to all the heroes across the country, named and unrecognized alike!

March has always been the Red Cross Month since 1942 when President Franklin Roosevelt issued the declaration to support American Red Cross efforts to raise funds for World War II. During this month, the Red Cross recognizes the generosity of its supporters and celebrate the lives of the everyday heroes in the community.

Moreover, on March 1, 2012, President Barack Obama himself made a Presidential Proclamation declaring March as the American Red Cross Month. He encouraged all Americans to observe this month with proper programs, activities and ceremonies, and to support the work of service and relief organizations.

Over the years, Red Cross has provided search-and-rescue teams that respond to disaster-stricken places and delivered lifesaving care and supplies to victims of any calamity. These lifesaving supplies
include food, shelter, medicines, and blood.

The Red Cross Blood plays a significant and vital role in collecting and distributing more than 40% of blood products in hospitals across the country, making them the largest blood and blood products supplier in the whole country. These lifesaving blood products come from the generous and selfless citizens who believe that rolling up sleeves can already make the difference between life and death.

We are one with the nation in celebrating the Red Cross Month;  we also support and believe in everything it does. Most specially the program that has anything to do with the  importance of having sufficient and safe blood supplies. We also want to recognize the efforts and hearts of our Heroes – the blood donors – who take time to shed a pint and save lives in their own little way.

The American Red Cross thrives because of YOUR support. With all your love and generosity, Red Cross will continue as a humanitarian, non-profit organization that aims to alleviate suffering through providing emergency assistance and disaster relief.

Let’s Celebrate American Red Cross Month!

If you want to do something valuable this month, why not donate to the American Red Cross instead? Donations can go a long way for families and communities. The ARC also welcomes citizens who would like to donate blood to help keep the blood supply at a safe level for the next few days. Blood supply always needs a fresh reload every few days, if every eligible citizen gives blood every 56 days then the ARC will rarely have blood shortage announcements.

The American Red Cross has more than 650 chapters and 36 blood services regions nationwide. Find Red Cross blood drives in your place and roll up your sleeves! Make your life count by saving others!

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