BloodBanker Joins Denver’s innovation ecosystem: GALVANIZE

A digital-startup company is making noise in Denver, Colorado as the newest “IT” thing when it comes to business and innovation.

Founded by entrepreneur Jim Deters, Galvanize is a 30,000 square-foot workspace that serves to nurture entrepreneurship through three main pillars: capital, community and curriculum. Many up and coming businessmen are afraid to venture into businesses because they lack funding and office space, but Galvanize takes care of those woes.

Galvanize supports a list of both Colorado-based startups as well as national branches and provide the needed tools for companies and individuals in the community to succeed. Galvanize will provide up to 70 small businesses access to a shared workspace, mentoring, investors and a software-programming school. These startups are expected to create exponential growth for employment in the future.

The best catch: it is near the heart of the city, offering Denver a combination of services not experienced at any single location.


Rockey Mountain Bank Note CompanyWorkspace is equipped with unlimited and high-speed Internet, phone booths, conference rooms and a game room- sweet! The They also have a coffee bar that keeps everyone galvanized (pardon the attempt in humor!).

The technology inside Galvanize stands in the walls of a historic landmark, the Rocky Mountain Bank Note Company. The building at 1062 Delaware St., Denver, Colorado, was where paychecks were printed and now it is a workspace and a business school (of sorts) and a place that serves delectable food and drink rolled into one. This building is a wide one and is designed to accommodate not only Galvanize entrepreneurs but also the public. Startups can have suites or just nooks assigned to them; the space is always there to meet your needs. The Atrium is where teams of 1 to 4 can be found interacting with other Galvanize fellows. As a team grows larger or the workspace they need would be bigger there is also the  G Suites. There is always a hum of activity, practically a meeting place for great minds!

Though still new in the community, Galvanize holds a promising future for entrepreneurs to meet up, work together and exchange brilliant ideas under one roof. With this unique and cool innovation ecosystem, BloodBanker is proud to be a part of Galvanize’s growing community and to be rubbing elbows with some of the city’s creative and bold minds.

Galvanize houses are ROXIMITY, Forkly,  GoSpotCheck, Uber, Ninety Plus, Knoll, Active Junky and BloodBanker.

"board of startups at Galvanize"

Galvanize Workspace Sharing for Startups

Thinking of putting a startup, too? Get Galvanized Now!

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