Ohio Blood Plasma Inc.

UPDATE: New Ohio Blood Banks …Leave a comment if you have time :)

Ohio Blood Plasma Inc
1128 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 651-2470

Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday 8 am 6 pm
Saturday 8 am 4 pm

What is donated?:

What do they do with the plasma?
Plasma is used in the treatment of disorders like hemophilia and other immune system deficiencies and used in the treatment of trauma injuries like shock and severe burns, is sold to hospitals and emergency rooms all over the world.

How much does the center pay per donation?
The first donation is $20, the second $30. Then after that it varies from $15 the first donation in one week, and $25 the second donationduring that week.

How often can one donate at the center?
You can donate plasma up to two times in a seven day period.

What tests are performed prior to signing up?
New donors must have a driver’s license social security card or proof of residency. They conduct a brief medical history, and determine if you are in good health. Then they check vitals- temperature, blood pressure, and pulse, and check for iron level and protein level with a finger stick.

How long does a donation take?
On the first visit, the whole process which includes the physical exam and the plasma donation it usually takes about two hours. After that it only takes about an hour and a half per donation.

Are there any upfront costs for the potential donor to enroll in the program (startup costs)?

History or Biography of Center:
Located there for more than ten years.

On a major bus route and one of the few paying centers in Cincinnati, OH.

A very busy center, but they were polite on the phone and helpful.

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6 thoughts on “Ohio Blood Plasma Inc.

  1. went to give blood plasma yesterday. Was turned don after 3 hrs because i stay at the ywca. A lot of us work.and pay taxes. I had no idea that your address affects hoe healthy your blood is. This is a violation of civil rights.

  2. @mary… how on earth is it a violation of civil rights? you do not have the right to force someone to buy something from you. that would be like trying to say I have the right to force a car dealer to buy my used car from me…
    And I would guess that the reason you were turned down is either because you are in a high-risk category of bloodborne pathogens (the same as anyone who travelled out of the country recently would not be eligible), or due to some legal rammifications of your address being a communal address or transient address so they can’t report their payment for you to the IRS.
    Probably both.
    You still feel the overwhelming desire to express your ‘right’ to donate, go to a Red Cross or Hoxworth blood drive and donate, they’ll take almost anyone because if your blood comes up bad after testing, they just incinerate it anyway.

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