Biomet USA in Dallas

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Biomet USA
2580 Gus Thomasson Rd.
Dallas, TX 75228

What is donated:
Plasma- the fluid portion of blood contains water, albumin, hormones and clotting factors.

How do they get plasma:
Plasma is obtained thru an asapheresis donation, which is a special kind of blood donation where whole blood is withdrawn, the components are separated and retained, and the remainder of the blood is returned to the donor.

The retained components (e.g. platelets, plasma, etc.) are then made available to the pharmaceutical or therapeutic industry. and the remainder of the blood returned to the donor. The needed component (e.g. platelets, plasma, etc.) is then made available to the patient.

Hours open: Hours of operation are
Monday Wednesday Friday 8-4
Tuesday Thursday 10-6
Saturday 8-2

Pay per donation:
The first donation you receive $20, and the second and subsequent donations you get $30.

Frequency of donation:
Your blood is returned to you during a plasma donation so you are able to donate twice a week.

Test prior to donating:
On the first visit they do a medical history, brief physical, and check iron & protein levels. After that they just check iron and protein levels and run a quick check of vitals- temperature, blood pressure and pulse.

Length of time for donation:
For the first donation it might take 2 hours, but then after that it is very quick and only takes 45 minutes.

Upfront cost for donor:

They have plenty of good parking.

The people at the center get you in and out as fast as possible, and are polite and willing to explain everything.

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25 thoughts on “Biomet USA in Dallas

  1. Do I need to bring my social security card for the first visit? If I do and I do not have my social will a passport and drivers license take the place of not having the social security card.

    • @KimNobles Stay healthy, take your vitamins daily, exercise regularly and you must weigh more than 110 pounds. If you feel sick before the scheduled donation, postpone your appointment.

  2. If you have the Hep B vaccine, is there a higher pay for your plasma? I only ask because this is the case at a donor center like this in San Antonio. Thanks.

  3. I got permitly defered for some tattoo had frm the day after i donated in 2007. amd its been almost five yrs since i been there and i go today they do this

  4. Please indicate how much blood is taken. 45 minutes seems like a long time and that was a good question not answered before. Thank you

    • Hey @Brian,

      Usually, only a pint of plasma is removed from you and you can do nothing about the collecting process. It’s regularly 45 minutes long.

  5. How do you safeguard from viruses if blood is passed through the machine, and then remainder back into your bloodstream after plasma is taken?

    Can whole blood simply be given or is this the only process?

    Thank you

    • Can you answer about the virus safegaurd? IE., are the machine blood handling components repalced or compeltey removed and cleaned between doners?

      • Mr Williams

        I am asking this as a serious question. What confidence can you share regarding the process? Tubes in the equipment are not reused when giving whole blood. Seems safer not to have any blood components put back in the body since only a pint is taken. Is that an option?

  6. Nothing is ever reused and no ” tube” is touches more than one persons blood. They Separate plasma from your blood, to collect a certain amount of plasma they must use more blood than in normal blood donation, so…the machine kind of reverses and sends the plasma depleted blood back in your body to load up and start again. This cycle repeats until they get between oh…, 600 to, I think the max is 980 ml. I only weigh 140 lbs. so I gave 720 ml. Forgive my simple explanation but thats what you see if you watch the machine. Everything seems connected to the bag nothing is reused ever, when I went.

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