Deadly Tornadoes slashed through Georgia and Tennessee

Before the month of January ended, multiple deadly tornadoes battered the Southeast, particularly in Georgia and Tennessee, that flipped vehicles, destroyed homes and businesses and claimed the lives of two people.

The tornado, caused by a 1000 mile-long storm system, crushed communities in northwest Georgia on January 31, and caused significant damage in Adairsville, Georgia.

In Adairsville, the tornadoes damaged a motel and manufacturing plant; fortunately guests and workers of the Daiki plant were reported safe. According to the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, nine people in Bartow County were injured.

"Georgia and Tennessee hit by deadly tornado"

A huge dark cloud of tornado battered Georgia (Photo credit:

Georgia’s Governor, Nathan Deal, declared a state of emergency after the tornado ripped through several counties and destroyed countless homes and businesses.

Neighboring state Tennessee was also hit by eight tornadoes, with winds reaching 115 mph. There were no reports of serious injuries in the state but the storm damaged homes, a warehouse and an automotive business.

Although Georgia and Tennessee were the ones that were severely hit, according to the Associated Press, the tornado reached farther west and injured people in Arkansas and Kentucky.

Two deaths were reported in both states: a 47 year-old man from Nashville, Tennessee; and a man from Adairsville, Georgia.

Georgia and Tennessee have spent their weekends recovering from the tornadoes that ripped through the towns. The American Red Cross is doing their best to provide food and shelter to those affected  .

In Tennessee, Red Cross disaster workers are operating with local Emergency Management agencies and community partners to make sure that people’s needs are attended to. In Georgia, Red Cross has opened shelters for those affected by the tornadoes and flooding. They also provide meals in the shelters while damage assessment teams determine areas of need.

With the tragedy that struck the southwest last week, we are pretty sure that lots of help is coming – be it in the form of money, foods, clothes, shelter, etc. But there is so much you can do without having to spend too much. You can help and save lives in less than an hour. How? By donating blood.

Since there are injuries recorded at the height of the storm, blood donations are badly needed in Georgia and Tennessee to help patients recover from trauma and injuries. Also, blood shortages could be hanging around the corner since residents are too preoccupied nowadays to set an appointment and donate blood.

We at BloodBanker, encourage you, whoever and wherever you are, and whether you live in a calamity-stricken area or not, to donate blood. We will never know when calamities strike our cities, and if they do, we can only hope that there’s enough blood supplies in hospitals and blood banks.

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