ZLB Plasma Services of Detroit

UPDATE: Find ALL ZLB locations here!

ZLB Plasma Services operates 44 blood plasma centers in the US. ZLB recently merged or bought out Avent-bioservices in the US. However, the current bio-services locations in the US will continue to operate under the Bio-services name.

According to this large conglomerate, Aventis Bio-Services and ZLB Plasma Services’ merging will allow ZLB to better serve the donors and the patients who depend on plasma therapies, there used to be a ZLB in Detroit proper, however it is closed. The Oak Park location is right next to Detroit and so we called that location.

ZLB Plasma Services
13770 West 9 Mile Road
Oak Park, MI 48237
(248) 584-4400

Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday 8-6pm
Saturday 8 am – 12 pm
New patients
Monday to Friday 8 – 4
Saturday 8-10

How much does the center pay per donation?
You receive $20 for the first donation and $30 for the second. After that it depends upon your weight and the total volume of plasma you donate. (The higher the amount the more you get paid)

How often can one donate at the center?
You can donate plasma up to two times in a seven day period.

What tests are performed prior to signing up?
You must be at least 18, weigh 100 pounds, and be in good health. They suggest you drink plenty of fluids before you donate. They conduct a brief medical history, and determine if you are in good health. Then they check vitals- temperature, blood pressure, and pulse, and check for iron level and protein level with a finger stick.

How long does a donation take?
The first donation takes about 3 hours, then after that it only takes about 2 hours for the plasma donation.

Are there any upfront costs for the potential donor to enroll in the program (startup costs)?

Advantages :
Plenty of parking and conveniently located.

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