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The United States have been hit by recession some five years ago but Americans always have ways to make both ends meet despite the hard times. Rodric Hurdle-Bradford wrote in his article “How Far Would You Go to Get Out of Debt? Blood, Sperm, Garbage?” the 4 clever options that Americans have been resorting to to earn extra income. And one of those options, my friends, is SELLING PLASMA.

This may not sound new to everyone anymore. From students to working professionals to single parents ā€“ the plasma donation industry has been the saving lifeline to enable financially struggling citizens pay the dues. But how? Simple. Plasma centers pay as low as $20 for first time donors and around $40-$60 when you donate again.

No degree or work overtimes needed ā€“ all you gotta do is go to a local plasma center near your place, be healthy enough to be an eligible donor and roll up those sleeves. The whole plasma donation process is longer than blood donation. If you’re a first time blood donor, you may only spend an hour and this already includes filling up forms, screening and the actual blood donation. But if you’re a first time plasma donor, the whole process may take 3 hours, but subsequent donations may only take 90 minutes.

Another question you might ask is: ā€œI’ve been told that plasma donation can save lives, but how exactly am I doing that?ā€
Good question, buddy! Plasma donation can let you save lives in ways you can never see. Unlike in blood donation where your fluid is used directly for transfusions, collected plasma from plasma centers are processed into life-saving therapies.

Plasma is a component of blood which is rich in proteins and antibodies such as immunoglobulins, clotting factors, fibrinogen and albumin. Therefore, it is used to produce therapies that treat life-threatening chronic, rare and often genetic diseases such as primary immunodeficiencies, hemophilia and alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, and neurological and autoimmune disorders.

Plasma Donation is not that complicated, right? What are you waiting for? If you are healthy enough to donate and have no fear of needles, I encourage you to be a plasma donor NOW! Lots of sick people around the world need plasma donations to provide themselves with the therapies they need. When you donate plasma, you don’t only give these people a chance to live, you can also earn money from it. But please don’t make the monetary incentive your sole reason why you donate. Let me get this clear: Centers pay you for your time and effort, not for your donated fluid.

You can find plasma centers in your place through this DIRECTORY.

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140 thoughts on “Donate Plasma for Cash

    • I donated plasma for cash many years ago but, since then, I have had breast cancer twice. I have been cancer free for 11 years now and would like to do it again. I am wondering if this is still a possibility for me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  1. hello, i am a stay at home mom that would like to make some money. i want to dedicate as much of my time to my family as possible. what do i have to give? i am a healthy young woman i think this would work. get back to me if there is anywhere in my zip code is 48039.

      • Hi @Jessica,

        The only plasma center that pays in San Diego is Octapharma. You can check here more details of the blood/plasma banks in San Diego.

        Hope that helps! šŸ™‚

  2. I am looking for place that pays for plasma or blood really close to me as I don’t have a car. I am in Hialeah/Hialeah Gardens Florida (33016 zip)

  3. Any place in chicago or chicago burbs I can make some cash? I used to donate for free in high school/ college but times are tough for me. Thanks!

  4. Any place on long island new york (preferably suffolk county), where i could sell my plasma for cash. I’ve tried looking on this site, but i’m not sure how to tell the difference between those that pay and those that don’t?

  5. Hi I looked on the site provided, but I am not sure which banks in the Houston, Texas or Pasadena, Texas area pay for plasma donations. Could you please provide the names and numbers of the ones that do. Thank you very much.

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  7. hello,
    i live in toronto, (canada) and am a student bt would like to donate blood to save someone bt since im paying too much of tuition i would also like to make some extra cash. please help me! thnks

  8. I am looking for any paying plasma centers around Santa Clarita Ca. I was in a Hep B program in Van Nuys but they are phasing it out.

  9. I wish to donate any sellable parts of my body like blood, blood plasma, kidney etc., in return for financial benefits, this is to solve some of my financial commitments, which includes educating my children and ensuring a steady income, so if interested contact me on my email ‘’

    • @Sathleesh You can sell your plasma in Plasma centers such as BioLife, Talecris, Biomat USA, Octapharma and CSL

  10. Hello, I am having trouble locating a center where I can be paid for plasma donation. I have called a couple of locations listed on directories and they say they don’t pay. I live in Yuba City, CA–are there any locations near the area that will pay? Thank you.

  11. I would like to know if there are Plasma center locations in NYC, that will do Plasma for cash? Most preferably Brooklyn, or Manhattan… Queens is acceptable too…

    • @Jennifer No. American Red Cross is a non-profit organization and they only encourage voluntary donors to donate plasma. Selling plasma is a different thing. If you want to get paid, you need to go in popular plasma banks owned by pharmaceutical companies such as Biomat USA, Talecris, CSL, etc.

  12. What series of test do you have to take or pass to donate plasma?
    Are there any locations in Summerville, SC to go to donate plasma?

  13. I had been donating plasma off and on for years. I made the mistake of mentioning how I am gay and staff overheard me. I was pulled into a room and asked point-blank if I was gay. I said yes, but I am a virgin. (I really am a virgin!) I explained how I am not even involved in the gay community and I abstain from any kind of sex, including with women because of religious reasons (this is the truth). I was told that I had to be deferred because they would never know if I was telling the truth or not. It was traumatizing! I know one of the questions they ask men before they donate is they’ve ever had sex with a man since 1977. I have never! And I won’t! I just happen to have feelings that I don’t necessarily need to act upon! Not everyone who is gay is or has been sexually active. I don’t assume that all heterosexuals have had sex (I know plenty that haven’t). What do I do now? I feel like I’ve been treated unfairly. I would like to continue to donate plasma. Am I banned from other plasma centers as well? What do I do?

    • @Sam You can still make a difference by becoming a blood bank volunteer should these banks continue to ban homosexuals from donating.

  14. I would like to get the names of places that compensate you for your blood or plasma. I cant find one near me in florida. I have googled it, but they give you a list and when you call they are rude because they have never paid!!!. I need the extra cash I am disabled and this is something I could do to help others and myself..

  15. Could you please provide a list of places where I can donate plasma and how much they pay us donors for the Long Beach, CA 90814 area. I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you so much

    Michelle Needler

  16. I’m living in Brooklyn and I can’t find any places in the NYC area that buy plasma. I checked the list and called a bunch of different places but everyone says they don’t buy. Are there any places in the NYC area that buy blood/plasma?

  17. Hello MR/MISS
    I am Employee plasma pheresis center in iran. please answer my question.
    How much do you get paid to donate plasma in american centers?
    Thank you

  18. Hi I’m mike I’m lookin for a plasma center that pays near my location I live in tewksbury my zip code is 01876 but I have a few questions too

    1. Does your blood type matter ?

    2. im 18 can I do it ?

    3. And do they pay cash or give you a check ?

  19. I regularly donated plasma a few years back. I was permanently differed due to one test coming back as inconclusive for hep B. I had myself tested at my regular doctor and it was negative. Is there anyway that I can get my name removed from the permanently differed list?

    • @Cassie,

      Hi there. Just try to go back to the blood center that deferred you from giving blood and show to them the result that you are hepa B negative. If you are truly healthy and the blood center’s previous finding about your hepa B was inaccurate, then you have the right to donate blood.

      Thank you for your desire to donate plasma and help save lives. šŸ™‚

    • @Ivan,

      Hi there, Congratulations you are a type O! That means you are a universal donor! Your type is what every blood bank needs because your blood can be transfused to any person, regardless of their blood type. You can find list of blood banks here – Pls see the state or city where you live and it will provide a list of blood and plasma centers, as well as their contact numbers and address.

      Hope that helps! šŸ™‚

  20. Hi Iā€™m Ray Iā€™m lookin for a plasma center that pays near my location, I live in Connecticut. My zip code is 06106. Any centers near by?

  21. Im currently staying in fresno ca temporarily with a friend until i can get back home i would like to donate but have only an arkansas id no permenant address can i still donate? This will be my very first donation

  22. Trying to find a rotation center that pays for plasma in west part of Houston tx would really love to start donating.

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