Donating Plasma For Food And Gas

Today’s struggling economy, many people are finding for creative ways to have an extra income. One way to make a little cash is through plasma donation. People are resorting to donate plasma to get food and gas money. People walk in to any blood drives or blood centers to donate and on the same day, walk out with cash in hand. Many individuals use this cash to pay for the high gas and food prices.

With blood donation, people are doing the right thing, a good deed to other people to save lives. The unstoppable rise of food and gas prices, making more and more people are able to donate. You can get paid from $20 USD for the first time donors and up to $60 USD if you give again or $40 USD per hour cash.

Here’s a man doing his part to help save lives by donating plasma and reaps a cash reward from donation.

You can find more information on our website at and watch for more #whyidonate videos with inspiring stories from donors.

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