Flash Floods in Texas Affect Community

Heavy rains in Texas over the weekend caused huge power outrages in Houston and forced marchers in San Antonio’s Fiesta Flambeau parade to halt.

"Floods in Texas area"

Heavy rains caused huge power shortages in some parts of Texas

Storms resulted to heavy rainfall and hail on the Greater Houston area while an annual parade in San Antonio was stopped as only two-thirds of the groups participating completed the parade route.

Moreover, hails as big as golf balls have also been cited in parts of Houston while several streets are closed in Harris County and Fort Bent County.

Because of the flooding, the Houston fire chief responded to 150 phone calls for assistance which were mostly from drivers who were stranded or whose vehicles were stalled out in rapid-moving water.

A local newspaper reported that no deaths were associated with the flash flood.

We would want to remind everybody to keep safe wherever they are and be knowledgeable of what to do when disasters happen.

Although natural calamities can be predicted by modern technology, sometimes we have no way of telling the real damage once it hits us. Therefore, we need to have back-up plans and let our family members know what they are so in case a calamity hit us, we already what to do and where to go to. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Similarly, we hope that our hospitals and blood banks have enough blood supplies before natural calamities like storms and flash floods strike our areas.

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